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  1. In this match, there were 27 players at the start with no player limit, everybody respawned as tommy, and teamkilling was allowed, and i got 183,000 xp at the end! video of it happening:
  2. Has anybody else been getting this error when trying to play the game recently?
  3. This was happening to me earlier and i was having a lot of trouble fighting multiple counselors, any tips? https://medal.tv/clips/29430428/d1337mCZtcZg
  4. Ive been missing a lot of kills as jason do to me not having enough room to do them, whats a good kill that you can do with little space?
  5. I was recently in a match where the counselors would constantly teabag and dance because im not very good as jason, and when they were in the animation of killing me i left because they were being so rude. I would normally let them kill me but the dancing was annoying. Do you think thats okay to do?
  6. Ive been playing the game for 100 hours and im level 40, but ive never played jason. I've always had my preference set to counselor and im not really sure on how to play jason, any tips?
  7. I don't know any solutions but I feel there should be something to stop counselors from running other counselors over. Today I played a game where somebody in the car ran over 4 people including Tommy. And when somebody's max level the -1000 xp wouldn't really do anything right?
  8. Recently Pre-Ordered the game because it looked pretty cool, what are your thoughts on the game?
  9. that's a good way to think of it, at least I still escaped in the car
  10. Today me and another guy fixed up the 2 seater and started it up, but this one person would stand in front of the car not allowing us to go forward unless we ran her over, and to escape I had to run her over and lose 1000 xp because she was blocking us. I wish there was a way to get around people blocking the car and not lose xp. is there any way to get around them?
  11. I was thinking it was just bad luck lol, hope I get better luck next time!
  12. So I just started a game like normal and spawned next to the car, thats no big deal so I immediately run off. But before I can even reach a cabin Jason morphed over to me and grabs me making me die in less than 20 seconds of the round starting. How can I prevent this??
  13. I was just playing some games earlier and had Tommy 3 times in a row, but a lot of players got very angry at me because i would miss all my shots and stuff. But thats because of me lagging alot, how do i fix the extreme lag? I always have 120 ms next to my name.
  14. My name is powerhouse33 and im a shitty battle chad
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