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  1. The only occasions I let counselors beat on me to get into rage faster is if the possibility of the kill is already off the table, because why not, or if I end up as Jason in a largely noob lobby. There's no real challenge so why not make my own fun? If I find a group huddled together with bats and 2x4s that want to fight, I'll just stand there and let them beat the piss out of me. It's amazing how cocky noobs get when they get a couple of smacks in on Jason early. They start jumping into your hand after that. The ones that are smart and take off, I'll take it easy on them for a bit. The idiots that dance, teabag, and go find another weapon and immediately try to fight me some more, well, they get dispatched immediately. It's the one minor bit of trolling I allow myself that isn't instigated by somebody else.
  2. Don't use him enough to have a strong opinion. glowing ooze gave a pretty good summary on what his key strength is, and weapon strength is always a plus. His only real weakness is that minus traps which can be a pain if you find yourself in a lobby of high repair consolers that are actually focusing on completing objectives. I'm just glad they took away that crappy shift he had, because 7 was the absolute shits before that buff.
  3. I usually main P8, and a big reason why has a lot to do what you've mentioned here. His strengths are balanced well enough that I can play aggressive or stealthily when I want too, he's not penalized with low traps, or a crappy shift/morph giving him decent objective control. His weaknesses are negligible. Grip-strength is a joke, and I find the ability to run a bit overrated. When I play Jason, I like to play smart, and I feel like P8 gives me the best opportunity to do that. I can play multiple styles depending on the lobby I'm in, unlike say, 2 or 4 where you're kind of forced to play a certain way based on their strengths, and can wind up kind of screwed if those strengths get neutralized.
  4. Ah, so either he was a button mashing pro, or he was up to some sort of shenanigans.
  5. My God, once out of every 10-12 matches when set to Jason. I'd go days without playing him. It was rare and frustrating when trying to grind for those achievements, especially when my friend seemed to draw Jason every other match. πŸ˜‚ I always joked that there was a Savini bias. Ironically, I seem to draw Jason more often set to random then I ever did when my preference was on Jason.
  6. You've pretty much summed up everything right here. πŸ‘
  7. My preference is usually set to random, and always has been except for that two month window I was grinding for my 1000 Jason plays. Normally though, when playing with friends I prefer to play Counselor, and when I go Solo, I prefer Jason. If nobody in the lobby is going to bother communicating, I'd rather be the dude taking advantage of it.
  8. You make decent points as always, but I don't have an issue with Rage from a Jason or Consoler perspective. Honestly, I didn't like it at first, mainly because I was afraid it would scare away new players to a game that already has an expiration date. That didn't happen thankfully, and I like it from both sides. Rage mode made me a better counselor, forcing me to play smarter, and as Jason well... When I do go into rage I usually only have one or two people left, and it's usually the guys that were going to give me some trouble to begin with rage buff or not. As I mentioned before, Rage incentivized players to focus on objectives, which I have noticed a lot more of when I play Jason. Yes, there is the occasional noob lobbies where everybody's standing around waiting for everybody else to do something, but there's always going to be a tradeoff. I always check my lobby when possible before a match starts. If I see a bunch of level 20 Vanessa, Jenny, and Chad's in there... I'm either adjusting my strategy accordingly, or I'm not sticking around at all I do agree with #2. There should be a very brief window, where the counselor should be able to get away without getting spam grabbed. It does have to even out in a way that potential kill squads can't get free smacks in on Jason during that window. The only thing I never really liked about Rage Mode was that it kinda neutered Tommy when it comes to helping out other counselors when Jason is barring down on their ass. (Once that shotgun is gone anywa
  9. I've come across this once, and I did wonder in the back of mind if it was some sort of cheat or not. I would've even say it was a second, but the guy was breaking out almost instantaneously, before my kill screen even had time to pop up. He did this six times before I finally managed to chock his ass faster than he could spam A. To be fair, it was a Tommy, and if he was running a good escape artist perk I guess it is feasible he could've been spamming that escape button just fast enough to pull that off without technically cheating, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Still, an almost instantaneous breakout? Only time I've ever experienced that.
  10. You realize the object of the game is to escape and not to smack Jason around like he's a piΓ±ata right? The rage buff is fine how it is. It accomplished what it was primarily supposed to do, eliminate Battle-Chad squads with their swift-attacker and sucker punch equipped, so they could run around and troll Jason for twenty minutes to entertain their twelve Twitch followers. The Rage buff also shifted the focus from tea-bagging Jason, back to trying to escape the map as quickly as possible. Speaking from a counselor's perspective, I liked the rage buff. Unless Jason was really good, the game had just gotten too easy. It's not perfect, but at least I become a little bit more concerned now whenever I hear Jason's mother start cackling. The Rage buff would never have been necessary in the first place if Counselor mains hadn't complained so much that the game was too hard because Jason was what he was supposed to be... A nearly unstoppable killing machine.
  11. It depends on your personality. If you can laugh off the toxicity you're undoubtedly going to face when confronting these individuals, then go for it! Remember, most players who participate in this games more unsavory actions aren't typically the most pleasant of folks, and most aren't going to care if you're the nicest guy in the world either. (I've dealt with plenty. I usually find their toxicity amusing more than anything, so their crap just rolls off my back.) It just depends on whether you want to deal with the fallout. I can give a bit of insight into each though, from my own personal experiences. Rage quitters typically aren't nearly as good as they think they are, and usually quit to either preserve their own ego, and/or hoping to annoy Jason by denying him the kill. Suiciders tend to be a bit more skilled, but again, are killing themselves before they can be killed as way to try and show up Jason. They think they somehow win by denying you that kill. Teamers, cheaters, rock glitchers... These are the most toxic of the bunch. Usually, their only goal is to annoy people or piss them off, and they don't care who knows it. Not sure what you mean by running out the timer, so it's hard to answer that one. Some players just have more fun trying to run Jason around and surviving the night then they do escaping. I'm guiltily of this as Jason, I love a good chase at the end of the match against a good consoler. If you're referring to teamers just jerking around until the time runs out, then the answer is the same as seen above.
  12. Stalk is a wonderful thing... These are absolutely my favorite kills. I try to pull one off whenever possible. It's a rare treat since they require patience and very specific circumstances to pull one off. I savor, and typically record, every one I manage to get. I should probably have twice as many as I do, but half the time some goober always seems to step in the phone fuse trap or the victim has a pocket knife and spoils the fun. The best compliment I ever received in this game was when a max-level messaged me after the match after a stalk kill and said it was the first time he ever screamed out loud playing this game. I haven't had it happen to me yet, but I'll respect the shit out of the first person who does.
  13. Under that uniquely specific circumstance, yes Jason is probably screwed. πŸ˜‚ I can't imagine encountering a pub lobby trying to do this though, like I said earlier, I haven't encountered one player whose tried this on me yet. (Well maybe once at the two-seater now that I think about it. The battery was already in though, so I don't know what the hell that was) If I did, I'd probably just laugh and put them on my list. I appreciate your passion on the subject and that you just want to have fun, but if you read both my other posts you'd see I'm actually on your side here. Just because I don't consider the tactic necessarily game breaking doesn't mean I'm cool with it by any means.
  14. Yeah, Game-Breaking is a bit strong. Counselor trapping an objective isn't guaranteeing you a win. I normally hate the 'against the spirit of the game' argument since it's so overused and abused, but this tactic is about as close as you can get without technically cheating, glitching, teaming etc... I'm trying to find something else in the game to compare this too, but I'm having a hard time... I guess it would fall under the, taking advantage of an existing mechanic argument, but even then it's kind of it's own thing. Edit: Duh, back when Jason could stack traps was a decent comparison.
  15. There's a lot of cherry picking on both sides concerning what's an exploit/cheat and what's a legitimate game tactic. It seems to boil down too, whatever tactics I like to use are legit, and the ones I don't like that others use are cheats. Most arguments for or against are too easy to dispute, thus there's never going to be a consensus. I've personally never had anyone place a bear trap at the fuse box while I was Jason, but maybe that's because I've rarely ever not gone over to the fuse house first thing to trap it ever since I first realized what that phone icon meant. It's definitely a dick move, but there's a lot of dick moves in this game, and all you can do is either let them bother you, or learn to work around it. I'm not in the business of telling other people how to play, mainly because those types of people are the players I dislike the most. A lot of people hate the way I play Jason, so I'd kind of be a hypocrite if I judged anybody else for the way they play short of teaming/rock glitching and all that crap. I don't like this tactic though... But then again, if Jason takes five minutes to get his ass over to the fuse box I don't feel sorry for him either.
  16. This has been an interesting argument. I can see merit on both sides. One trend I've noticed from high-level players, strictly in public lobbies, is that a lot of them don't appear to know there's a difference between as good as them and absolute trash. There are plenty of layers in-between. Simply telling casual or average players to git gud isn't helping anyone. All the strategy guides and Youtube tutorials in the world aren't going to mean squat when you're up against a high-tier counselor with 1000+ hours of experience. That doesn't mean you get butthurt if somebody shows you up, learn from it and adapt. This logic an be applied to the mask buff. For high-tier players and talented Kill Squads, no, the mask buff hasn't made killing Jason any more difficult. You just might need an extra axe or machete to get the job done. For everybody else, the experience is likely quite different. When I talk about Jason being too easy to kill, I'm speaking purely from a counselor's perspective. I want Jason to be more difficult to kill. It's much more satisfying when you have to earn it. The mask buff has helped a bit, but not enough. The hardest part of killing Jason shouldn't be whether or not you get a dipshit or indifferent Tommy. The plan to kill Jason should never hinge on the fact that killing Jason appears to be the easiest method to win the match. This happened to my friends and I last night, up against a 150 Savini and we all got randod into dumb characters, so we decided killing him was probably our best option... And we did, which brings up another point. A three person squad probably shouldn't be able to completely make a max-level Savini their bitch. Worth it though, that bitch was probably the second most salty/toxic person I've ever encountered in this game. All in all though, the last two major Jason buffs have evened out the playing field for most of the player base. Rage mode created more of an emphasis on escaping and completing objectives, and all but eliminated Battle-Chad squads from the game. Don't think anybody's complaining about that except for troll Twitch streamers but who gives a fuck about them? I've noticed that since the mask buff, a lot of the player base on Xbox are a lot more reluctant to go for the kill. I used to have very little issue finding people to cooperate with, and now I've had to change the way I play when running solo almost completely. Of course, that's just my experience. Saying the mask buff hasn't had any impact on the game isn't quite accurate. The real debate is how much.
  17. It's not that far off really. I used Bugzy up against a part 5 a while back and it took four hits from a machete and three with an axe to get his mask off. That was regular swings, no heavy attacks or offensive perks. I didn't see him take any other damage, but of course you can never really tell in a Pub Lobby.
  18. I actually disagree with you. I *DON'T* think your opinion is unpopular at all. I think most players who regularly try to kill Jason, and are actually good at it, will readily agree Jason is still too easy to kill. You might have to work a little harder to get the mask off, but I definitely wouldn't say it's any more difficult, especially when I play with my friends. Now, when I go solo, it's gotten a bit more difficult, mostly because it seems harder to find people willing to cooperate, but the entire reason I go solo at times was to try and artificially make Jason harder to kill to begin with. Ironically, I have noticed the difference in the mask buff while playing Jason. I think I've only had my mask knocked off twice when it's mattered since the buff. Far less of that three or four hits and the mask goes flying off bull crap has been nice.
  19. When the game first launched P3 was the only Jason unlocked. Meaning if you played a match as J before level 3, you had to use him. Meaning, he was literally the starter Jason, and likely balanced out accordingly for Newbie Jason's to get used to playing him. When he's intended to be the Jason you start out with, it doesn't get more basic then that. He's also on the cover and it's his image on the menu screen, but that's probably more correlation than anything else. Edit: To be fair, the dynamics have changed a bit over the years, and the recent buffs have made P3 more appealing to Higher Level Jasons. If we're being honest though, any Jason can feel OP in the hands of the right player, or in this case wrong player if you're the counselor.
  20. You'd think nothing, but some of them really think they're getting one over on you by denying you that kill. πŸ˜‚ Jokes on them, I stopped caring about that ages ago. Their salty messages are just entertainment for myself and my friends now. Making somebody rage quite or suicide is just as good as a kill to me. Sometimes better, since they just showed the entire lobby what a little bitch they are. Also love it when you kill a kill-squads Tommy or sweater girl, and the entire team rages. Look Mom, I just made half the lobby disappear with one kill. They realize I still win right? πŸ˜‚
  21. Honestly, 90% of Vanessa's aren't that difficult to kill. The good ones though, that's where the fun begins. The most fun I have in this game as Jason is chasing around a High Stam counselor at the end of a match whose actually good. (Anyone good at Stam control really) A lot more fun than the slubs that die 30 seconds after I find them. I like choke too, primarily for Troll control. If I suspect for a second somebody's going to leave as soon as I grab them, they're getting chocked to death. nine times out of ten, I can get choke off faster then they can leave. And if they want to get obnoxious with me after the fact, I'll usually have the video evidence to prove it.
  22. Yeah, I'm admittedly a bit too anal about that. Anyone whose watched P6 though, knows where the idea of the spear/fence post came from. Same way that I probably get a bit too annoyed with any doofus that comes into the lobby screaming he wants to be 'THE KILLER', like he doesn't know what Jason's fucking name is. Great way to get me to target you first. Personally, I almost never see the fence post used by any Jason with weapon swamp. It's usually the machete, or one of the axe variations. Definition of a tryhard: Somebody who sucks at the game and has run out of excuses to explain why they don't suck, so they resort to a lazy grade school insult to make themselves feel better about being shit at the game. Someone calls me a tryhard as Jason, my response is usually to just laugh at them, and tell him to stop trying so hard not to get killed then. I don't think 99.9 percent of the goobers who use this term even realize they're technically being tryhards too. I prefer the consolers/Jason's I'm up against to be trying as hard as they can when they're up against me, what fun is the game other wise? Just say what you're really thinking. This tryhard mantra is just as lame as his Jason needs to stand around and allow me to kill him bull crap. It's clear what this guys wants. He needs to just cherry pick noob lobbies where simpleton Jason's will play the exact way he expects them too, and he can get his easy wins.
  23. So, we've gone from accusing forum members of teaming with no evidence, wanting to nerf the game's most basic Jason, and now we're complaining about tryhards... Which judging from your previous posts probably includes anybody that doesn't jump directly into your hand. You know, me and my friends ran our LaChappa squad the other night, ran Jason around the map for 10 minutes and made him rage quit. It's not just the character, it's more often the person playing the consolers. This is also the first time I'm hearing of the fence-post being a try-hard weapon. (It's not a spear. Not a fan of the movies?) I'll give you credit for this though, your presence on this forum so far has been entertaining.
  24. There's nothing wrong with P3 the way he is. He's more or the less the default Starter Jason, so he was balanced accordingly. He's only really OP if you're new to the game and you haven't figured out how to deal with Slasher Jason's yet.
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