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  1. I'm not sure if this is the same issue, but I have had a couple of matches in recent months were I became completely interaction locked. I could move around fine, but I couldn't pick up items, couldn't open doors, couldn't open or go through windows... Basically I couldn't perform any action that required me to hit A on my Xbox controller as the lock appeared specific to that button. The other occasion I couldn't do anything at all. I don't know what causes it to happen but the interaction lock will occur. The only way I've found to fix it is to either let Jason grab you or slash you with his weapon... Not great options I know, but they worked and fixed the problem for me. I don't know what to say about the PK unless it happened during the timeframe you were interaction locked. (If that was even the case) I have had this happen to me as Jason too where I either couldn't grab, swing my weapon, of even use my abilities until a counselor was kind enough to come up and give me a whack which usually fixes the problem. Taking a dip in the water seems to work too, but I haven't tried that with a counselor yet.
  2. I'm sorry but what? I wanted to say spoken like a true counselor main, but 1 has me legit confused if you threw in a random complaint about counselors in there... Unless you're actually suggesting objective parts should be invisible to Jason? Huh? You can mute Jason if you don't want him listening in to your chatter by the way, and I'm going to be nice and not even mention the stamina thing. It's amazing after all these years that counselor mains are still complaining that Jason's just too powerful. You'd think if Jason was so OP their be a lot more good ones, and 80% of them wouldn't be complete potato sacks against any group of counselors that half way know what they're doing.
  3. Lol, I tried this once and it didn't work. I was trying to lure Deborah out from under the bed she was hiding under and figured it was a good as time as any to try it. Jason just looked straight ahead and didn't pivot at all towards the bed I know she was hiding under. Maybe I wasn't close enough, but Jason never faced the bed. Not saying it doesn't work, but it didn't for whatever reason the one time I tried it.
  4. I've seen people crawl under beds through windows and open doors before, and I have been messaged at least once accusing me of teaming because of it. But yeah, Jason can definitely know where you are and you don't even realize it. There's also simple logical reasoning. If you're chasing a slow character who's out of stamina, odds odd they probably didn't have the time to crawl to the back room of a larger cabin. Experienced Jason's will understand to that most counselors are going to try to hide under the last bed they think Jason will look, so that's the first bed they'll go too if they actually want the hide-and-seek kill. There's also the possibility it was just a lucky ass guess. Teaming is possible, but unless their teaming buddy is still on the map, it's unlikely anyone could've told Jason the exact bed you were hiding under unless your location is obvious. (Like in a corner near one of the bathrooms or something) I'd have been more suspicious if he paused for a moment, like he was getting directions from someone, and then went straight to you. My guess, without any further details, is Jason was probably peeping on you through a window.
  5. Freaking Hulu TV doesn't carry AMC, but I'll find a way to have the entire series streaming on a loop all day long. This is probably my son's last year trick-or-treating so I'll be out terrorizing the neighborhood with him, while my wife mans our little house of horrors. If I have time, I'll be in the yard trying to scare the crap out of any little monsters that dare wander into my domain. We take a lot of pride in being that house on the block that people tell us specifically they decided to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood just to visit our house, while at the same time have half the kids in the neighborhood refuse to even walk up to our house. This year, we're going to do a little movie theater set up in the garage, if we can get our hands one something that looks enough like a movie screen. Don't know what we're going to project on it yet, but I can guarantee you it won't be Snow White and the Seven Dwarves... Unless I unexpectantly get my hands on a few life-size Gremlin props.... I think I'm almost obligated too at that point.
  6. Probably not, lol. That's just a man who likes his Halloween season, and I can relate. I start celebrating in September too. If they cram two months of Christmas down our throats, I don't see what's wrong with having my two months of Halloween. It won't be long before I'm digging my mini house of horrors out of the garage, and wondering which neighbor is going to call the cops on us this year for which display. My bet's on the creepy dolls carrying off the body bag.
  7. If your idea of fresh air is the smell of horseshit mixed with vomit, and every last fuck that can possibly come out of every one of his cronies mouths, sure. I thought I was a going to get a Halloween movie, and I got House of a Thousand Corpses with Michael Myers sort of hanging around in it. I don't want Rob Zombie's grubby fingers anywhere near anything Halloween related. Keep in mind, this is not an attack against you. You like Zombie, fine, that's your right. Personally, I'm not a fan.
  8. Weird programming quirk or a glitch, but yeah it happens. I see it happen all the time... Unless I'm the one who joins in the lobby last of course because the game hates me.
  9. Not the best ability, but I love Stalk all the same. Not the brightest Tiffany in the world (where did she think you went?) but that's hardly your fault. I will raise you this poor Tommy who thought he was home free.
  10. Not really... It's not that hard to sniff out a Smurf, and I usually ignore level now and see how Jason plays. I don't care what level he is, if he's aware enough to trap his shack or Tommy's Cabin, he's worth trying to kill. He might learn something from it. If he's warped sped to level 60 due to double XP and is still too stupid to trap the phone box, and let's a Bugzy call the cops on him after fucking up five times, he's not worth my time even bothering trying to kill.... Or maybe at that level he deserves it, I don't know anymore. On the flip side, I don't worry about Smurfs much. I try not to underestimate any counselor to be perfectly honest. I try to avoid Noob lobbies in general, but if I do get stuck in one it just depends on my mood. If they're obnoxious I'm probably gona fuck with them a bit, and if they're actually trying I might take it easy on them... Maybe. I did have one match where I just decided fuck it, I was going to mess with everyone and then just let everyone escape.... Surprisingly, this was a lot harder to accomplish than it should've been.
  11. There's no doubt P4 is the worst Jason, especially since they buffed P7, but being worst doesn't mean he was completely worthless. I used to use him a lot and was very effective with him. The catch is, this was pre-rage buff when... Let's just say the priority for most high level counselors wasn't to escape. It was to run around the map and try to troll Jason as long as possible, and under those circumstances I found P4 to be very effective. He strengths can make him a real pressure monster when nobody is trying to escape. Then the rage buff happened, and a lot of the player base adjusted and started to focus more on escaping... And that's when you start to realize how poorly designed for the current state of the game he really is. Can't stop the car with his shitty shift, can't stop the boat, don't have enough traps to properly cover objectives... Last thing you want to be now is a P4 Jason in a lobby full of repair characters.
  12. You just described my primary strategy for dealing with would be Jason Killers. Hardest thing for any kill squad to overcome is a clueless Tommy. At the very least, I'm not killing anyone early on whose obviously trying to demask me or draw Tommy. A good kill squad can find ways around trapping the shack or Tommy's cabin. This game is buggy as all hell, but last time I checked Tommy has never killed Jason with a battery or frying pan in his hand because he can't understand why the crazy bitch in the sweater keeps throwing her axe at his feet. This strategy can backfire on you on occasion, but's it extremely rare. It's also amazing how quickly mid-tier kill squads crumble into dust once the kill is taken off the table. Funny story, many moons ago I was playing keep-away with a four-person squad who must've thought I was hiding in the water or something because they decided to have a dance party in front of Packanack Lodge. I decided I probably wasn't going to get a better shot with their guards down, so I said fuck it, shifted right on their sweater girl and chock killed her right in the middle of their little drum circle before any of them could react. THEY.WERE.PISSED. I've never been called trash or garbage so much in my life, and I loved every second of it. Obviously I wouldn't recommend anyone try this unless your in 'fuck it' mode like I was, since I was one PK or attentive counselor away from being completely boned. In this one particular case though, it worked out and was more than worth the risk for the reaction I got after.
  13. This is kind of true for any character though. The most dangerous entity you can face in this game isn't any individual counselor, but a well composed coordinated team of counselors that know what the fuck they're doing. The number of counselors who can dictate a match by themselves are few and far between, and even then circumstances have to fall into place almost perfectly to make it happen. I don't care how good an individual Vanessa, Chad, Tiffany or whoever is at running Jason around. You can run him around for half the match, but if everybody else in the lobby is dead that doesn't make you threat... It makes you a nuisance, and there lies the difference. Same thing for repair counselors who fix the car or boat and then escape by themselves. A counselor only playing for themselves is rarely much of a threat, except those rare instances when their actions are coincidental beneficial to the rest of the lobby. I'm not trying to shit on lone wolf players either, that's just how I feel when I'm playing Jason. The real threats are the counselors who can do all this shit and take half the lobby with them.
  14. Yeah, and you can fix stuff with her too if things go south, if you know how to handle her repair at least. I've always said her decent luck stat helps balance out some of her weaknesses like her low strength and repair. I know six swings of a machete from Vanessa isn't as good as three from Bugszy, but I like knowing I'm going to get at least four swings out of that axe before it breaks. It is true I can't beat a machete over Jason's face and be 3/4's of the way to demasking him anymore, you need some help now, but like I said I have no problem with it taking more work. Killing Jason should always have been an endurance test that fails way more often than it does. I actually have, and he's not that bad. He doesn't quite fit my personal play style, so I don't use him often unless it's random counselor night, but I found him fairly effective especially as a support character when I'm in a group. This is true now, but before the mask buff, Tommy and a Vanessa as sweater girl armed with an axe or a machete was usually all you needed. This usually isn't enough anymore though without getting some help from somewhere else, especially if Jason hasn't taken much mask damage yet. One of the biggest mistakes I see two person squads make is sweater girl will almost always have a shotgun while Tommy's armed with an axe, which by itself isn't usually enough to demask Jason anymore without breaking. It should really be tommy with a machete and Sweater Girl keeping the axe warm and only using it when necessary but... That's just me I guess. If you ever see two Vanessa's coming at you with machetes be wary. If they manage to sandwich you in and know what they're doing, you'd be surprised how many hits they can land on you, and that mask damage adds up. It's arguably the most effective way to demask Jason now, unless you have a squad or lobby full of Fox's and Bugsy's willing to actually fight him.
  15. Yes, the rage buff was necessary. Casual/average Jason's needed something and the endless piƱata teabag parties needed to stop. The buff did exactly what it was supposed to do. It forced counselors to focus on escaping instead of trolling Jason for twenty minutes because you knew you could stun him through every door and behind any corner. The last person in the lobby should always have been thinking, oh Shit here we go. I like the Rage Buff and that's both from a Jason and Counselor perspective. The only things I would've tweaked were taking away Jason's ability to spam-grab, and maybe have given Tommy and only Tommy a very slight chance to stun Jason post-rage to incentivize him to actually try to help the other counselors... Instead of running straight for he cops or the car like half of them do now. I go back and forth whether I actually feel like that's a good idea or not though. The Rage Buff did make P4 virtually worthless, but that's a small price to pay to give Jason one of his balls back.
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