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  1. I'm never going to attack anybody for playing or liking whatever game they please, but Fuck Dead By Daylight. Fuck it in the ass with a rusty machete. Was in a lobby with a guy one time, the first thing out of his mouth as the match started was quote 'I'd rather be playing Dead by Daylight'. I asked every Miced player in that lobby where the bitch was, choked him to death within the first two minutes while telling him he was free to go play his shitty little game now since he was obviously trash at this one. I then proceeded to let the rest of lobby do whatever the fuck they wanted. For all of Friday's faults and content roadblocks, it still wins where it's most important in that it's lightyears more fun.
  2. I couldn't agree more with this. Kind of makes me wonder why I always run counselors with poop composure. I've been saying for a while now that having a high stealth stat doesn't mean much unless it's paired with high composure, and good stealth perks. I don't necessarily think of stealth as a trash stat, its just that too many players think it does things that it just doesn't. Seppuku even included it on his list of brainless fiction, but they really do think stealth makes it harder for Jason to sense you. Ran into an A.J. last night who kept hiding behind buildings and crouching like he thought I couldn't find him if he did this, and I just kept shifting on him. He had a PK the first time, and the next three were just me fucking with him, legitimately wondering why he kept doing it. Turns out, he really thought that 10 stealth would make it harder for me to find him, and he even accused me of cheating because I kept finding him. Sorry kid, it doesn't quite work that way. Strangely enough, I've never had too much trouble tracking down A.J. or Mitch... Jenny is a completely differen't story. Some of those matches have turned into ten minute long games of high stakes hide-and-seek, especially if it's a perked up Jenny.
  3. I've heard Will Smith wants to remake Friday the 13th too. Seems like everyone is interested in making a new Friday movie except the guys who helped create the franchise. Obviously you have take any of these rumors with an ocean's worth of salt. It doesn't hurt to hope though.
  4. Ack, sorry my mistake. I got my wires crossed due to a previous post I was a lot more confident was no longer an issue. Unfortunately, no I can't confirm that completely, only that I personally haven't encountered an issue with it on X-box. This just isn't the type of issue you can claim nobody's having just because you aren't though. I've never ran into anyone whose had me on mute and complained that I can still hear them, and I'm pretty confident when I mute Jason he can't hear me. To be honest, when I mute someone it's usually because I have no interest in what they have to say to begin with, so I've never really bothered unmuting them to ask. 😂
  5. I've rescinded this comment due to misinterpreting what the actual issue was. Now if you all will excuse me, I'm going to do some work on my reading comprehension skills now. 😂
  6. Yep, I can verify this. I run Medic, and I've picked up quite a few that only have a single use left. Most will be two simply because green players will often get themselves grabbed and killed before they ever get the chance to use their spray. I've also given a single spray to a friend who also ran Medic, and can confirm they could only get one use out of it.
  7. Killing Jason isn't required for the trophy, but it's more like a bug that somehow earns you the achievement even when you haven't preformed all the required kills yet. I received mine during a Random Jason Kill, even though I knew I hadn't performed the cemetery kill yet. I have no clue where the disconnection is or the technical reasons behind it, but the Tommy portion is tied to a glitch. It's a worth a try though, if all else fails.
  8. There's definitely only 3 per map now. Ever since the update to reduce the amount, I've never been stabbed in the neck more than four times in a match. When a pocket knife does spawn in one of the outdoor locations, that's simply one less that will spawn in a drawer. Sometimes, two or even three will spawn outdoors, and sometimes none of them will spawn in the 'secret' locations. It's all random and simply depends on where the map decides to randomly spawn them. If you're getting stabbed in the neck more than four times, there's definitely shenanigans going on.'.
  9. I have Epic Sucker Punch, though granted it's on the lower end of 23%. I've failed to drop Jason to his knees at least half a dozen times, and only one of those I can potentially blame on other outside forces. I kill Jason a lot though, so we're dealing with a small sample size. It might not be 100% guaranteed, but it's still around 98-99% which is a lot better than the considerably lessened chance you get when not running SP. I can't speak for Legendary SP, since I'm still convinced I'm more likely to get Bigfoot's autograph than I am to ever roll that perk. I have heard people claim they've had Legendary after failing to drop Jason to his knees, but that's what makes this one so hard to prove. You kind of have to take people's word for it that they have/are running Legendary on the character they were using. All I can say for sure is 23% Epic is not a 100% guarantee though it's pretty damn close.
  10. I received my P.H.D in murder achievement during a random Jason Kill as Tommy. Fun fact, I hadn't done the cemetery kill yet at the time, so I thought that was the kill I was waiting for to finally achieve it. Random Tommy kill, there it was. I don't think it's a requirement for the trophy, but rather a bug involved with the achieving it. The way people complain, that achievement appears to be incredibly buggy all the way around. I still run into quite a few people who still think (Including a couple 150's) that Tommy needs to be holding the mask to kill Jason, or you have to use a machete, or that you have to have three people for the kill. (If you still think you need a machete, I guess you kind of do) There might not be enough of them to add to brainless fiction, but enough to still be annoying. I don't think this one is an issue anymore since I haven't heard anyone claim this in quite some time, but a lot of people used to think you couldn't shoot Jason's mask off with the shotgun. It's rare, but I knew this was false since I'd done it at least half a dozen times. I've personally never heard the one about the Radio making the cabin light up red. Anyone whose played Jason more than a handful of times should've noticed pretty quickly this one isn't true. Is this really a thing? Interesting topic by the way.
  11. My guess is the Mods are worried the practice would get abused, and this forum would become a depository for everyone to post their cheater or hacker stories/videos. I don't like the rule, but I guess I understand in it on that level, but still... I wouldn't mind naming names, not even necessarily to shame or get anyone banned, just as a public service warning people to play with these ass-hats at your own risk.
  12. You may want to edit the guys name out of your post. Naming and Shaming is a no-no on this forum so you might get tagged for using it.
  13. You can report them all you want, nothing will come of it. Teaming isn't a banable offense, and something we all have to deal with from time to time. Teaming is hard to conclusively prove, and there's just as many false claims as their are legitimate ones. The best you can do is keep track of the gamertags of players you suspect are teamers and decide not to play with them if you ever cross paths again. Jasonkillbugs is mostly for reporting in game glitches, exploits, and hacks. Never used it, but from what I've heard around here, the service has some serious issues. My advice is just to stick with it. You will run into your fair share of butt-heads, but there's still plenty of decent people out there who play the game the right way.
  14. I ran Roy once after the buff, and the mask went flying after only four hits. In contrast, a couple of days later I was playing Bugsy, and hit Roy with a machete 4 times and 3 more with an axe, and that damn mask still hadn't come off. It's a lot better than it used to be, but there still seems to be some inconsistencies there. To be fair, that's the one and only time since the buff where I felt like the mask came off way too easily.
  15. The proper response to that is to slash some more and proceed to sweat all over her. Sounds to me like sweater girl needs to 'try a little harder' not to get slashed to death.
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