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  1. I'm surprised it took so long to see a post like this. Figured the casuals would be flooding the forum after the update wondering why most of the games they play are disconnecting halfway through now. But yeah, dedicated serves are gone, and the game's reverted back to P2P... Which means your game experience is going to be on the laggy side now unless you or the host just has great internet, and reliant on the host not being a dick or realizing that they are the host and they're screwing everybody else over when they leave. We've known this was coming, and have for a while. At least a little bit of lag is just going to be a fact of life now. As far as the host leaving goes, all you can do about that if you can't organize a private match is try to get host duties yourself if you have decent internet, or always check the level of whoever is the host. If they're level 5, back out immediately because that bitch is likely dying early and is even more likely to leave when they do, probably not even realizing they are the host or what they're doing to everyone else when they leave. Try to find a host whose a higher level... There's no guarantees, but they're less likely to die early and hopefully more likely to understand what's going on now and not leave. Don't hold your breath, but it is possible.
  2. I'd love to see a game based off the Halloween license! I don't think it really needs to follow that closely to the Friday formula though. For one, I feel like a Halloween game should feel a lot more claustrophobic as opposed to the wide open maps from Friday. Jason has always been that, get these horny teenagers off my lawn type of killer. Michael's the type of guy who'll come visit you at your house if he feels like.
  3. Hate to hear it. Hopefully it turns out to be a vacation rather than a full-blown retirement. Most of us had to deal with P2P before, so It's more of a matter of getting used to it again. I can deal with a jittery ping, my internet has always been poop, so I was used to dealing with it at times even with dedicated servers. It's the host quitting that's getting to me right now, but hopefully that'll calm down a little after a couple of weeks.
  4. I was curious to something in regards to sliding. I have to admit my ignorance to it, as I've only ever countered a 'slider' twice while playing Jason. (Seen a lot more players do it while playing counselor) Does using this sliding technique affect the counselors mobility or ability to react as quickly? Both times I encountered a 'slider', I had no trouble running them down and dispatching either one of them. Two relatively basic shift grabs. Honestly, I was more disappointed how easy it was than irritated at the blatant cheating. Couldn't decide if these two were just amateurs at it, or if this exploit was even worth the effort against any Jason who knows what he's doing.
  5. And it only took you over two years of randomly guessing to finally get the correct answer! What a sad and lonely existence you must lead to get off on something like this. Technically, you're still not right. The Game may be ready for last rights, but it's not quite dead yet. You just go ahead and keep guessing though. That's the thing about about speculating on an inevitability though, even a complete simpleton is going to get it right eventually. Just try not to throw your shoulder out patting yourself on the back when it happens. Whose a good boy, who wants a biscuit?! What he said.
  6. They've been buried under the avalanche of forum activity the last few days, but both of your questions were previously answered. Making the host Jason every match is not a possibility. They looked into host migration but hit a wall. There was also a hard no to the fanbase finically contributing to keeping the dedicated servers alive. There's an entire thread dedicated to that subject if you want to check it out. Its under General Discussions under GoFundMe for Dedicated Servers. Matt's response is at the bottom of the thread.
  7. Well, tried a few matches myself... Reminded me of why I was dreading going back to P2P. The games not unplayable, it's just a lot more of a slough in Pub Lobbies. Had trouble finding a match at first oddly... Took about ten minutes and three search restarts to finally find one, but then nobody wanted to stay in the lobby so it seemed to take another ten for the lobby to finally fill up with people who actually wanted to play. The hosts internet was choppy but otherwise a relatively normal match. Took me another ten minutes to find the next match, only for half the lobby to decide to leave during the loading screen, leaving only three people, including Jason, left at the start of the match. That was a bit frustrating considering I've been on the game for nearly an hour at that point and had barely played yet. Surprisingly, didn't have much trouble finding matches after this... That's when the host rage quitting began... Three before or as soon as they died, and one asshole who left the match almost immediately after escaping by himself in the two-seater... Not sure which one is worse to be honest. Got to play one match through to the end with some choppy internet, but it was better than nothing. Every bit as frustrating as I imagined it. Think I'm going to take that break I was talking about, and hopefully in a couple of weeks things will calm down once everybody's used to P2P again.
  8. This might be the single dumbest post I've ever seen on this forum and there's been some stiff competition. This is so stupid I almost didn't bother responding... Almost.
  9. Honestly, I'll be taking a step back at least for a while. I've been playing the shit of this game the last few months preparing for this inevitability. I need a break, and promised myself I'd take one once the dedicated servers were shutdown. I'm still going to play, just not nightly like I do now. For now, I'm probably going to limit myself to when I have friends on who want to play, but I'm done going solo for a while. It's not just the switch to P2P either, as I fear once the new consoles come out, the casual player base on the console side may dry up. That might improve the quality of lobbies with mostly the hardcores still playing, but its finding a full lobby to play in that may be the problem.
  10. My memory is not quite good enough to remember that many specifics. I do remember my first match as Jason quite clearly. I was P3 on Pack, didn't know how to lay traps yet, so half the lobby escaped in the 4-seater almost before I got stalk. 😂 Still wound up with 3/8, so looking back, not so bad for being as green as green can be, especially after such an embarrassing start.
  11. Ha, yeah based on a popup news article online that, let's just say, appeared very click-baity. Needless to say, I didn't even bother to click on it since most of that crap is horse poop.
  12. A few months ago my friends and I were discussing how long we had before they shutdown the dedicated servers. I said we probably had until the launch of the new consoles before the P2P switch because well... The timing just made sense. I was really hopping I'd be wrong. Like you, I'm a long time player of the game who found my way to the forum late, but I've really enjoyed the short time I've spent here. I don't give a shit what kind of crap anyone says about this game, I've enjoyed every minute. It was 82 days of life (according to my xbox stats) very well spent.
  13. Hell no. That would be an insult to everyone who grinded their nuts off to earn those achievements. I feel for you if you got into the game too late, but if your just some casual achievement hunting, you can fuck right off. I feel for you, I had to deal with quite a bit of rotten luck when it came to drawing Jason in Pub Lobbies. Especially when I played with my one friend and I'd be lucky if I saw Jason once a night while he seemed to draw Jason every other match.
  14. Yep, definitely a cheat. A fairly common one, and pretty easy to spot. If you catch someone using it I'd suggest just ignoring that consoler until you have to deal with them, and then do a little extra dance over their ass when you finally catch them.
  15. Yes, the sound should be there. It was always supposed to be there, so it was never intended to be an easy stealth escape for high repair/stealth consolers. It inadvertently became that way due to the sound being glitched for so long. I did used to defend the high risk/high reward nature of the boat escape, but I haven't really had a problem with it now that they've fixed the sound. It's rather faint and sometimes can be drowned out if there's a lot of loud background noise, so there's still a chance to get the boat started undetected. Even with the sound back, half the Jason Players still won't even attempt to go after the boat and half the ones that do still can't catch it unless their 7/8 or are smart enough to camp the exit or one of those tight cramped turns.
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