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  1. It means you can't directly call out other players for cheating/teaming etc. either directly by username in a post, or via video where that players name is displayed for the purpose of shaming them. Basic example, you can't create a post or thread accusing @I'm Not a Goalie of cheating or post an accompanying video displaying said cheating with my gamer tag prominently displayed. That would be considered Naming and Shaming.
  2. I haven't had it happen to me, but I had someone message me once to complain that a swing went through me while I was Jason. I dismissed it as saltiness since he was accusing me of performing a glitch to make it happen, and that I somehow glitched the car out when all I did was shift in front of a driver driving erratically. This is going to sound like a lazy answer, but if you're certain the issue wasn't ping related, sometimes weird stuff just happens, especially in P2P. I once tried to save a counselor, heard the blade make contact and watched as Jason still got the kill off, but as soon as the animation ended, Jason recoiled as if he'd just been stunned. Bit of a delayed reaction there... I've recently been grabbed while wearing the sweater, only for it to mysteriously disappear during the PK animation. I've seen ghost counselors stuck on drawers that weren't really there, and one time had an A.J. fire a shotgun in the opposite direction of where I was standing and I still hit the ground like a ton of bricks... And I'm 99.9% sure there wasn't another shooter on the grassy knoll. Yeah, sometimes weird shit just happens, and you never see anything like it again.
  3. This like a million times. Though I might add finally finding a serviceable lobby only for half of it to quit, or finally getting host and nobody wants to join or stay in your lobby. I have good days and bad days, but pretty much every other day is just like you described. I'll give the game about an hour before giving up if I'm not having any luck. I still love the game, but that's all the time I have to waste on a game I can't play.
  4. Somethin Cool is exactly right. Nobody's even thinking about XP when they rage-quit or suicide. It's all about their ego and feeling they're getting one over on Jason by denying him the kill. The only way they win is if you let it bother you. That's exactly why I don't let it bother me. Try as hard as they might, it's hard to defend yourself when you have to quit or suicide to avoid being killed. Rage-quite if you want when I grab you, kill yourself if you want when you know you're cornered. Just as good as kills to me when I know I've forced you to resort to it. When you get upset about it, they're usually getting exactly what they want. If you're really worried about your XP, go play a quick round of off-line bots and get it back. It's lame how easy it is to earn XP in this game now.
  5. Strigoi almost got me with his Jason isn't the star of the show take. He's the only person I know who consistently complains that Jason is too hard to kill. I've had to resort to going solo in QP and unplugging my mic since the randomness of unknowns in QP lobbies are the only legitimate way I've found to make killing Jason somewhat more difficult.
  6. It can be a humiliating feeling, but also a learning experience. Figure out where you screwed up the last time, and don't make that mistake again. Over-zealous kills squads don't help matters, but there's still no excuse to bitch out of the match if you get killed. You're no better than a rage-quitting counselor and you're not gaining anything by leaving or taking much away from anybody else. (Unless you're the host I guest) You still lose, and you just make yourself look like a pussy. I can't remember the last time I've been part of a kill squad where anyone's gotten angry that Jason left. Just laughter at how pathetic Jason looks for leaving.
  7. There are a lot of variables you have to consider, like maps, perks, counselor, and Jason types and play style. To keep it simple though, it's usually harder to escape. A good Jason is going to be putting constant pressure on you when he knows what objective you're trying to push, especially if your group neglected to include a repair counselor. When playing with my group, we've had a number of matches were we decided to try and kill a max-level Jason simply because we felt like it was our best option to win the match... And this game should've never gotten to the point where a counselor team ever goes into a match feeling that killing Jason is their easiest option. One of my favorite matches was watching an entire of lobby of LV20 noobs, and yes by the they were playing you could tell they were actually inexperienced, basically back their way into accidentally killing a max-level P2 Jason. Jason wasn't even necessarily playing that badly, this was just one of those case where that noob over-aggressiveness actually paid off. You could almost see the confusion on Tommy's face when Jason dropped to this knees, and the moment of clarity when he finally noticed the kill button had popped up. The kids with the mics started freaking out like they'd won the Super Bowl. I didn't lift a damn finger during the entire match, just watched and laughed my ass off as this group of noobs dumbassed their way to a Jason Kill. This was pre-mask buff of course, which just illustrates how easy it was to kill Jason back then. Still, the most dangerous thing Jason can encounter in this game is not one individual player or counselor, but a well coordinated group of counselors that know what they're doing regardless of what their objective is. Still, the question really varies on a match to match basis. Even among good Jason's, there are miles of difference in some of their skill levels, and some Jason's guard against the kill better than others. Some good Jason's will have trouble catching the car if the driver is really skilled, and there's not much Jason can do if a 150 Deb finds a PK and the fuse in the same house she spawns in. It's hard to make a blanket statement on which is harder, because it just depends. I will say that any top level Jason should be able to handle a two-person squad most of the time. Three or more, and then match flow becomes much more of a factor.
  8. Subjective yes, but most player's definition of looping is continuously running circles around a 'fixed' object. A cabin can certainly be considered a fixed object, but it's not really looping unless you're repetitively running circles inside or around the same cabin. If you're continuously moving from cabin to cabin and other locations, that's not really looping. If I grab the sweater on Higgins Large, get chased to the cemetery, then to the Higgins main house, then to the northeast campsite, and then back to the barn am I looping? If anything, I'm zig-zagging Jason across the map, not to mention leaving myself out in the open and vulnerable for a sizable stretch of the chase. So yes, I do consider cabin hopping and looping differen't things. I guess you can say you can loop and cabin hop at the same time, but you can also cabin hop without looping.
  9. Who the hell are you playing with? I've been around the block a few times, and suicide being just as good as an escape is a new one on me. Suiciders, just like rage-quitters, are just pussies that are essentially confessing they can't beat you. Forcing someone to suicide is just as good as a kill in my book. Anyone who thinks 'denying' Jason XP at this point in the games life is getting one over him, is a fucking moron. I'll usually just watch someone trying to suicide, laughing at him while he's doing it.
  10. No, not exactly... Unless you're window hoping in and out of the same cabin then that could be considered looping, but then it's on Jason to figure out the pattern. Still, what do you think takes more skill? Taking Jason on a tour of the camp will leaving yourself exposed to running out of resources and Jason potentially outmaneuvering you, or running around a table for ten minutes against an inexperienced Jason who clearly doesn't know how to defend against this tactic? I know which is more fun, and it's not running in circles around furniture. Again, I don't really have a strong opinion about looping. Don't do it, and as Jason, it's a puzzle I figured out a long time ago, but I do know loopers are in the type 5 of player types that rage quit when you catch them. One thing I will say though, it's ridiculous for any counselor player to be expected to just give themselves up at the end of a match just because they're the only person left, unless its their choice too. They have every right to try and survive as long as possible. It's not their fault everyone else died, escaped too early, or some asshole left them behind with open seats left in the car. I've done both depending on my mood, though I do like to at least try to knock Jason's mask off before I let him have me. It's also why I practically have to be taken hostage to do a car escape anymore. Escaping in the first five minutes of the match is boring as hell, I'd rather try to survive as long as possible. If some people have to loop around furniture to do so, whatever floats your boat I guess. Running around in circles for ten minutes just looks boring as hell to me. 🤷‍♂️
  11. Absolutely love stalk mode. It's a fun and very underrated strength that can be very useful when you know how to use it properly. So many Jason's don't know how to use it effectively to a point I almost find it offensive. I love it mainly for the same reason everyone else who likes it does, scaring the absolute shit out of people. Let's face it, for most of us who play this game regularly, the only time they ever really get scared is when Jason pops in on you unexpectedly when you had no idea he was there. I've mentioned this before, but one of the best compliments I ever received playing this game was from a max level player (back when that still meant something) I stalked killed messaged be after and said it the first time he'd screamed out lout while playing this game. I've found a lot of uses for stalk aside from the obvious. You know those stamina monsters who never seem to get winded and just run Jason around the map, or juke the crap out of you whenever you try to shift on them? Well, it's hard to juke or run circles around Jason when you never saw him coming. This is probably my #1 producer of rage-quits. ESB's don't like getting torpedoed out of nowhere it would seem. I also like using stalk against kill squads when possible, especially if I know I've neutralized the pocket knife situation. I'm not running... I'm waiting for you to get lazy or impatient. The only downside of stalk is that situations you can use it effectively in can be limited. Stalk requires patience and it's hard to be patient when you have four other assholes running around stepping in your traps and pushing objectives. (Though I will admit I've let a car or two escape in favor for performing a stalk kill. So I only got 7/8, making some kid squeal in terror was worth it) Experienced counselors often won't fall for stalk unless conditions are optimal, though it still boggles my mind how many high levels will still crawl right back through the window of the cabin you're in or fall for the window shift. I'm not 100% sure on this either, but I've noticed that counselors can sometimes see you through walls when you're outside. On two separate occasions, I was standing in stalk outside of a building, nowhere near a window, and heard the counselor shriek inside even though I wasn't in their line of sight. It doesn't seem too common but it does appear to be, or at least was, a thing. My personal favorite was while chasing a Mitch who felt the need to celebrate and dance every time he did something as simple as jump through a window. Even though the idiot was the last person left alive, maybe he thought Jason went to take a piss or something, but I went into stalk and he inexplicably ran down to the next open window and jumped back inside. The door to the long hallway was closed and I saw his flashlight headed towards the door, so I just wanted behind it until he opened it... I unfortunately don't have a clip of that one, but I've attached one of my recent favorites. You can't hear it in the clip, but I heard Shelly fucking up the fuse a few seconds before the clip starts and well... I just couldn't resist. I love how Jason looks at the camera, I like to imagine him putting his finger to his mask like he's trying to sush whoever's watching. I apologize for the distracting button mashing at the end.
  12. Neither. As Jason I don't have any trouble dealing with loopers 99% of the time, and as a counselor I never bother. As an impartial observer, I don't see the point. Seems boring and doesn't take a whole lot of skill to pull off, but I don't exactly feel sorry for Jason's who fall for it either. Maybe a little sympathy for the noobs who don't know any better yet, but that's about it. I learned to deal with them the hard way. I try not to judge players strategies too harshly that aren't straight up cheating, whatever works for that player. Personal opinion though, as long as it's not your one and only strategy for surviving I don't really care. I prefer a good chess match that sometimes spans the entire map. You have brought up looping quite a bit, so obliviously it's a considerable part of your game plan, enough at least for it to be a sensitive subject for you. A lot of players will look at this tactic as cheap or trolling if you use it extensively, so you're just going to have to deal with salty Jasons if you employ it regularly.
  13. This pretty much sums up it right here. I try to avoid ranking Jasons since the topic is so subjective, so I prefer to reference the Jason's I personally enjoy using. I like using P8 & Roy, they work for me and how I like to play. I don't care much for P9 or P4, but if they work for somebody else, I'm not going to argue with them. I've never really select my Jason based off his strengths anyway. I'll take advantage of whichever set that particular Jason gives me. I'm more concerned about his weaknesses... Specifically minus shift, and minus traps, so I try to avoid Jason's with either one of these. Which brings us to our friend P4, who I know quite a bit about because since I used to use him a lot, and was quite effective with him too... Then a funny thing happen. The adjustment to rage mode happened, and like good counselor players do, they adjusted to it rather quickly. All of the sudden, half the lobby wasn't trying to run me around and troll me for 20 minutes, which was always to my advantage as P4. Instead, they were now trying to get those objectives completed as quickly as possible, and good luck trying to stop those cars or the boat if one or both get going. With his poor shift, you're just shit out of luck, especially if you whiff on that first morph and the guy with the keys knows how to drive at all. I learned fast that P4 just wasn't going to work for me anymore. The mask buff made things even worse for P4, since the harder the counselors push objectives the less effective he becomes. Even his weapon strength and destruction can be neutralized by counselors who know how to control their stamina and don't allow Jason to get close enough to get many good swings at them.
  14. One of my first rules while playing Jason... If anybody in the lobby is excessively bitching about being slashed, chocked killed, throwing knifed, that makes it almost a guarantee they're going to be killed that way. Not a good idea to tell Jason exactly how to piss you off, especially if you're acting like a obnoxious fuck already.
  15. Eh, I don't totally agree with that. 90% of the teamers I come across don't care if it's obvious they're teaming and they don't give two shits if you call them out for it. There are a few who try to make it look good... But most aren't going to bother lying or denying it, so I'm more apt to give them the benefit of the doubt. Let's face it, false accusations of teaming are almost as rampant as teaming itself. Or maybe I'm just sympathetic for all the times I've been falsely accused of Teaming. The vast majority of those accusations ironically coming when I'm playing solo, so how am I teaming when I'm by myself? Some of the accusations I understand, some are just salty losers who want a convenient excuse for why they lost, and some are so ridiculous and hilarious they'll be etched into my memory forever. I pity anyone who hasn't experienced the joy of a salty 150 Jason you just killed sending you angry messages accusing you and your friends of teaming on him... While he was Jason. Well, in that one case at least I guess he was right. 🤣
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