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  1. If you stayed you'd know a lot of people join and we help them out in the server. Telling them what perks should use as well as counselors based on their playing style...list goes on. Not sure why you're so negative, maybe your life is bad?? idek dude. Over here trying to act like a critic or some shit "All lies dont join it's filled with liars 😠" - SomethinNotCool Get a life.
  2. Shit. You're right man didn't mean it like it like that. Meant as the serv offers content like perk stats, counselors skill stats, Jason's stats, map item locations, and gameplay vids etc... Lol
  3. When I first made the discord server I asked myself if "Somethin Cool" would like it. I Thought wrong. Sorry for letting you down baby gurl, even though everyone else seems to like it, you don't. So I guess I'll have no other choice but to just delete it. LOL
  4. https://discord.gg/te2SBnW New & Improved Discord Server Offers every bit of in game content within channels.
  5. NOT A SPAM New & Improved F13 Gaming Server https://discord.gg/89fAPqx
  6. NOT A SPAM New & Improved F13 Gaming server https://discord.gg/89fAPqx
  7. https://discord.gg/89fAPqx First off if you're a F13 gamer, you'll want to join this discord server. It meets EVERY expectation, every channel aren't just for chatting. They provide very detailed tips, info, and in game content. The server is fairly new (7/8/2020) but still a work in progress. So join!
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