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  1. So I heard it canceled, that's a shame. I was mostly looking forward to them attempting to fix match making.
  2. Cool! I'll be looking forward to Camp Blood. I missed F13, hopefully this will allow ppl to play again.
  3. So, have hacked lobbies been eliminated, or is match making on PC still a crap shoot?
  4. I'm guessing this game is still broken by mods on PC.
  5. It is fun, I used to play the card game back in the early 90s. Now that a computer algorithm does all of the math for you, and streamlines the rules, it is a lot more fun.
  6. I read some of the "positive" reviews, and some of them are basically troll-jokes, while some say how the game used to be good. This is really a disservice, because people should be aware that this game is essentially broken on the PC platform.
  7. Yeah, people aren't going to stick around when they're constantly put in lobbies that completely ruin the game. Especially a game like this that's 95% dependent on online matches. Oh well, at least I got the enjoy the game for a few months, before all of this began. I was pretty good too, I did enjoy it. But the current situation, as it as been (for what, over a year now?) is like a bad joke.
  8. Is this game still broken? I've moved on to Magic: The Gathering - Arena, since.
  9. I was thinking about getting a PS5 for my birthday, which is a while from now. Hopefully there's a price drop by then.
  10. It does seem like hit or miss on certain days. But I've had some good matches since that post.
  11. For the past two days, I have not been able to join a real match. Also, when I try to host the lobby I don't get any other players joining.
  12. I haven't had much time to play this past week. But when I did, I was able to get in two great matches, while only being annoyed by the hacked lobbies once. Given the situation with these idiot hackers, I greatly appreciate this update to the PC. I hope that the community will prevent the sun from setting on this game. I know nothing lasts forever, but this game deserves to go on.
  13. I think people will still play, Doom still has a following. Ironically, it was modding the game that helped Doom's legacy. Where as modding F13 almost destroyed it.
  14. Fantastic, I am looking forward to playing it. Now we don't have to deal with unsportsmanlike hosts as much.
  15. I haven't played in a while, but the last time I did, I was still pretty good. I told my friend I used to play with that the match making is working again, so he is going to start again too. Jason was always my favorite slasher killer growing up. Also, the game is really fun, and produced stimulating situations.
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