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  1. Question, why can't we just pick the server we want to log into? When searching for one, let the player choose from a list of hosts, instead of randomly being lumped into one. Clearly the current situation is proving that the status quo is untenable. Even if it is fixed, it is likely to degrade back into hacker lobbies. So why not let players choose? Also, let Bots replace players who drop. They are able to do this with Left 4 Dead, and that game is over 10 years older than this one.
  2. I don't mean to give the forum staff a hard time. I'm just angry at the current situation. If anything I'm pissed off at the hackers.
  3. That's fine by me, I am purely here to figure out when I am able to play this game properly. Without having to deal with this stupid hacked lobbies. As someone who actually likes this game, it is extremely disappointing to hear the developers hit a snag. Frankly, I may just give up hope at this rate.
  4. Well I personally haven't broken any rules. I have only complained about the game being broken. I hope that this thread doesn't get closed, so we can at least have a dialogue on this issue, which is a glaring catastrophe for the PC platform. I know it sucks to have to listen to us complain, but what else are we supposed to do? Not play the game? I bought it to play online with people, as it was intended to be played. I'm older, I don't have 8 friends who have free time to play private matches. Please understand where we are coming from.
  5. Also, offline bots don't even work right sometimes. For example, npcs becoming unkillable when hiding in tents, while their character model appears outside of it.
  6. I joined this forum so I could get some insight into when these issues are going to be fixed, for a product I paid for. I have never dealt with a company that responds to complaints by calling its customers keyboard lawyers, or threatens to shutdown complaints. Working on an issue that has lasted for the good part of a year and coming back to say that you hit a snag isn't sufficient. This is not fair to people that have given you their money in exchange for a product. Make any comparison you want, the reality is the game is broken, and we are rightfully upset with the situation as well as the lack of response and transparency on when it can be expected to be fixed.
  7. They have a responsibility to fix the game, whether it is the fault of hackers or not. They're making money on PC players.
  8. Excuse my frustration, because I actually like this game, and want to play it. But making excuses for the developers is not helpful. They have a responsibility to fix the online function for PC. Especially if they are still profiting from this product.
  9. I agree, it is absurd that they are even selling this game with this issue going on. I could understand if it took a week or two tops to fix it, but to have it going on for over half a year now is insane! This is complete negligence! They should either take the game down from steam, or fix the problem. I didn't even get to enjoy this game for a year's time.
  10. There's only about 300 people currently in-game on steam. This issue has killed the online community. With a lack of audience, I find it hard they they even have an incentive to fix the issue. Sorry, to be negative, but from a business standpoint, why would they care? Excuse my frustration, but as a paying customer, and I quite angry at the fact that the game is broken for such an extended period of time!
  11. As far as I remember, this issue has been going on since January 2021, is it? Frankly, I have lost hope that it is going to be resolved... PROVE ME WRONG.
  12. Now hacked lobbies seem to be back, but a bit different in nature. now instead of 60 people at once, it seems to be repopulating the same match one by one, I logged into the same match at packanack 3 times. Honestly, why am I even bothering to make this post? I don't even think the people that made this game care that this is happening on the PC platform, which is appalling.
  13. Great, so I was able to get into a full match, I played as Jason, but the when I killed the host, he quit the game. So lame. When I was trying to find a match, I saw there was a lobby called "Official US server" which I know is probably one of those hacked lobbies, but everyone quit out of it.
  14. Someone joined, and just left. So I guess people are in fact able to connect.
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