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  1. A great mod called Alien: Eradication by Payload is based on a gameplay mod I made for Doom, and Doom II, called Aliens: The Ultimate Doom (:UD). https://www.pcgamer.com/this-alien-themed-doom-mod-pits-you-against-androids-predators-and-xenomorphs/ It comes native to QuestZdoom mod sweats, and can be utilized in VR. It is also an excellent game, which uses sprites from Alien Trilogy (PSX) My mod A:UD was also featured in several publications: https://www.kotaku.com.au/2017/02/doom-is-still-the-best-way-to-get-your-aliens-fps-fix/
  2. Btw, I tried out the current mod, F13: Jason's Doom, in VR, using Oculus Quest 2, and it is very scary, actually. However, the level really wasn't prioritized for VR when I made it, so it is next to impossible to beat. I recommend giving it a try though.
  3. I am pushing for the talent over at zdoom.org, to try to help turn this mod into a true Friday the 13th NES VR simulator. https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=46190&start=60
  4. I am going to abandon playing this game, because it is a complete mess. Every time I am Jason, and I kill the host, the game ends. I literally have not been able to complete any matches as Jason in the past 10 tries. Also, hacking has become common place, and it is not possible to look past these glaring issues anymore. I even take MERCY on the host, and kill him last, but they drop anyway right before the kill! In order to have a NORMAL game you need: -The host not to drop -Jason not to drop -Nobody cheating -A normal host lobby with 8 cap NORMAL games are now RARE to come by, this is untenable for me. GOOD BYE!
  5. I always report the hacker lobby host on steam. I wonder if it is even being looked at.
  6. @ the Developers I am sure you are aware of the major issue going on with match making. People are removing the cap on the number of people allowed to a person's server. So now you have 50 people being directed to some moron's game. Last update, or not, please fix this, because it is making it impossible to even play the game. Making the P2P servers work correctly shouldn't count as making "more content". It is fixing what you already have made.
  7. I am barely ever able to play a full game as Jason, because the host keeps dropping after I kill them. This is really becoming intolerable.
  8. I like to play as Adam, because I like to fix stuff where I can, and go toe to toe with Jason. Plus he is an old-school metal head, which is awesome. \m/ My preference is to play as Jason, and I loath to see 4 Vanessas in the player list. She is probably the "best" to play as besides Tommy, but it is not my style to just run endlessly.
  9. It is a shame, is there any real chance they will make a sequel to the game?
  10. My new trick is also to "shift", and try to remain in the same spot I shifted from (by pressing against the obstacle) . Usually, the councilor will unwittingly run right to you.
  11. I was thinking, it would be cool if Jason could throw his weapon, for an insta-kill against councilors. But this should also make him vulnerable, and give a chance for councilors to use it against him, and give them the ability to kill him, if his mask is off. Though since the weapon would be lodged into the floor or wall, they should have to repeatedly tap A to dislodge it. Those with high strength should remove it more easily. Councilors should be able also to knock the weapon out of his hands, after his mask is off. But Jason should be able to pick up other weapons too, that the councilors use.
  12. Jason should be able to flip tables, or push them out of way as easily as he pushes around the dead corpse of a councilor. Instead of chasing councilors around them in a circle like a Tom and Jerry cartoon. Maybe councilors could use furniture provide extra barricades to the doors.
  13. I've seen some players immediately break free of Jason's grip with no pocket knife. This must be a hack, right?
  14. Jason has been seen to murder people in the day time. I think it would be nice to have some alternative settings for the maps to appear in daytime, or dusk. Or even better have it transition during the match. For example, it starts at dusk, and towards the end becomes night time. Maybe this could even have some affect on Fear. Just a thought
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