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  1. me and my mates(they played a lot allready before) cant still get in game and get a cant connect to database error
  2. i and my mates cant still go past the Error Message, is something changing in the future?
  3. my friend you can Play the game. i dont even come scince buy in the mainmenu 😮 , i get allways database error on starting >.< . supoort is not awnsering me
  4. Hi i got the game new yesterday. i tryed to join 2 games with mates but in the lobby the game crashed for us all with a Fatal Error as message. so it was even not possible to play one round. Today after restart the computer, i tryed to get in the whole day and get right after start Database error and dont get even in the mainmenu from the game, my mates have the same Problem. is there something known or how we can fix this?
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