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  1. the one that survived the first movie. a white as snow ginger with beautiful eyes. god i wish i was her.
  2. i love playing tom and jerry with counsels, im not the idiot thats wasting their stamina.
  3. then they are lying. or they confuse it with the kill jason trophy.
  4. half the times i do the football kick the camera glitches and i cant see jasons face
  5. wait, savini is available on the disc version? cuz despite being closed to getting the platinum and thus deleting the game forever and never play it again in my life, id be willing to buy that physical i found on a marketplace IF if has savini.
  6. again with the slashing bitchin. drop your pocket knife and THEN ill do a grab kill. otherwise its slashity slashes for everyone. specially if youre using vanessa or other high-stamina consuls
  7. i dont factor ragequitters because they dont count. even if its down to 1 counsel who didnt rage quit, jason has to kill him to win. kill everyone, or die. no inbetweens. any counsels survive? jason loses. this is not up for debate.
  8. to this day i keep saying they should have used the "jason attacks" theme (either) from the game instead of an original composition, or at least the cabin fever theme, which is the best theme of the game, though around the camp alternate is very catchy. i dont it theres any legal drawback since its from a game made by a company that both doesnt exist anymore, and doesnt have the rights for the game.
  9. jason needs to kill everyone to win. anything less than 8 (or seven, if tommy never came) kills is a failure. the objective for jason is stated pretty clear when the game starts "kill everyone". counsels have many ways to win. be alive when jason is killed (or be the one to kill him), escape by car, boat or police, and be a master at hiding or outrunning jason. if by the end it says YOU SURVIVED, its a win. anything else, its a fail.
  10. in terms of dream-making.... every friday the 13th (real time), jason would transform into pamela who will spawn in a random cabin (inside) since theres no personal cabin. to kill her, someone has to respawn as kid jason (for simplicity, you still have to use the radio). jason cant do anything other counselors do. but he can stun pamela without extra items, and the only way to finish her off is with a female counsel using a machete while pamela is stunned seeing jason alive. no other weapon works.
  11. ive had this glitch happen to me several times now, and just finally decided to give it a name: hardcore mode.
  12. - Counselor - Most used or favorite counselor (s) : deborah Favorite weapon : bat, flare gun, shotgun Favorite perks : marathon, restful, medic (all legendary) Play style : stealth Likes : when everything goes smoothly Dislikes : when everything doesnt go smoothly Goal : escape Mic : not me. fiancee does - Jason - Most used or favorite Jason (s) : nintendo or 6 Favorite weapon (s) : battle axe Favorite kills : slashity slashity Favorite environmental kills : i dont do them since getting phd Play style : kill everyone Likes : when theres no vanessas Dislikes : a lobby of vanessas Mic : already answered
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