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  1. i like pinehurst. and people like pack small because its the boosters favorite map, its the smallest, and easiest to manage. when its a full lobby theres a high chance youll spawn in a cabin with a part.
  2. if hosts had actual host powers, im pretty sure the game would be more ruined than benefited. a host that intends to play as jason will more than likely kick the army of vanessas infesting the lobby, making the other players wait longer. a host who wants counsel AND a vanessa will more than likely kick any running jason. if aanything, id agree to give host ready powers by making the match start immediately. OR, tweak the game so when majority is ready, the asshole that is deliberately stalling will no longer be able to do it.
  3. i make it my priority to escape on the boat or call the cops. 9 times out of 10 i manage to escape on it. if youre using any non-10 repair character, do not even look at an unfixed boat. you can go find parts and bring them to the pier, but do NOT FUCKING TRY to fix it.
  4. so what do you call a simple, long and sharpened wooden stick our prehistoric ancestors used to hunt with? "long sharpened wooden stick"? a spear is any object with a long shaft and a pointed edge. nothing more. a curtain holder can be a spear if you want just like shurikens are not "ninja stars". shurikens are any concealed throwable weapon.
  5. oh so we cant shame players for cheating, but videos of them cheating is perfectly fine. just like i had a no fly list of cancerous ace combat infinity players, i have a no slash list of assholes that play this.
  6. if a bunch of them are ganging on you, just slash away. never give a fuck to anyone who whines about slashing and youll be fine.
  7. i dont get the point of using a perk to kill jason. how did people kill him when everyone was just starting? hitting with with anything SHOULD drop him on his knees, 100% of the time. no perks needed.
  8. i just hope theres no upcoming lawsuit that will hinder the progress of the game. still hurt over losing uberjason and the grendel. was hoping tommy would be replaced by the cyborg chic.
  9. even running jasons cannot catch jogging (non tired) counselors, so no, dont take jogging stamina away. in fact, INCREASE the amount it drains.
  10. im also 150. after i die and im not tommy, i leave. i dont need the xp anymore, or CPs not on ps4 at least.
  11. unless you have a part or are running away from jason, youre not supposed to run everywhere with her. shes a STEALTH (relatively) character.
  12. yeah, blocking is only for psn itself (communications), not the game per se.
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