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  1. you have elected the way of less pain. congrats. if you had played this on ps4 or xone youd be hard pressed to 100% it and it is not fun
  2. exactly. itd be like saying that making human jason (SPECIALLY roy) be able to die if enough damage is done to him should be implemented, simply because he is human before part 6, and both jason and roy showed geniune fear for their lives when confronted with a "super" weapon. its a videogame, not real life. if you want to apply logic and realism, then itd be a very boring game. human jason and roy would get tired, can probably be killed with 1 or 2 shotgun shots, and you cant play as zombie jasons because they aint real.
  3. more than likely he did hear you. characters breathing gets very loud, and he probably used a good headset. i used a good headset and i could pinpoint where you were.
  4. nothing. it took 4 months for me to notice there was a pandemic. then i found out i was inmune anyway. i rarely interacted with people outside my family, and im not gonna change that any time soon.
  5. killing jason is hard, for me. because i always played lonewolf. and even the parties i stumbled on rarely focused on killing him, they just wanted to fuck around or downright escape. anyway, 4 year old game and we still have the game boot us off to the menu every 2 games only to put is in the "same" lobby with the same people, now just a new host (or the same host) ... jasons still grab tommy, knowing full well HE HAS A FUCKING KNIFE. ... theres always that one asshole who never readies up in a full lobby. .... still have retarded kids playing this game that is not suitable for them. worse, they TALK. ... still think they can repair better with vanessa over my aj/deb. ...
  6. not at all. they are all going to die. except when im in a good mood and perform the final girl rule. ie, the last female character alive gets to escape. unless the user is an asshole who is not even trying. then she dies.
  7. cant wait. i dont watch trailers for horror movies becausr they always ALWAYS put the best scares on them. so no thanks.
  8. thats the thing, i always played alone. none of my friends had this. some didnt even knew it existed.
  9. i wish he didnt say anything. because knowing about more content we are never getting hurts me more.
  10. dude jason always loses to normal people. once to a KID. captain america can simply punch his head off. or decap him with his shield.
  11. all of them. since jason is now a zombie, no hero will hold back and will kill him.
  12. *madam also, i meant hard in the sense of cooperation you have to rally the horde and hope they are on board, or pray youre in a match with people who intend on killing him. of ALL the 1000 matches i had as counsel, do you know how many ended with jason dying? 23. 23 out of 1000 matches. 25 if we count the two times i died as jason.
  13. if its a party of counsels, sure. if its a moshpit of retards, then no, they are not gonna try to kill jason.
  14. why not? all jasons run the risk of getting killed. since its relatively no easy task, newbs and pros alike are equal and fair game.
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