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  1. with just 179 players, you ARE bound to find full lobbies at the usual hours. but thats just for pc. since this is a relatively easy albeit time consuming platinum/1000, people play on systems more id wager
  2. since i only play to be effective, repair and stealth are priority. if discovered, my only choice is to lure jason to other people so i can keep repairing shit.
  3. ah yes, just noticed that. i wrote that late night, i was half asleep
  4. did you kill anyone? its quite possible pamelas encouragement overlaped her warning.
  5. the amount of times people have tanked the phone trap to save a knife and lived to tell the tale on my watch are so few i can count with one hand and have fingers to spare. they expect im gonna do a grab. that is the last mistake they make. their rage nourishes me.
  6. did you make sure to get the kill on the barn fence that can ONLY be performed on said fence? i think it was on higgins. you have to do it from the outside. the kill animation is unique too
  7. dont they need to be performed online? lets say youre 10 kills from doing them all. in an offline match, you kill 8, and that would mean you have 2 kills left, right? WRONG. your kill count resets to 10 remaining once the match is over. so if youre going for each individual kill, unless you have 8 or less remaining, you aint getting it. you CAN, however, perform the specific trophy kills offline since your kill count does temporarily save during the match. so even if you have the trophies for them, you have to do them online again for them to actually save in your kill count. i found this out when i printed a checklist and after doing all of them offline i read an offhand comment about kills not saving offline.
  8. if im in the mood. yes. if its literally their first game and im jason i will help them somewhat by not going after them first.
  9. like i do every halloween: watch a halloween movie and then play a horror game. now in my backyard home theater (which is basically a giant 3m x 5m screen with a proyector), so little timmy the neighbor can also enjoy watching unapologetic violence. fun for the whole family! (no fucks are given as to who else is watching)
  10. unfortunately this means NOTHING. and once its finally setteld, it will still mean nothing to this game.
  11. you have elected the way of less pain. congrats. if you had played this on ps4 or xone youd be hard pressed to 100% it and it is not fun
  12. exactly. itd be like saying that making human jason (SPECIALLY roy) be able to die if enough damage is done to him should be implemented, simply because he is human before part 6, and both jason and roy showed geniune fear for their lives when confronted with a "super" weapon. its a videogame, not real life. if you want to apply logic and realism, then itd be a very boring game. human jason and roy would get tired, can probably be killed with 1 or 2 shotgun shots, and you cant play as zombie jasons because they aint real.
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