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  1. no. even when i was about to finish playing for good, id use jason 6 and i was able to catch up with exhausted guys. so its probably your conneciton.
  2. its not an exploit, its a tactic. a very dumb tactic because you have stamina, jason doesnt. (unless youre a non-running jason. in which case youre easily getting the slip.) once they are exhausted you must not, under any circumstance, grab them. because they undoublty have a pocket knife and they just wasnt the free stamina so they can get away fast
  3. id constantly get messages from pussy ass salty bitches bitchin that slashing takes no skill. a few times i reply "MOTHERFUCKER, I SAW YOU USE YOUR FAS TO REPLENISH YOUR PK AFTER I GRABBED YOU, YOU CHEATING ASSHOLE".
  4. doesnt say anything of the sort in the rules, puritan. and at least i would bring it in casual conversation if asked because i dont hang out or dine with puritans. dont know where you live but in the real world men love it when women like me do that hobby.
  5. from what ive seen my friends playing dbd, the gameplay seems extremely tedious when youre the monster. f13's main problem is the repetitiveness. though lack of coordination when playing with randoms spices things up a bit.
  6. eh, fucking cowards. if someone managed to kill ME id let them enjoy it. after all, ive only been killed twice. i do not count boost deaths.
  7. as in, jason focuses on me? never counted. usually i draw him to other counselors so he goes for them while i ninja my way to safety.
  8. i didnt trap it, 8 out of 10 matches the counsels were dead before they found my shack. or they didnt even try.
  9. the way people here paint the pc version, you couldnt pay ME to play it. go at your own risk, people
  10. is this even an issue? the only times ive seen people not cluttering the escape routes are those who are repairing vehicles, or intend to kill jason. as for me, whenever the cops called i immediately headed for the middle of the map near the exits and just wait it out.
  11. theres nothing to steal because after the retarded lawsuit, no more content was gonna be made. so even if shit is available in the game files that was intended for purchase, they will remain locked for all time. modders "unlocking" them is fair game in my book. if i played the pc version you bet your ass i would have modded everything that is locked.
  12. very personally, as long as its just hacking jason X into the game and not cheats or harmful hacks, its good in my book. id do it myself if i played the pc version.
  13. it was horrible playing on p2p. if the host is an asshole and you kill him, he will more than likely quit. fortunately i platinumed it a week ago so i dont have to suffer any more. it was great while it lasted. but i will not miss this game when it goes down forever. i cannot imagine the hackfest the pc version is. my condolences to pc players.
  14. i saw someone moving with a shotgun. even recorded it
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