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  1. i dont know, i feel like im actually underpowered when playing nintendo jason. almost everything stuns me. i dont have more knives or traps.
  2. zombie. the game is not based on a single movie. its a moshpit of several key parts of the movies plus its own quirks (like having to fight pam's head). though its appearance (in game) is a combination of 3 and 4. mask 3, clothes 4.
  3. who the fuck has problems listening to the "beginning" of the nintendo jason theme? despite its factually lower-volume start, is so distinct you can immediately tell if hes nearby even if you dont see him (like walking into his "sound range"). I had more trouble listening to any other jason when a more dramatic theme is playing in the background. when i first started i always thought a jason was near me due to the dramaitc background music. but nintendo? easiest theme to recognize.
  4. the number of multiplayer games that are really non-competitive is minuscule. this is not within that number. its you vs them, or you all vs him. thats a competition. and what does one do in competitions? tou either win, or you lose. theres no in between. as long as its a vs game, regardless of genre, its competitive. you cant argue a fact. doing so makes one a stubborn retard. "definition of insanity is...." i will not discuss this further.
  5. in any game. the sole, exclusive point is to win. however you do it, is up to you. we professionals prefer speed and effiency. clowns prefer to put a show.
  6. your first mistake was attempting grab kills. NEVER, EVER, do grabs when theres more than one counsel. and even then, you risk getting pocket knifed, so just slash everyone all the time. unless youre aiming to phd in murder. just ignore the pussy ass bitches who are gonna cry like little girls because youre slashing. after all, winning is not the most important thing, ITS THE ONLY THING.
  7. well the only reason i use part 3 is to play as nintendo jason. otherwise i use roy for increased knives, or jason 1 for increased traps. i do not like non-running jasons. but im warming up to 6
  8. i feel sorry for those who play online games via ps now...
  9. oh he uses a bow on the single player levels? the ones that werent implemented when i started playing and thus constantly forget they exist now, THOSE single player levels? ill go check it out, i bet it looks as stupid. because jason using a bow and arrow just.doesnt.seem.right. like michael myers using a shotgun to impale someone. he did it, doesnt meant it doesnt fit. also i know he did it in the remake, i equally said NO during.
  10. based solely on my tastes: aj 10 vanessa 9 tiffany 9 fox 9 deborah 1. the rest i cant care enough to even remember their name
  11. this is why crossbuy should be mandatory. sony did it with the vita, albeit minimally
  12. or you can sail the seas like any normal person who is NOT gonna spend 160 dollars on movies if you only wanna see the "new" stuff. im still gonna get this.... when its half price. or less than that. i mean, just yesterday i bought the first season of stranger things collectors edition (vhs-esque package) for 2.5 dollars SEALED.
  13. ULTIMA


    dont need to date. im engaged
  14. jason using a bow. fucking NO.
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