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  1. ever since 28th I've had no perks on F13 is it something to do with the servers and i can't roll any perks (it keeps rolling and rolling and rolling and it won't stop and i had to ALT+F4) so is it the servers or has a hacker removed my perks again?
  2. i hate having 7 vanessas and they claim to be really good at the game because they main vanessa the easiest character i dare them all to go eric
  3. just wondering how come on steam on the community hub of Friday the 13th the game theres a person that posts videos of himself using cheats like get out of grab instantly cheat and he sells them and he even has a Youtube channel and his/her about says 'best hack and cheats for Friday the 13th the game' and heres there youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaF0DUgdgUknVhpbgmFQZcw/about how come this stuff is allowed to be in the community hub because its really annoying going against vanessa's that use cheats like get out of grab and when they swing their weapon they teleport?
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