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  1. One time I was playing as a counselor & was near death, being chased by Jason. I attempted to turn & try to smack him with a baseball bat in a last ditch effort to stun him. There was a trap close by that I ended up stepping in, which killed me. It was accidental, but in doing so, I deprived him of a kill. I tend to prefer fighting to the end, rather than committing suicide.
  2. When Jason kills by just slashing, I'd say that's fair. Using the same kill methods gets boring over time though. I prefer to mix up my kills. I prefer to use the context kills if I can, but I suck at using Jason. I tend to average about 3 to 4 kills a match when playing multiplayer matches.
  3. Hi, While I know that the developers didn't want to put a mode in there that allowed for counselors to be played against an AI Jason, I think it would still be a good move for practice. When I want to brush up on my Jason kill skills, I generally will play against off line bots. How do you get that practice as a counselor? Truth is you don't. You get thrust into the game being expected to know what to do right off the bat. Even if an offline, play as a counselor was released as DLC, I would buy it for sure.
  4. Perhaps in addition base counselors, there could be a Create-A-Counselor mode. This would give you a basic character to create for matches. With hair styles, body type (skinny, medium, or heavy), clothing (including shirts, hats, glasses, pants, shorts, swim attire, footwear, & even costumes), & attributes. Created characters would get a set amount points to work with so they could add points to how they want them distributed. If this were DLC, I'd pay to have it.
  5. Willing participant? I could see how you'd think that, but that's just not the case. Like I said, that was the first time I had seen something like that. I simply wanted to post it because I haven't seen that before. I don't even know how that is performed. In any case, I reported it to the developers so that they can be aware of it & maybe fix it.
  6. Truthfully, I don't think the guy that was playing as Jason was cheating. I think if anything he was either inexperienced playing as Jason or was just messing with me. If you watch the video near the end, we go back & forth between me repairing the power generator & him damaging it. Each time that he grabbed me, he kept walking around like he didn't know how to perform a kill.
  7. My preferred Jason characters are Part 3: Largely due to his grip strength & that he can run, Part 2 Jason: Due to that he starts with more traps, & Part 6 Jason: Due to his quicker recharge of Sense & Shift abilities.
  8. Has anyone encountered furniture that glows with a purple hue? I noticed it while playing as Jason last night. At first I thought it was a counselor using a flashlight in one of the cabins. As it turns out, it wasn't. I should have recorder more footage, but I was in the middle of hunting down counselors.
  9. There have been a couple of times I've been grabbed by Jason & have been teleported to different areas. One time, Jason grabbed me & ended up being out in the middle of the lake. Once I was teleported, Jason didn't have a grip on me. The second time it happened, I was grabbed & then Jason & I were both teleported into a cabin, where I was promptly killed. Has anyone experienced this?
  10. Hi, I was curious if anyone could tell me what it means when you are playing as a counselor & Jason's mask flashes over your mini-map & a short time later, you her Jason's mother laughing. I know that its not when your fear level is maxed out, because when that happens, your mini-map disappears & the it is much harder to tell where you are going with a limited view. Any ideas?
  11. I bought this game a few months ago & am glad I did. The first multiplayer game as a counselor that I played, I had no clue what I was doing. After watching a few Youtube videos & few matches later, I feel like a seasoned veteran (even though I suck at playing as Jason & do somewhat better as a counselor.
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