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  1. Not playing the victim at all, like i said in previous replies I just didnt realise but have taken responsibility for it. And accepted it because you know thats what adults do. Im not crying and its kinda cute that you think I would be, im just saying whats the point in saying childish remarks. So whats the point in even being apart of these forums, but then i realise you probably sit on forums a lot and "point and laugh" at quite a few people to make your miserable dull life a bit more exciting 😁 But no worries, this will be the last time i engage on this post. No matter who replies to it from now on, i actually have a life to get back to, i wanted an answer, and i got my answer so there is no need for me to stick around. Take it easy good luck in your games and I hope you find something that fills the void you so clearly display, other than tearing strangers down just for kicks.
  2. sirmang If you're going to pick out parts of what I say then pretty much say you're going to ridicule me then i have no time for you. I literally said to Ralph that im not here to look for sympathy! I was looking for an answer as to why I i no longer had the jason skin to which I thought was legit.. as you cant share this skin via xbox share or my friend would of had it but doesn't.. I now have found out that it wasnt a legit way to get it so i dont deserve it. Which is fair enough. I said thats all I wanted to know is why its no longer there. So case closed. Move on, no point in making childish petty comments just to make you feel better in yourself and to resort to degrading people online for a mistake.
  3. Dragonfire82877 I get that and 100% agree why people would be upset, but i didn't realise or know.. 😕 to which I apologise for and well kinda serves me right as i no longer have it. but for people to say point blank there is point in comment to point and laugh at me then nah thats just taking the cake a little
  4. And that is exactly the reason to why im never posting in the forums again. Started off fine and felt welcomed. Now it isnt the case at all, So all the best to you and hope you get over the need to "point and laugh" at others who weren't aware to make yourself feel better.
  5. And the density of the people of this thread persists. That has been the only thing I have ever bought that hasn't been from the xbox store or cex. So I do not have anything else to compare it to, like i said i got my answer now, so there isn't any need to continue commenting is there?
  6. Ralph Voorhees I have only ever bought one thing from an external site and I have never used a digital key code I dont know how they are used. when I buy new games I buy from the xbox store or from my local game shop "Cex" so no, I did not know this wasn't legit as I have no other experience to compare it to. I never gave them my account at all! Only one person knows it and its who I xbox share with. They told me to type an email in and what ever else. Im relatively new to xbox. Friday the 13th was my first game i bought an extra for. Before playing this game I had only ever played single player games on my ps3. And i did not make this post for sympathy, i made this post for an explanation as to why it has disappeared. Which I now have. So if you wouldnt mind could you tone down the judgement as like I said i didnt know because I've never done anything like it before. Yes maybe it was naieve but that cant be helped when the person is new to buying extra content.
  7. Ralph Voorhees and like i said, I was unaware that it wasn't legit. I thought it was a skin that could be acquired by one of them cards and they had digital keys for it. Well obviously i was wrong.
  8. Dragonfire82877 Well i didnt realise it was illegal... 🤷🏼‍♀️ I just thought it was a skin code like you can get on the cards but a digital key version
  9. I bought it via ebay, but its been perfectly fine and I've used it for over a year, and then i sign on and its not appearing anymore, but its still on my install list
  10. Thank you fair play, I've been feeling very welcomed.
  11. The milwauking dead, you'll find out when I found out, its the same issue im having
  12. What do you mean Cer1alkill3r? I'm a little confused
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