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  1. I play on the Xbox one, it works fine on all my other games and just fine in party chat. I can hear other people but not respond.
  2. I call BS on them not knowing what the problem is. They've had over a week now to find out what's going on.
  3. When was it said they're fixing anything?
  4. Not on the Xbox one, can't even interact with anything.
  5. It would not surprise me if it's intentional, they're awfully quiet about the ongoing issue. Makes one think about it.
  6. I'm having the same problem on the xbox one too.
  7. When is the random counselor and random Jason issue gonna be fixed? It's beyond annoying at this point. Glad i only paid $5 for the game, that's all this company will ever get from me when they don't wanna fix known issues. I was gonna buy the kills and outfits DLC but i won't until the fix the issues. Obviously the game won't ever be perfect but there is NO excuse to not try fix what can be fixed.
  8. Once the lawsuit is over, they should add more content. There is no reason not to, there are a lot of people that still play it on every platform. I would like to see cross platform play between PS4,Xbox one and The Switch. Hell there is no reason to not add it as that isn't new content. The game had and kinda still has potential but it seems like when a patch is rolled out,it breaks more things or doesn't work at all.
  9. I didn't post about every bug or glitch that I've seen in the game on the Facebook page for the game. It's not like they listen to the complaints anyway. Anyway, it's obvious the lobby or match glitched out because the Jason is not the one i selected, this isn't the first time I've seen the Windows already broken when I'm playing as Jason. I don't record everything i see.
  10. There was nothing searched and nobody around. There was 3 sets of windows broken not to mention the door wasn't locked so I'd say this is a glitch or a bug. Your average player isn't gonna go into a cabin and not barricade the door.
  11. No, there was nobody near the cabin and the game just started. I was like 20 seconds into the start of the game and no dead body around.
  12. It's still a well known bug that hasn't been fixed.
  13. Let me guess, you'll dismiss this too..you can see i just started the match. The Windows are already broke and apparently i can't run despite suppose to be part 3 Jason plus the colors are all wrong.
  14. What does being a "SJW" have to do with the game? It doesn't matter what I'm swinging, all that matters is that my weapon turned invisible and no matter what i did, nothing fixed it. Again, you assuming I'm an "SJW" has nothing to do with the game. If that's your go to insult when you disagree with someone then that is on you.
  15. You can see me swing an invisible weapon LOL, don't say you can't. The patch fixed nothing on the Xbox one at all.
  16. Obviously you see me swing an invisible weapon, don't say you can't LOL.
  17. So whens the random counselor bug gonna be fixed?
  18. Yeah, the developers need to listen to the complaints about known bugs and glitches instead of saying, "we'll try to replicate it" How does this happen? I recorded this where my weapon turned invisible,nothing fixed it.
  19. So the weapons i picked up turned invisible, i have a 30 second clip as proof of it happening plus a pic of how old the capture is.
  20. Between people running over the other counselors with the car and people working with Jason, it ruins the fun. Had it happen 3 damn times yesterday, reporting them to Microsoft does nothing at all. It just ruins the game for people who want to play legit.
  21. People who run over other counselors are assholes, i ran into someone do it yesterday for 3 damn games. I play on the Xbox one. As if that wasn't bad enough, for 3 straight matches the person playing as Jason wouldn't kill certain counselors. It was in the same lobby as the idiot griefer.
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