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  1. You play on Xbox one? If so my gamertag is DreamWarrior90. Feel free to add me
  2. It worked yesterday for me just fine on XBOX one. Yeah i thought the latest patch was suppose to fix this? Last time i believe anything the devs say.
  3. I've had the Jason mash up happen a few times but not recently. I play as part 3 with the NES skin and sometimes the colors will be messed up. I had him once have Roys weapon for some reason.
  4. I watched Child's Play 3 when i was 4 years old, i didn't turn out bad but anyway, i will target the kids in game if they're too annoying from the get go.
  5. Oh i could deal without the racist little kids or 12/13 year olds. If i had said racist crap, i would have been grounded for a month. The parents are never around when their little brats are saying the racist crap. They probably think it's cool to say it
  6. Still happening, it happened to me yesterday. It only has happened once in about 10 games over the past 2 days but it's still pretty annoying that it's still not fixed.
  7. Can't count the games I've been in there is kids playing and most of the time they're more toxic than a lot of other players I've ran into. Where the hell are the parents when the little punks are swearing up a storm? Just a bit of a rant
  8. I play on the Xbox one, it works fine on all my other games and just fine in party chat. I can hear other people but not respond.
  9. I call BS on them not knowing what the problem is. They've had over a week now to find out what's going on.
  10. Not on the Xbox one, can't even interact with anything.
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