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  1. Rage quitting is easily handled by awarding whoever left a 30 minute ban, and giving counselors bonus CP depending how long the match has been.
  2. Just create an item store with cosmetic items, and people will be throwing money at the screen. That's Epic Games marketing strategy. Just dont have items that effect gameplay in any way.
  3. Whenever I am playing solo, and the chances of facing players teaming with Jason or a team that will ONLY attack Jason, I feel forced to pick a "fast" counselor too. That way I have a decent shot to run away when they tell Jason where I am, or can easily keep pace with them. If I have a counselor suited for objectives, I usually end up spending all game gathering everything, while they soak up all the health sprays and pocket knives. Leaving me kinda defenseless. Most Jasons will not even bother with Vanessa or Bugzy if they are being trolled. And they will hunt down the counselors who are trying to escape. It makes it seem like the game rewards players who can kite Jason, and penalizes those who are trying to finish objectives. Maybe reward players completing objectives with a lot more CP or something? Idk. And making "fast" players not repair things well, only gives them more reason not to bother helping with objectives. Maybe thats a place to start. Reward counselors for placing items near objectives? And penalize Jason players for leaving when they are getting trolled. literally have tons of screenshots with lobbies full of fast Vanessas
  4. After playing the last month or so, I feel like Vanessa needs to be nerfed. Its impossible to catch 5 of them if you wanna use a Jason that "cant run" which should be removed from the game as well. Just give him a walking speed thats similar to his slow jog for all of them.
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