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  1. S tier: Aj, Vanessa, Chad A tier: Mitch, Victoria B+ tier: Adam, Deborah, B tier: Fox, Tiffany, C tier: Bubsy,Kenny, Jenny. D tier: Lachappa, Shelly.
  2. I totally agree, i played a match 2 nights ago, where jason trapped the phone,but he only put 1 trap(which i always recommend 2 for the phone box),but my friend found the fuse so we removed the trap with a pocket knife.I didnt make any mistakes with Aj, jason shows up right after i fixed it so i threw firecrackers on the fuse. He couldnt stop us from calling the cops 3 minutes into the match,so in a panic he uses every glitch/exploit u can think of so he can kill every1 b4 the cops came.He didnt kill every1.So we outsmarted him, he basically got desperate.Those players r trash.
  3. What im saying is jason needs a buff,but the exploits/glitches need to go, there is no justifible reason to use them. If u cant kill every1 so be it.Then maybe ppl will see how much jason needs a buff.Ive played against many good jasons,but if i c exploits or glitches.I immediately pull my team out, we dont waste time playing with cheaters.Theres plenty of ways to buff jason,and i think they r heading in the right direction.
  4. I undersand your concern but you have to understand thatthe rage update had to happen, if it didnt you would have ppl trolling jason for 20 minutes with chad or vanessa consistentlystunning him til their weapons break and with chad thats a long time.You can still survive a rage jason, you gotta window hop and manage stamina instead of fighting.Trust me counselors have such an advantage, that against an organized group of them, jason doesnt stand a chance.Thats why you see alot ppl use glitches or exploits,as jason cause even a good jason will lose to good counselors.Btw if a jason uses glitches or exploits as they like to call it,theyre just trashy players whose ego wont let them lose so they have to cheat.
  5. We tested it with every jason with bubsy and a machete it 5 hits with every jason except pt 9 which it took 4hits ,and pt 8 took 6 hits.It used to take 3 or 4 hits so idk i hope its consistent
  6. Vanessas is really good but not op,she cant repair so u will eventually catch her. I prefer chad or aj.
  7. Im tired of hearing ppl cry about the rage buff,they have no idea what was going on b4 that. 4 chads stunning jason for 20 minutes in every lobby. The game is designed to fight jason when u have to, not troll the whole match.Im glad that its harder to kill jason now.It was way too easy b4.
  8. I agree they need to fix the jason exploits/Glitches or ppl wanna call them.If they fix that jason glitchers would have to learn how to play the game.Instead of cheating and calling themselves good.
  9. Honestly, jason needs all the help he can get.I suggest every jason gets 1 more trap,and if someone steps in one of traps jason can replant it,using another trap of course, in the same spot of course.Also id like for every jason to have 1 extra plus on his stats,to balance some of the bad jasons like pt 4 or 7.Also counselors get 1 extra perk, so 4 perks per counselor. Like pt 4 having a plus on morph,or pt2 having extra throwing knives etc.
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