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  1. @mattshotchaI wrote there, but no one answered me. I could help you address this vulnerability.
  2. Beg your pardon. I didn't know it was that dangerous. @mattshotchaIn any case, my words were only positive. Where could I discuss the details with you?
  3. I tried to contact one of these Russian hackers. There are about 5 of them. I offered them money to leave the game and tell them how they could hack the servers. Now they're thinking about my proposal.
  4. These are russian hackers. There are about 5 of them. They avenge the blocking of their accounts (they were also given a PC lock). I tried to get in touch with one of the hackers and offered them a ransom so they left the game alone. At the moment they're thinking.
  5. So 22 hours ago, everything worked great. But now the fatal error is coming out again.
  6. Maybe you'll return 2p2 servers? Bypassing the main servers. So that people can become a mini server themselves.
  7. Because hackers are freaks without privacy. I think they have brain cancer.
  8. @ mattshotcha I am glad that you fixed the bug with the machine. And also I'm glad that cheaters have now disappeared cheats. I sent complaints to 300 people who played with 100% cheats. But they were not given a lock. Can you add an in-game complaint? How are you going to fight cheats? Cheaters will change the game file (which weighs 8 GB and is located in the paks folder). Check this file, or, so that the settings are loaded from the server. I have a lot of ideas for dlc. The simplest is that you have an almost finished dlc in the game, release it xD. Further ideas: 1. winter card, when the number 2 is activated, traces of counselors are visible, ice can burst with active running, transport is snowmobile. 2. In a regular game, add a new type of escape that will appear once every five games - a corral with horses. He needs a saddle and a paddock key. Jason can scare her. 3. If the counselor was killed with a sweater, then he can be picked up from the corpse. 4. At least one additional key / fuse slot is needed. 5. Life vest. Jason can't kill you in the water. The lifejacket is disposable, acts like a pocket knife. 6. Try to have a free weekend for the game. This will greatly increase online games and increase interest in it. And remove this useless easyanticheat. 7. Add savini jason for at least a week to the store with a price of 10 or more dollars. A lot of people download cheats precisely because of savini jason, and then even more dangerous cheats. 8. Prohibit swearing in a text chat. Just put a ban on words and issue a warning to the player. 9. If the counselors betray another - take 5000 points from the profile, and not from the round. 10. Many players after death depart from their computer and become Jarvis. Maybe before giving Tommy to someone, a window will appear on the person’s screen with acceptance or rejection and it will last 20 seconds, after which the offer goes to another person. 11. Allow the host to delegate its authority to another. Add a vote to remove a person from the round. 12. If a person leaves the round to death, take 10,000 points. 13. Give the maximum level - 1000 (if a person has such a level, then he is a cheater) 14. Give normal rewards for the level. That is, upon reaching level 250 it will become possible to add 2 points to any character skills. Give trophy rewards - special clothes, 4 counselor slot, special emotions. Add to the game paid skins for weapons, for the car, for Jason, new coloring books, cases and the like. And let's say when a person reaches level 300, a new special fifth murder is opened for Jason. 15. Fix the bug when using a sweater and Jason does not fall to his knees. 16. When the counselor catches Jason, he only has to press the E button. Remove this and add a mini-game instead. This is not even half of my ideas. I am ready to provide them to you. By the way, Stephen King expressed his opinion on the franchise friday the 13th in his Twitter account. Maybe you ask him for help with this lawsuit. Please do not forget about the game. She can become a masterpiece. People love this game. I hope you do not abandon her. I ask you to. I apologize for my English)
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