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  1. this is a very common problem.
  2. I would really like to read this book. I can’t even imagine what the art of the game can mean. I'm already in anticipation. According to reviews, I realized that something interesting was waiting for me. I also dream of writing a book and calling it "The Art of Living." How do you like that name? but there is one problem I can’t write beautifully. Always for me this was done by specialists from the written service that I chose on the site Best Writers Online after reading the reviews on them. I learn to write from them. Sometimes inspiration comes, but it does not lead to a result. Although perhaps still ahead)
  3. Hello to all. Please tell me guys, how do you deal with stress in preparing for exams? Do games help you? or are there any other methods?
  4. The main thing is not victory itself, but the path to it
  5. It really relaxes me after a hard day's work.
  6. I feel the real tension, the fun and adrenaline rush I experience only when playing gambling.
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