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  1. in beta my fps are between 70 to 90 with all in Ultra but shadows set in High and not ultra. i Play in 1920x1080, 100 % scale resolution i5 2500 k 4,6 ghz nvidia 970 1400 mhz 16 Gb ddr3 2133 mhz
  2. The fucking violent poet !! PD_ Only Joke !!!
  3. Amazing ! The performance is awesome now, before the update i have fps drops to 33 fps, now my poor fps drop are 51 fps ^^.
  4. U must make a special enviroment dead for the bell omg. !!
  5. Conselours need a perk "disarm traps" and they can disarm most quickly if they are more Strong or smart. Sorry for my english
  6. One thing guys. 3.2 Gb is the total of the game or are the Gb what steam download ?. Is not the same. In Steam many games are downloaded compressed to save bandwidth and are decompressing mendras are downloaded. So you can see many games that occupy 20 gigs but for example download 6 or 7 gigs.
  7. Friday 13 = 3200 Mb with awesome visuals DbD = 15000 Mb with a poor optimization and bad textures, bad characters models and small maps with any a few copy paste items in all map . Friday 13 team is awesome.
  8. I want put a AXE in a window or in top of a door. And when the consuelor enter the magic begin XD
  9. Thanks for your story, If you'll let me write a little part of mine with my daughter , or i try it because english is hard to me i sorry if this is hard to understand, i try it the better i can do. I see Friday 13 movies with my 4 years old daughter ^^ And she love horror movies and horror games. She look me play games like CLock Tower (psx version ), Dead By Daylight, Friday 13 Beta ( in friday 13 beta she play with me, she wih the gamepad and me play with the keyboard and mouse at the same time ). This days we have see Halloween 1 and 2 and she love "the white mask murder" xD. All days my daughter ask me " Dad, when is release Friday 13 i want play " hahaha i love it. Well, are many movies that i dont play for she for now like Evil Dead for example, i think is more strong for a little girl ^^. But she loves slasher movies, she loves when the movie scare her o the game. And she with only 4 years can recognize a movie and a game of a real life, she is very smart and funny. Never have nightmares in the night when she is sleelping, i think she is more strong than me. WHen i are a kid and i see horror movies i love it but any times i have scare in the nights haha. I see horror movies all my life too and i love it. My wife dont like horror movies and she dont like our daughter see that, but hell... We onlye live one time and she onlye see movies with me and we very funny that moments. I so sorry for my english, really sorry .
  10. This is awesome... really awesome. HYPE OVER 9000 because this "skill" or "perk" ( idont know how say in english now) is perfect for i want play stayle. Thx for this !
  11. Yep, 15 dollars. https://friday-the-13th-the-game.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders
  12. If u find all secrets u can open the secret Door ^^ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/252589391282463245/968F20D7B1F80BBCCEBDBA35EDCAF0A36F84A019/
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