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  1. Thanks very much I will give it a read but if that is the case and I believe that this game is a r i p situation where as Jason being the host each time could have solved most of that. Sure will have the private games but that will only last so long now with the peer-to-peer quick play. Thanks again for your information and help. Hope to see you around if you're on Xbox. Cheers
  2. Hi all was wondering if this is possible? if you could make the host be Jason each time... this way there will be less quitting because if Jason's going to quit, they usually quit early which sucks but the bigger annoyance problem comes in when you're halfway through a game and the host gets murdered and he quits so my idea to fix this is to always make the host be Jason and after each game randomly choose a new host instead of it being the same one until the reset of that Lobby. if it's possible? I don't know if it's possible but if it's possible that would solve a lot of problems with peer-to-peer, please give me any information you can thanks much. PS> I don't know how much it cost to keep the dedicated servers up and running but if it was possible for everybody that's interested into keeping them up, to pay a monthly fee... I'd be on board with that. We all can chip in a few bucks, I don't know how much they cost but if it's possible I think you'd have a good amount of people willing to throw a couple bucks at it every month, just hypothesizing
  3. Thanks for all of your input. I would it rather be a glitch than a cheat, so thanks. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one
  4. Is it possible to kill a counselor after they've left the field of play? I ask this because I just got killed after the game should have been over and I was walking away in the animation part but somehow Jason picked me up and out of the animation and killed me, ridiculous! I'm very aggravated right now. Is this a glitch or is this a possibility in the game I've just never incurred before?
  5. Every game today four or more people quit as soon as one of their girlfriends dies, it's ridiculous! I'd rather deal with Jason cheaters and stay in the game as a counselor and get the game over with and leave and go to a new Lobby then have to deal with these quitters that just ruin almost every game anymore. So salt mines or whatever, something needs to be done about these quitters and like I said I'd rather them not come play at all if that's what it takes to get rid of these bums cuz there's more than enough people play full real games instead of went around with half games three people to kill because a group decide to leave cuz I didn't get their way.
  6. If anyone's playing private matches on Xbox One and you need people tonight, my screen name is the same name I have here... please invite me... this is maddening!!! I can't get a game tonight at all, at least yesterday it was hit-or-miss a bit. More Miss than hit but still. I got to play a few games in between the misses. PS> Is there a thread for Xbox players currently that want to be invited to private matches because if not, I think we should make one for Xbox and each individual system for that matter. Cheers
  7. Okay so I finally get a hosted Lobby. I'm the only one and then people finally come and we have a full games getting ready to start and yet it's sitting here and never starts because these scumbag hackers I guess ... but I thought if you got one of these lobbies that the scumbag hackers couldn't Hack it? I told everybody in the lobby that I'll be here all night and that we can play all night because I'm not going to leave, if I have to go to the bathroom they can kill me and I can be back by the next game so somebody's been telling me some wrong information if this Libby won't play. I've seen others self-hosted lobbies and they play fine but now, I finally am the host of one and it's sitting here with a black screen for last 10 minutes and Lord knows why the hell it is. Are the self-hosted lobbies, the non-dedicated lobby servers, Hackable or not? This is so effing annoying
  8. I have a suggestion and it's directly related to this problem so I am posting it here. Why can't we have an option to start a Lobby where we are the hosts (public) and it is up to us, the players that play daily, to have good matches and not quit in the middle of them, etc, excetera. Try to get a non dedicated server is time-wasting and aggravating and when you do finally get one, you're not guaranteed to play a game because usually someone else is in charge of the lobby. I don't know why someone else is always in charge of the lobby as I wish I could be because I would ensure complete games as now if I wind up in one of these lobbies that someone else is hosting, while playing a game and I am Jason, I wind up making sure I don't kill the person who owns the lobby at that time. But it's still better than not playing at all and I can still kill them last, it's not that big a deal though I missed one person with seconds to go today cuz they got out of my grasp twice the last 20 secs but that being said, it's still better than sitting around with our Joysticks in our hands. Their should be dedicated servers and, if they're not working like they aren't again today, self-hosted Lobbies where we could always choose to start our own lobby with public people or private instead of having just private because having just private means you have to have your friends online at the same time and that's not always possible, especially for this game as many have been turned off by all this nonsense lately. So if it can be made into an option, please make it into one and let us die-hards play... thanks
  9. Okay I have had this happen to me a couple times now and I'm curious as to if anybody knows the answer to this. Sometimes when I go to get the sweater it's there and the Shockwave of mother calling Jason happens and then his sweaters like on the floor or just not there to be grabbed can't pick it up. Does anybody know why this happens? Does anybody else experience this or is this just me? I know somebody else could have picked up sweater but in each case I'm pretty sure it was there and then the one time I just couldn't see it after that and then the other time it look like it was crumpled on the floor and was only one person dead last time for sure it is pretty early in the game still and I got it was that player that got the sweater was killed that quickly. I'd say it's happened at least three or four times to me and I was hoping somebody had an answer. Thanks for any and all info and help
  10. I agree there's no reason to have to back out of your lobby just to change your Jason preference , you might decide you like a certain Jason on a certain map, of course random wouldn't help that situation but the point is it should be an easy change
  11. I don't see how that would add bugs. Of course you could still leave your button unchecked if you really need to go potty or you just need more time. if you're doing quick changes though and you know what you want to change but don't want to hold everyone up if they are ready... say you're swapping one item for another in your perks, and sure yes you have 10 seconds left to save your edits once you hear it lock. I don't see a problem with that, if you don't want to check the button then don't check the button but if you want to do some tinkering, there's no reason to hold up the whole Lobby. Maybe you just want to see what your options are to contemplate them for a future change even, but you can't because then you're holding up the whole game... this way you can check the box and still look. I might be ready to go but everyone else isn't so I want to go tinker but now if I want to go tinker, I have to leave my button unchecked and unready but this way you could check it and go tinker and if you get your edit in fine, if you don't find as well but at least you were ready to go when everybody else was. I don't see a problem with it. If you need all the time then don't check your button... simple as that
  12. Hi all. I think this would be a simple one and it drives me crazy actually because it's a bunch of waste of time where you could be doing something useful. I think many people want to edit their people and that's what holds up all checking the box to start the game sooner. Now my suggestion is check the box when you first get in the lobby but you have the ability to edit your counselor/Jason still until the game starts, so you can make any changes up until game start time and it's kind of like the guy that gets to pick the map is allowed to do that so why not be able to edit your counselors what do you think?
  13. This tidbit of info is actually very helpful, I appreciate it very much. There's been many times where I've been like 4 minutes in waiting and waiting and then I give up, cancel and restart the search but now I'll just wait and hope to get a P2P Lobby so thanks a bunch! Funny thing is I always told myself I should just wait and eventually it will do something and put me in a Lobby and hopefully it will be good thing but then I just never go past like 4 minutes because I got to thinking that it's just going to keep spinning forever, now I'll wait a bit more. I'm actually at 3 minutes right now and hoping for the best... thanks again. Update what do you know I'm in a P2P lobby with two other people hopefully we get some others in here except for now the a****** just booted me or kicked me! So stupid! I didn't hit ready because there's only three of us I figured wait more for more people so stupid, stupid people
  14. Is there a trick to getting to be the host of a Lobby on quick play because the only way I've been able to play all week a little bit was finding a lobby with someone who is hosting it instead of a dedicated server and I 'd host one myself if I could. I just don't know how to? Private matches are too hard to get people to come that you don't know, either that or tell me how to get on a Canadian or UK server because I've been trying to get on one of them and I even changed my location but it doesn't work, keeps giving me US servers and I keep backing out and keep doing it. I'm so tired of it this is nonsense! Someone needs to do something, find these bastards and put them in prison
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