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  1. Thank you very much, that's very insightful. I almost always just play quick play and I have a very good internet connection, ethernet, which is why I thought it strange that once in a blue moon I would just be randomly kicked for Network issues or something but I guess anything's possible. I will be checking out pings now so thank you very much and it is very interesting, I appreciate it.
  2. If this is a doable solution then why hasn't it been done already? I was playing, or trying to play, all night last night. I'd say at least a hundred times I entered lobbys on Xbox while doing other things on my laptop because I knew there's a good chance nothing was going to happen, and I jumped into game after game after game only to get booted within a minute every time. If this is a doable situation by getting rid of these dedicated servers, then do it. I was thinking that as I was trying to play, "how come the other night when I was doing this I was able to play a few times", other people mentioned that Canada servers that day we're playing well for whatever reason but whatever the problem is, if you can shut down the bad servers and that would;d help, then can we do that at least? By the way, I guess I'm not super tech-savvy but how do people know when there's a dedicated server or not and how is it that a host can apparently just kick you if they don't like you for any reason? I've been randomly kicked before and I've been wondering what the heck for and how the heck does that happen and now to find out that it could be someone intentionally doing it instead of just a fluke in the game, kind of irks me.
  3. Of course I agree with you that they should do it of their own volition but the fact of the matter is when you give people enough motivation like, shortening a long jail sentence, then things can happen and hopefully get more of the worms/scumbags. I also don't see a bunch of nerds playing with their hacking PC's giving anybody stitches, what are they going to do... call each other mean names? Seriously something needs to be done. if you start giving people long enough prison sentences for hacking other people's stuff, then maybe others choose not to hack. Do you know how much money and aggravation they've caused around the world just on this game alone, and people act like it's nothing. I say arrest them, give 'em a trial and if they're guilty, put them in jail for 40 years or more and then maybe they'd f****** stop
  4. Another question. Are the private matches affected as well? If not, maybe we can get a few groups together from here to at least play with ourselves, that didn't sound right but you know I'm saying. LMAO
  5. Here's an idea. I think if you offer enough money to people in the know to turn Hackers in with the stipulation that it has to lead to prosecution for hacking this game, and I think if you got one or two of these hacker jerks in custody, then I think you could just keep getting them to flip on each other, offering them less jail time to turn in their hacking peers. Honestly I hope they all go to prison for a very long time at some point in their lives. Maybe we could start up a Kickstarter fund to pay the reward(s)?
  6. I literally played all day yesterday from about 10 a.m. to about 10 p.m. with a lunch break in between. It worked perfect but today, different story. I've been in four lobbies and either the game starts only to get some network error right off the bat or it just never even starts and just spins at the waiting for players screen, so annoying. Again this is Xbox so maybe other people are having different experiences on other systems but today has been the worst by far. At least the other days there was a possibility that a game would start in between the nonsense of the Hackers but today there doesn't seem to be that possibility and yesterday was Heaven so go figure.
  7. By the way I just played two games, well tried to play two games, and first game I was Jason and couldn't even pick up a knife. Then second game I was Jason as well and everything was going normal and then I killed a counselor, Kenny, and was about to kill my second counselor and all of the sudden The Game Stops and my screen says "Error! You were kicked; Host suspended their game!" What does that mean? Does that mean I was playing with the hackers just now? I've never had this happen, it either doesn't play and I can't pick up things or it plays normally. This is really annoying! I have screenshots saved of it and I also have video of the little bit of the game where you can see the players names, so if the developers need that information and that was hackers I was playing with, please let me know, thanks PS> do you want to know how you should know I don't cheat? I just bought about seven people Downloads of the game and I'm in the process of trying to get them to learn it and to enjoy it so we can play Private matches as well. I just wish I've done it sooner now because maybe we could be playing them private matches while this crap is going on. Also, this is already turning people off, they don't think that is worth their time trying to learn this game if it's going to be down constantly... so this whole thing has me extremely irritated.
  8. Agree with this 100% all cheaters need to be banned permanently and every game and every online platform is disgusting it's pointless to cheat at a video game and losers like this need to be banned permanently everywhere every platform. I am no cheater I may be new here but I'm not new to Xbox and I can't stand cheaters pointless garbage I hope they rot with Jason
  9. I hope they find out who these assholes are and try them in a court of law and give them the death penalty if we can cuz they deserve it, give them the Jason death penalty and if you can't do that, at least put him in jail for a decade or longer, scumbags.
  10. This is exactly the type of kill that needs to be a kill for Jason because he forced you into that trap one way or another, you died trying to get away from him and because of him you landed in it and Jason probably killed you 9/10 of the way already too so that is exactly my point, that shouldn't be a suicide. Thanks for bringing that up, that's like the epitome of the ones that drive me nuts
  11. Bored scumbag douchebags got to ruin things for no good reason guess there's not enough hours in the days for them to pull the Pud they got to mess with people's gaming want to do something constructive with your hacking that go take down China, scumbags, the hackers and China
  12. The last two days, just like everybody else is posting, every time I go to play the game starts and I'm either staring at a blank screen or I'm staring at a still picture of Campground and nothing happens or the game actually starts and I can't grab or open anything, like I was stuck in the main house on packanack and couldn't get out and then 2 minutes later it timed out and booted me. I was Jason & couldn't grab the knives, couldn't do anything but walk around a little bit... it's been a really frustrating two days for me and everybody else that I've turned on to the game recently. I fear that it's going to turn people off permanently if it doesn't get resolved soon. I literally just got about 10 different people into this game in hopes of having private matches without quitting fools so please fix it and keep us up-to-date. Thanks
  13. Also another thing that chaps my ass? When counselors are about to die But quit and Jason doesn't get credit for the kill. It occurs now so many times so I think as soon as you have them in the grasp and you're starting to kill him, whether they quit or not it should be a Kill because that's annoying as all hell.
  14. I did not realize that. Maybe it should be made clear in the tip section if you don't want to be Jason make sure you check off counselors in the preferred section because I would assume most of the quitting is from newbies not wanting to be Jason. I don't know if they are too afraid to play as Jason so they just quit and then the game has to be restarted. I agree with everything else you said but I was never trying to insinuate suicide should count against somebody, they should just count towards Jason's total kills not against him, especially when the person is nine-tenths dead already. Quitting, on the other hand, is an issue and I guess if temporary hour suspensions were tried before and failed with this game, then I guess that's fine but I think the people that really like playing this game don't quit and would appreciate getting rid of the people that make a habit of it honestly... if they want to quit where they get suspended and not play for an hour that's on them and the game should be much better and still have cool full games.
  15. The suicides nonsense has to stop, it makes the game unenjoyable! if I kill somebody to an inch of their life and they somehow die, by whether they quit that's another thing, if you quit it should count as a kill for Jason and if you quit too often you should be suspended temporarily for like an hour as they do in other games online. How are suicides not counted as a kill I lose killed more people that were suicides do they stepped on a piece of glass or something going out of window when they're almost dead in one game ridiculous. On the next update, you should make it so people CAN choose NOT to be Jason. Obviously you can't do that the other way around nor should you, but apparently everyone don't want to be Jason, for whatever reason. All to often, the game starts and 30 seconds in they stop and quit and you have to go through the whole reset process again. Let the scaredy-Jasons select "don't want to be Jason" if they are too scared to be Jason, but anyway I thought you could help make the game better by a landslide, thanks
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