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  1. My 2 cents into this matter that can make the game abit more interesting & intense imo but feel to disagree with me cause i know people won't like everything i post. :T -Jason- Weapon stats screen & critical hit ratio Personally i think the weapon swapping option should have an added stats screen when swapping plus each weapon should have their own strengths & weaknesses similar to the counselors when they pick up weapons like for example STN = SPE DMG DUR = CHR As for the critical hit ratio i think it should apply based on both weapon choice & the rage meter Another example Rage Meter 0 = 5% 25 = 10% 50 = 25% 75 = 50% 100 = 100% & the weapons in question should stack it up but in all honesty the weapons should be more than be a cosmetic look for Jason plus it would give other Jason's abit more viability cause let's be honest how many times have you seen the same Jason over & over each time you go into a match?Either this or maybe a 4th strength & Weakness for Jason? -Counselors- Rather controversial but maybe a Pocket knife perk?But before everyone goes nuts over this & how OP it would be ... let me explain For this perk it should be a chance like you either have a 5, 25, or 50% (based on the status of the perk) chance to spawn with a pocket knife but it would also eliminate the other pocket knives on the map also if one or more players or hell if the whole lobby (which is very likely) has this perk in their slot then game should randomize on 3 counselors who can spawn with said knife based on the status of their perk for it. Well that's pretty much my go on what i think could improve the game abit but i do have have a few more suggestions like maybe increase Jason's run speed?Cause it's more like an middle age man Jog as oppose to actual running but i'll Just leave with the first 2 ideas & see what everyone else thinks & maybe i'll post my other ideas if this gets good results.
  2. As the title says y'all but just to elaborate Abit more before the lawsuit which Jason would you practice with in preparation for Uber Jason's release?Personally I would use PT.8 due to both of them having similar stats & to be more of a geek than I am i would play "birth of Uber Jason" for the feel.😋
  3. Hey everyone it's your favorite purple masked killer today with pictures of my hocks that i hand painted but only the ones i feel that are worth showing as my earlier work in doing hocks were very amateurish & imo are terrible but here are 2 that i feel i did very good on also criticism is wanted as i want to improve on my skills as i try to be movie accurate as possible with what i have one hand or available where i live & any help is needed. Part.5 Base coat is stain Ivory from rust-oleum, used a sea sponge to help apply the weathering along with the acrylic paints burnt umber, kings gold, pavement, & a mix between bright blue & white for the paint chipping. The straps are custom as i used the ones you can find at walmart along with the snaps but trying to be movie accurate i went a step further, bought myself a fabric mark & used my ruler to help draw the white lines on the strap that goes around the head. I'm quite happy how this one turned out but the only draw back is that i should've Just kept the inside of the mask blue instead doubling coat with matte black (this mask was a clear blank) as originally i wanted to scrap off the some of the paint from the front to emulate the movies but as i started to notice the black spray paint completely darkened the blue to the point that it barely looked blue anymore so i went back, reapplied the ivory in the front to remove the chipping i did & Just painted the damage on where they originally were. PT.6 Base coat is stain almond from krylon, used a sponge for the weathering & used acrylic paint chestnut for the dirt. Ok so you can probably guess that i used one those Chinese hocks that you can buy from eBay based on how the holes are drilled but hey it works, right? Anyways this one again i'm very happy how it turned out mainly because i bought a heat gun, reshaped the mask to be like PT.6, got the chevron from JDF studios, & gave it a light weathering as it's mean't to be the hock before the end of the movie (despite the photo showcasing it with the hock at the end of the film). However like my PT.5 there are things i wished i would've change mostly the straps to be brown as opposed to black & have them folded in but aside from that love how it turned out. What do guys think?They good?Bad?Could use abit more?Let me know!😁 Also i'll be posting more as i ordered 3 mores hocks which are 2 PT.3 & 1 PT.8 & 2 of them (PT.3 & 8 ) will be made into retro hocks wheres the last PT.3 will be a regular.
  4. As the title says y'all & for me What about you guys?😀
  5. Yeah what is everyone's favorite weapon to run on their Jason? Generic i'm sure but i use the machete all the time with all the Jasons (doe i switch out once in awhile for variety sake but stick with the machete as my main) as it is the most fastest one handed weapon (aside from the pig splitter) to take down barricaded doors (approximately 8 seconds as i timed it) with a non destructive Jason, has decent kills & range, & overall iconic but what about you guys?What's your favorite weapon to use on Jason?😁
  6. Hey at least I didn't applied it to weaknesses now it just regenerates at a moderate speed like any other Jason that doesn't have it for a weaknesses.
  7. Don't worry this isn't me asking for more content or if any will be released after the lawsuit ... have to accept the truth on that area but no this just me asking what was going to be released before the 2 money hungry goblins went to court & screwed up everything. 😒 So with that out of the way here are my questions to the team who worked on the game & hope they can answer some of them.🙃 1. What were the scrapped maps that were going to be released? 2. Was Uber Jason's theme going be the "Birth of Uber Jason" ? 3. Was pre Uber Jason ever into consideration or already finished like Uber Jason but as his own Jason & if so what were his stats? 4. Despite being an alternate skin to PT.3 was NES Jason ever planned to be his own individual Jason with stats & everything? 5. How many more kills were going to be released? 6. Were there any more ideas or plans for more alternate outfits for the counselors? 7. More weapons for Jason? If so what kind?
  8. So I'm gonna keep this simple & fun for everyone to enjoy but if the option to swap Jason's strength for another but at the cost of swapping weaknesses for balancing reasoning was a thing which strength & weakness would you apply to your favorite Jason & why? Going with my top 5 Jason's here's my go at it. 5. PT.3/NES Strengths: Swap Grip strength for destruction Weaknesses: Swap stalk for shift 4. PT.7 Strengths: Swap sense for grip strength Weaknesses: Swap water speed for sense 3. PT.5 Strengths: Swap throwing knives for weapon strength Weaknesses: Swap grip strength for water speed 2. PT.8 Surprisingly I'm fine with PT.8 the way he is.😁👍 1. PT.9 Strengths: Swap stalk with weapon strength Weaknesses: Swap traps with defense Now I could've been a total bastard & could've given them all Weapon Strength + Destruction & swap all of their bottom weaknesses with Low Hit Points buuuuut had to put actual thought into this & balance them so yeh.😆
  9. Sadly i have to agree with deathsia here as much as it hurts.😢
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