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  1. Right here is "Logical theories" both valid & not out of possibilities.
  2. Going to post this & be on my way but you guys have waaaaay too much high expectations on players these days like way too high. Seriously you make it sound like casual play is a problem to people with your type of skills when in reality everyone has to start somewhere to both learn & be better or just i dunno, have fun? Like legit fun by laughing, playing for the moment & have a good time. If you want a lobby that meets your criteria then host a private match with your friends or something & play with them if you want a challenge cause in public lobbies you gotta have your expectations low otherwise you'll be disappointed. Based on my experience i have more fun against casuals then your lvl.150 elitist players & yes i'm calling them that now cause the majority of lvl.150's that i've encountered both on the switch & ps4 have used exploits like "Jason tech", talked down on counselors for doing a poor job or "suck" despite being new in general & counselors ... ugh i don't even want to talk about them. Look i'm a lvl.150 on the switch since 2019 & on the ps4 for about 3 months & i still play like a random most of time plus during my run as Jason i never talked down on anyone especially low lvl's or even 150 who play casually cause i know what it's like to be other guy (i never forgotten my roots) but instead i give them advice or be willing to train them to be better & yes you read right i actually offered my help to make them a better Jason but of course no one accepts because they're either afraid of me or i'll be too judgmental? I dunno but bottom-line i play for fun & willing to help a newcomer out instead of expecting more. Also OP i would consider watching old Friday the 13th game footage from when the game was launched cause if you compare Jason from then to how he is now you'd see how nerfed he is now even with the rage buff.
  3. Hey guys, So I been going over my YT footage recently mostly to add the kill count in the description but as I was doing so I was contemplating whether or not to confront the players who either rage quit, cheat, suicide, or run out the timer & just ask them in a non hostile manner on why they did the deed & what was the point or the goal for them but of course I'm conflicted & need opinion or guidance if I should do it or not.
  4. @8:16 foiled by a PK but the reaction was funny when I heard him from my end but regardless stalk is a wonderful ability when used properly. https://youtu.be/bgnZkSFI6Kc
  5. Currently in the works of revamping my Friday The 13th : The Game Part 2 ideas & for aΒ lil sneak preview here's 2 screenshots of what i'm working atm.



    1. Carlso


      Amazing work! We should do "F13 the game part 2 ideas: part 2" thread to discuss it more!! 😁

    2. RetroJason89


      Speaking of which I'll be messaging you about counselor mechanics & what needs either buffing, nerfing, or fixing sometime this week as I need Input in that area.

  6. Actually I encounter this tactic once on the switch back on packacrap small as it was by the boat house & once I activated it a Kenny whom I assume was gonna place more came out of nowhere & started hitting me with a baseball bat! Guess I foiled his plan or something as I managed to place my trap after killing him & resumed the game as normal but yeah just once & never again have I encounter this strategy again. πŸ˜›
  7. Agreed although on my part it's second nature for me to get them knives at the start so I'm a lost cause. πŸ˜›
  8. Maybe a damage increase in slashing on non weapon strength Jason's? Cause if they increase the damage on those with +Weapon strength can be considered "Broken" to some or fair as alot players run Thick skin & medic.
  9. I really wish I could like pt.6 Jason but that -Morph has fucked me over so many times on the switch that I don't bother on PS4 considering everything i endured.

    1. Carlso


      I was once a pt.6 main, then that -Morph cocked me 1000 times and I changed to pt.9.

    2. RetroJason89


      There we go!

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