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  1. Well i wish this post was a little more happy oriented like i normally post but y'know what?It fucking isn't! & you wanna know why?! Came across another cheater who wasn't only teleporting but was also duplicating his fucking PK! 20 mins i endured that entire match all awhile he healed,teleported,hopped between windows,& repeated the same fucking progress! And you're probably gonna ask "Then why didn't you slash him like you did the others,Retro?" simple i was using pt.5 as i was trying to record footage for my second channel & while i resorted to slashing along with throwing knives it didn't do shit as he had tough skin & when it seemed like he has open for an attack while healing he teleports! I was gonna post this in the forums with the footage along with his username like with the first teleporter post but due to me not wanting a warning or hell a ban for "naming & shamming" which is a fucking joke because people who cheat don't deserve to be protected or have their privacy hidden from other players but should be exposed & ban from playing but due to me obeying the rules & showing what little respect i have left i decided it against it but next time i come across another cheater i plan on making videos about them along with keeping updates if they change their usernames cause i have alot of the cheaters from my previous videos on my block list just so i can keep an eye on them in case they change their username & try to pull this shit on me or other players again under a new name! Sorry for this but i had to let this rant out cause i was building so much anger in that it fucked me over in later matches where i couldn't concentrate & was doing poorly as Jason .

    1. TimDuke 01

      TimDuke 01

      You think that's bad, watch this and last I checked neither has been banned. JKB is really inconsistent waste of time mostly. 


    2. RetroJason89
    3. I'm Not a Goalie

      I'm Not a Goalie

      It is a strange policy when I could probably post a video of myself running over an entire lobby, spend the last ten minutes dancing on a exploitable rock and I'd be much less likely to get in trouble then if somebody else posted it here and said, 'Hey, look what this asshole was doing'. I get that Gun probably doesn't want naming and shaming to be abused, or for this forum to become a dumping ground for cheater videos, but still... The optics aren't good. Interpret that however you please. I don't even considering it shaming (Maybe a little) but more of a public service. Hey, these guys team, this guy uses this exploit, this guy will rage as soon as you grab them. Either avoid completely, or adjust your strategy accordingly if you run into these people. I've got a short list of players I know to handle a certain way whenever I run into them.

      My advice, when you run into counselors who do stuff like this, either think of it as practice for the next time you encounter someone using those tactics, or just say FU I'm not playing your game. Go take a swim in the lake and eat a sandwich until the timer runs out while he jerks off or whatever the hell he's doing. Just don't ever rage quit because they always win that way. If they believe they're getting under your skin at all they kind of win, since that's the goal for a lot of these guys anyway. I know not everybody can share my 'no fucks to give' attitude, but achieving it is a very freeing experience. Nothing wrong with venting on occasion though... We've all been there. 

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