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  1. Kinda of a odd subject to some but must've happened during your playthroughs as Jason but yeah what is the most humiliating thing that's ever happened to you as Jason? Me for instance ... I got shot in the nuts.😆
  2. Normally I'm an impatient man myself but I'd say give the crew more time to work on this case cause whatever the quote on quote "hacker" did to the servers really did a number on us & all for a sad moment of e-fame.
  3. Don't mind me just waiting for dem servers to be fixed.


  4. Hm this is sounding abit "Definitive" but I guess live on a different planet then cause how Jason kill is up to the player & not what the community think how they should kill.😛
  5. You good people fair.👍😁👍
  6. Yeah apologies for the self promotion but started uploading gameplay of me playing Friday the 13th on the PS4 (mostly offline bots as I don't have a plus membership atm) accompanied with neat thumbnails along with future plans of me playing with face cam as NES Jason with purple coveralls, latex hood, & various hocks from each of the Friday films but NES colored just for variety.😊 So mind checking out my channel? You don't have to as I don't wanna come out as demanding but would appreciate it very much.🙃
  7. Ok stupid question here due to not being familiar with these acronyms but P2P? ðŸĪŠ
  8. Just popping in to see the recents results & my god it warms my heart to see fellow Jason players understanding the fairness in slashing.😁
  9. Yeah but gotta be careful with that low hit point weakness bro especially against players who like to take on Jason.
  10. I am at lost for words due to how awesome this figure is ... think i'll let my main girl Tiffany give my reaction.
  11. My 2 cents into this matter that can make the game abit more interesting & intense imo but feel to disagree with me cause i know people won't like everything i post. :T -Jason- Weapon stats screen & critical hit ratio Personally i think the weapon swapping option should have an added stats screen when swapping plus each weapon should have their own strengths & weaknesses similar to the counselors when they pick up weapons like for example STN = SPE DMG DUR = CHR As for the critical hit ratio i think it should apply based on both weapon choice & the rage meter Another example Rage Meter 0 = 5% 25 = 10% 50 = 25% 75 = 50% 100 = 100% & the weapons in question should stack it up but in all honesty the weapons should be more than be a cosmetic look for Jason plus it would give other Jason's abit more viability cause let's be honest how many times have you seen the same Jason over & over each time you go into a match?Either this or maybe a 4th strength & Weakness for Jason? -Counselors- Rather controversial but maybe a Pocket knife perk?But before everyone goes nuts over this & how OP it would be ... let me explain For this perk it should be a chance like you either have a 5, 25, or 50% (based on the status of the perk) chance to spawn with a pocket knife but it would also eliminate the other pocket knives on the map also if one or more players or hell if the whole lobby (which is very likely) has this perk in their slot then game should randomize on 3 counselors who can spawn with said knife based on the status of their perk for it. Well that's pretty much my go on what i think could improve the game abit but i do have have a few more suggestions like maybe increase Jason's run speed?Cause it's more like an middle age man Jog as oppose to actual running but i'll Just leave with the first 2 ideas & see what everyone else thinks & maybe i'll post my other ideas if this gets good results.
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