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  1. in my opinion it is too much trouble having tommy spawn cause its too hard to find him along with using traps so i just kill 7 with enviromental kills and break a power box for an easy 2200 also play part 4 cause destruction or roy cause his outro is the fastest also what map do you play?
  2. in that case what are the fastest weapon kills? i know throat slit with the pig splitter can be done with little space and is the fastest
  3. reminds me of this time a group of 150's tried to kill me they got me on my knees but the kill glitched and when they didnt kill me they all left i'm lvl 150 and i dont really care if i get killed just annoyed
  4. i like the shears cause it feels faster than the pig splitter
  5. its fair but it depends on the game some games ill do all grabs or all slashing it depends on how annoying the counselors are
  6. can jasons with weapon strength have the buff given to their traps and knives im aware it would make part 3 more troublesome but at the same time it would benefit parts 4 and 7
  7. if the jason player has to mash x to get out of the stun shouldnt the tommy player get something that is equal to it instead of pressing x
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