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  1. if someone is going to use part 3 i'd rather they use retro jason cause i like the music
  2. dont you mean by the machete? when i play part 4 i leave the pig splitter on him its probably the best weapon for him
  3. if its someone like chad or tiff then yeah ill take my time otherwise ill just use one of the grab kills
  4. part 3 is the in my opinion is the best jason but i personally prefer part 4
  5. maybe it is? i dont know its not my place to say
  6. - Counselor - Most used or favorite counselor (s) : random Favorite weapon : branch Favorite perks : none Play style : objectives Likes : none Dislikes : wasting peoples time Goal : escape as fast as possible Mic : yes - Jason - Most used or favorite Jason (s) : part 4 Favorite weapon (s) : fire axe, pig splitter Favorite kills : choke, head punch, slammed and split Favorite environmental kills : hung, toilet Play style : kill everyone Likes : slashing everyone Dislikes : glitchers Mic : yes
  7. replace part 4 stun resistance with something else like -grip strength
  8. i dont really go out of my way to help but if i somehow spawn as tommy and they want to kill him low level or not then who am i to decide
  9. are his strengths and weaknesses the same like in the movies?
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