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  1. It's not fair. I'm not exactly a player with great gaming ability - never will be. I'm probably just below average, I get by. It's annoying when people who are better than the person playing Jason start messing around and pissing him off! I was viewing the end of a game a few days ago. The police had been called and four players made their way to the exit and Jason turned up. Instead of exiting the game, they had him chase them around for ten minutes right by the exit. Poor guy! Worse one that that though was when three players (two vanessa's) were running around inside a shack for several minutes, with Jason after them (flicking their flashlights on and off). Two other people got in a boat, drove it around in circles, then went to the same shack and stood there dancing outside...
  2. Cheating or not (not technically cheating, but...) please don't arse around when you're about to escape in the car, boat or at a police exit! I've had enough of watching people messing around on the edge of the map, waiting for them to escape so the game can end.
  3. It depends with me. If I'm in a good lobby that seems to be playing fair in the games, I'm willing to help people - even sacrifice myself at times. If I'm in a lobby where people are fooling around or possibly cheating, there will be no help from me. It's me for myself, and if anyone shoots me, runs me over on purpose etc, they'll get the same treatment back!
  4. Maybe I've just been unlucky, but I've never had that happen to me as Tommy. Also tend to think that a flashing light show by someone who finds their way into the same shack as me is just someone messing around. It usually ends up with three or four people dancing around in the same shack, and Jason not being ''able'' to find them. Lots of cheating or messing around in this game, seems to me. I'm also not a fan of the thought of trying to kill him. I prefer to find other ways to escape.
  5. Ah yes, but I tend to play without a headset and prefer not to be around other players on the map, unless I'm sure they want to help. Therefore, it's difficult to know if anyone's planning to kill him.
  6. I find it incredibly frustrating being Jason, especially if people escape. I prefer counselor every time. More varied, more to do with luck as well.
  7. Repair is good - just for xp, if nothing else. I prefer counselors who have a decent repair rating.
  8. Depends what you like to do. Stealth and repair - AJ and Mitch. Adaptable: Kenny and Fox. Strength and speed: Buggsy and Adam. Waiting for other people to fix stuff and then escaping: Tiffany!
  9. One or two tips to be a better Jason: If you see someone carrying a gas canister or battery, go for them! For one - they don't have a weapon. Secondly - you can prevent them from repairing something. Early on in the game, counselors tend to have less defence (pocket knives, firecrackers etc) and this is the best time to grab kill, without being stunned. Later on in the game, get close to the counselor and slash at them to weaken them first, if you intend to finish them off with a grab kill.
  10. A few counselor tips from me: 1) At the start of the game, most people who play as Jason will pick up the knives in his shack before morphing on the map. There will then be a further 10 seconds or so before Jason gets his sense ability. As a counselor, this means you'll generally get at least ten seconds until you'll even have a chance of seeing Jason, and very often 10 more seconds before he'll having a chance of sensing you. Use the first 20-30 seconds to find a shack, barracade all doors and find a weapon. Then hide in a wardbrode, hold your breath fully, let it recharge and hold your breath one more time, before you come out and continue with the game. This will make it far less likely Jason will detect you when he first uses his sense ability. 2) Order in which to equip things (if you have them): Pocket knife (prevents death if you're grabbed and stuns Jason), then fireworks (gives chance of stunning Jason, so you can escape), then first aid spray, in case you get injured. 3) Don't try hiding in cabins, tents or out houses when Jason has rage active. Your hiding place will show up red to him. 4) Look at the map and try to work out what other people are doing. If three or four counselors are together and moving around rapidly, it's likely Jason is chasing them! This is your chance to move to another cabin / to a vehicle / wherever, as he's likely being distracted. If a vehicle is moving away on the map (with you left behind somewhere), Jason is likely chasing it. Another distraction for him. 5) Keep an eye on the boat. If it has one component in it, look for the other so you can try and repair it and escape. Jason tends to take less notice of the boat than the cars. 6) If all else is failing, most of the other counselors are dead or have left and there's a minute or two until the police arrive, or until the game ends, find an outdoors hiding spot in the middle of nowhere and crouch down with your flashlight switched on. If you get lucky, Jason won't find you in time and you'll survive. 7) Keep an eye on the scoreboard to see how quickly Jason is killing. If he's quick, you'll need to be at your sharpest to defeat him, as he likely knows what he's doing. Try to second guess him. If he's taking ages to kill people, he might be an inexperienced player or just not that good. You can probably afford to take slightly more risks. Hide around the back of shacks or behind the bathroom door to try and escape him. This might fool the inexperienced Jason. If you suspect Jason is cheating, quit the lobby afterwards. Signs he's cheating include: Ignoring a group of easier to catch counselors who are closer to him and going for you, lots of graphic glitches and screen lagging when he's near you, killing people very quickly with hardly any chasing, other counselors who appear to deliberately be giving your position away to him (trying to hit you, setting off fireworks for no reason near you, flashing their lights on and off near you and following you), starting the game and your counselor is not the one you originally selected. Above all, if you're unhappy with something and things don't seem right, quit the lobby. If you spawn as Jason and you don't want to be him, quit the game. It's quicker and better for everyone! A few tips, learned from experience! Hope they help
  11. I'll run someone over if I'm in the car, Jason is chasing me and they're in my way, but otherwise, I play fairly. In all aspects of the game.
  12. I've only been involved in three games (in months of playing) where Jason has been killed. In at least two of those, it was likely a group of friends involved, with Jason letting them do it for XP. Trust me - killing Jason isn't easy and the game is hard enough as it is!
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