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  1. "Give you shit"? Really? I didn't berate you. I stated my disagreement. Force = mass x acceleration so a heavy tv smashed onto someone's head can equal the force of a shotgun, it's just spread over a wider area. A shotgun only has about as much force as a punch, it's just focused into the size of bullets.
  2. Ok then that further supports me because he didn't get stunned after the tv lol. Perhaps a TV is like the shotgun in that it's a more powerful attack.
  3. Nah man, that's what triggered rage mode! He was immune to Trish's hammer later, except for the claw end.
  4. @DontZzz34 Well these devs said no pistols ever, so it's a moot point. And I was covering all the bases because some people would grasp at straws.
  5. I don't think that's necessarily good enough reason to give it to them. I can imagine how it would fit with part 9 just because of how beast he was but Part 7 was taken out by a floating couch and a swinging light fixture. No it's not, because we don't use pistols in this game. Flare gun isn't a firearm btw. If that's what you think then you don't run.
  6. Julius had no weapons. You can't use your fists in this game ;). Strength isn't durability or stun resistance. Different stat. Part 8 Jason got knocked down by a car and was out for a good 3 minutes or so. Other than that, he didn't really get hit much in that movie, so you can't say he's stun resistant. No, they run. People make the mistake of confusing sprinting for running, and confusing jogging for running. Jogging is like, as slow as you can possibly be before you revert to walking(body still airborne mid-stride). Running is like 40-60% of your max sprint speed, the mid-range. I'm sure even zombie Jason could run if he really really really wanted to, in canon, but he just doesn't want to. But this game is meant to represent what occurs in the movies in a generalized way. Zombie Jason never ran, so that's the end of it. Sprinting Jasons would murder the player population faster than the real player dropoff in the game. The game would have been dead in 2 weekends. Counselors need a modicum of hope of surviving. With sprinting Jasons, there is zero hope. People don't enjoy games they always lose. A better option would be increasing the damage done to counselor weapon durability when Jason blocks an attack. Reward proper combat behavior.
  7. That's not good enough. In Parts 7 and 8, Jason got stunned a number of times, and in the climaxes too. Not to mention having the majority of Jasons have this power is balance-breaking.
  8. @tyrant666 F13 has had twins before though, so mayyybe if we wanted to put some kind of limit then maybe 2 of each counselor, or somehow 2 on 1 counselor and no one else can be a twin of another counselor. Then again 7 clones does gimp the players for whatever poor stats that counselor has.
  9. Everything here has been stated by someone already and already been given plenty of rebuttals. The Grab is exactly where it needs to be. Individual counselors need to be able to stun Jason. Otherwise, people will just quit when Jason even gets near them because they'll know they're screwed.
  10. Let's rewind the clock and pretend there was a variant of Rage, say +Rage, that features the stunless Rage mode we currently have, but it was only on some Jasons. Which Jasons would this most suit? I believe Part 4, Part 6, and Jason X would be the best candidates. Jason X for obvious reasons but Jason was pretty beast in the climaxes of Parts 4 and 6.
  11. I think the bots are a bit more efficient at repairs because they immediately "know" where the phone and cars spawns are and don't have to look for them.
  12. Yeah that's kinda how it goes. The "Jennies" outlast the Vanessas in the movies.
  13. This has been discussed already. They even tried it in testing. There is a panel they did a few years ago where they explained what they tested. It didn't feel right to have Jason running like the flash. The teleport is necessary. Also they're not altering the game any more. Only tweaks to existing mechanics, like cool down timers, stun timers, health pool, stuff like that.
  14. If you got shift-grab you had it coming. If you saw Jason shift at you, it's your job to dodge. If you fail, it's your own fault.
  15. IIRC Rydog encouraged using exploits/bugs/glitches, got told off about it, talked smack back, and got banned.
  16. @Somethin Cool I'm fairly certain Roy's coveralls are not the same brand as the early Myers coveralls. I use Red Kap and it seems to match well. I think Roy didn't have pocket flaps.
  17. The entire point is to dress him up to look like the other guy. They'd use the same coveralls or at least another copy of the same kind. Dude was there on set, he saw Tom Morga in the costume. The blue is from the lighting. Blue lighting for night time and lightning is common in movies. Same reason why people think Michael Myers wore blue; because they used blue lighting heavily.
  18. The guy that played Roy said they were green. The blue appearance comes from the copious amount of blue lighting for the night time scenes. As for Michael Myers, interestingly enough the original coveralls from H1 were not Bic Macs. Big Macs are very close but the real brand is out of production for decades now. The real brand is Sears Tradewear. It was labeled as "grey" but it was more of a green color, or green-grey. The link below has all the information. https://www.michael-myers.net/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=114760 Big Macs are very very close but the stitching is slightly different.
  19. Part 3 is a good all-rounder to get you familiar with the game. Most people's favorites seem to be Part 3, 6, and 8. I like Part 5 myself. Especially with the green coveralls(the canon color).
  20. I say don't remove it but tweaks would suffice. Maybe more health and shorten time between throwing knives, and improve Jason's combat control mechanics. If you give the Jason player the tools to defend themselves rather than simply making Jason inherently OP then it wouldn't feel cheap because you'd know the Jason player was responsible for his win rather than the game holding their hand through the match.
  21. In hindsight, the counselor health with Thick Skinned 20% should have been the default health, and Thick Skinned shouldn't exist, freeing up more perk slots.
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