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  1. Perhaps it would punish the slower and less athletic counselors too much. However I do like your next idea. I like this. It would make some sense realistically. But a very slight debuff in increments of say 25% of stamina. Like 100% attack power at stamina meter at least 75% full. 95% attack power at 51-74%, 90% attack power at 26-50%, 85% attack power at 25% stamina or less. Maybe have this stack with strength debuffs from taking damage. However it could probably work well all by itself. However I disagree with no stamina recoup after landing a hit in Jason. That would merely delay the counselor's death. If they can't regen stamina then they're as good as dead. Need to keep the odds of surviving at a certain level. The thing about people who stand amd fight is if they did less damage then Jason woukd have more opportunities to retaliate and land a killing blow in return. If it takes a few more hits to remove the mask then that is more time that Jason could use to land lethal blows.
  2. Not if they bring back stuns in rage(at least to a degree). And the debuffs don't continue to get worse and worse until zero. There's a cap.
  3. Thought about this as a way to help skew the balance a bit towards Jason but in a balanced way. As it is now, fear and composure and the stamina stat are the main ingredients for how stamina functions. I say add another layer. Stamina: In the real world, when you run and run until you can't, after a rest you can run again as you have replenished the oxygen in your cells and the lactic acid has flushed away. This is the basic principle behind the functionality of stamina in this game I presume. However, in the game you can do this over and over infinitely. But if you did that in the real world, eventually you'd burn up all your fuel and you would have a progressively harder time trying to run until you couldn't move until you had a full night's rest and at least a hearty meal. Progressive Stamina debuff * The more you use sprint, the slower your stamina recharge rate becomes over time. So the more you sprint, the more the recharge rate degrades. This would emulate in a limited degree how it can take longer and longer to regain stamina in real life after repeated intense exercise. The stamina recarge decay would bottom out at 85% of standard stamina recharge For Strength, in real life when you get hurt, you body must divert resources to repair the damage. If you have lost blood, even if you are patched up, you will be weaker because you have less blood in your body and your strength limits will be suppressed. People who donate blood feel weak afterwards and need food and rest. Progressive Strength Debuff * I say tie it to how much damage the player has taken throughout the match. This would be cumulative for the whole match. Depending on how much damage taken, there will be different tiers of degrading. Say for every so many points of damage taken, strength is reduced by a certain percentage. There would be a lower limit, perhaps about 85% of the normal max as well. The damage counter would not be reset after healing so even if you have healed to full health the strength debuff applies. I believe these two changes can help Jason take out counselors in the long haul, playing the long game per se. It would help deter certain playstyles because it would overall hurt the counselors that don't go for the escape as soon as they can.
  4. +3% what? I would not have sold it personally. The repair slowing is a great benefit. I see it as a double buff.
  5. I have Speed Demon with -10% Repair speed(makes it easier). Anyone seen any bigger negative to it?
  6. Out of all the things suggested this is probably the best idea. I believe it was like this in the Beta but they made it automatic for the final game. It could help certain characters like Adam, who can escape grabs the fastest. Adam with grab escape perks is pretty good. I would say don't make the player have to select it in the inventory but maybe make it a new button so it can be activated in one moment.
  7. Don't quite agree with either choice. Tweak Jason's other gameplay elements like remove combat lock on. I would improve his block responsiveness though.
  8. I don't mean "auto-aim" like the game just locks on for you. I mean a nudge, like a soft reticle magnetism(not "bullet/projectile" magnetism). Just a slight nudge towards counselors. Think Halo 3. There would be no "bullet magnetism" where the projectile "sucks" to the player after thrown. Just a little assist is what I'd want.
  9. Thanks. I also have a thread about it if you didn't know. My intention was to force the player to make tough choices because of the trade-offs that the new pros and cons would give. Some people wanted a +Stalk to go with a +Shift because "it's more optimal" but I like that the Jason choices I made are not super optimal, because that encourages variety in the choices and gameplay. I didn't want every player to pick a specific Jason or always play a specific way because of "optimized" builds.
  10. No to tanking a pocket knife, yet to very slight health damage for grip. Weak Grip = No additional damage Normal Grip = Damage equal to about one broken window climb Strong Grip = Damage equal to about 1&1/2 to 2 broken window climbs.
  11. I'm flattered you used my video. I find it very corny myself but I didn't want to provide a voice-over. I have a few disagreements: 1. For +Grip Strength, how about instead of 2 hits to free a counselor, it does twice as much durability damage to the weapon. For normal Grip Strength, it would be 50% more. -Grip Strength would have the current values. If the percentages are too much then nerf them to some degree, like 75% and 33%. 2. Picking up throwing knives would take some work to make new animations so I think that one is not going to happen. They can't really make new animations by now. Maybe give throwing knives a headshot multiplier so that it does more damage when hitting a head. And an aim assist can't hurt. 3. Removing combat stance lock-on is the #1 way to fix combat, period. It is so clunky because of the lock on. It's not helping anybody, despite the intentions involved in including it. 4. +Defense I'm not sure about. A lot of people think +Defense should give more health but perhaps if it had the same health as normal but broke weapons faster, that might actually be the best way to include a balanced version of it. 5. +Fear I would definitely like but in a Q&A stream one of the developers said "We try to use strengths and weaknesses that already exist rather than make new ones." I'm sure this is simply because of the time, money, and manpower that would be required to make new pros & cons. It would be fantastic if it were put in though. I would guess that of all the abilities to include, it would be the simplest to implement because you'd just have to add a modifier to increase the fear effect calculation. HOWEVER they might pull the "no new content" card and say they can't add new pros & cons because it would constitute as new content. If so then my argument is it is not new "Friday the 13th-derived" content but "game mechanics." But then again they might say "We'd have to change the pros & cons screens and those menus count as content" or whatever.
  12. Yeah I think they are harder too. They need to add some aim assist for this.
  13. Wow I didn't think about using CS to find lurking nearby players. It should go both ways too. Like if Jason is in stalk you can toggle CS to see if he's nearby. So yeah just remove Combat Stance lock-on entirely. Don't even add a target switch because it can still allow for both the exploit above but also it hinders combat due to the clunkiness of lock-on. It's why so many people prefer to run in circles for hit-and-run combat even as Jason.
  14. I can confirm dodging is atrocious on keyboard. I double tap and it is very random whether or not the dodge triggers.
  15. For you PC users, do you prefer M & KB or controller? I've always been using M & KB mainly because I don't want to have to re-learn everything. I'm sure aiming is easier with mouse but aside from side-shifting, what is a benefit of controller?
  16. Yeah they'll probably just give Jason an HP buff. I'd prefer tweaking Jason's combat mechanics instead. For instance, removing combat lock-on would allow Jason much more freedom in the way he can attack. No more getting stuck aiming at one guy when you really need to aim at another guy. I'd also like a close range aim-assist for throwing knives. Just within about 15 feet, and the cursor will nudge closer to counselors. Like Halo 3 or Halo Reach's level of Aim Assist. That would be nice. Further than about 15 feet and no aim assist, I say. Maybe either Weapon Strength or Grip Strength offers a very slight/modest damage buff for throwing knives too. Just a few points worth of damage, nothing that would change the game profoundly, just a fresh icing on the cake per se.
  17. It is certainly a great technique and I wish keyboard & mouse would allow it but I still do well without it.
  18. In 1 minute I saw 10 different ways I could have killed one of those 3 counselors.
  19. I had an offline match with 8 pocket knives. Even the bots want to hack the game now.
  20. I know. It's just funny how they didn't realize what they did.
  21. Just played a match where I was Jason and the last person alive was hiding under a bed and did the glitch where they hover over the bed, becoming invincible. This needs to be fixed.
  22. My guess as to why they haven't implemented these yet is because if this data were locally saved, then people would be able to hack it to unlock everything from the start. That isn't going to matter after dedicated servers disappear so whenever that day comes, we'll need offline saving and lan options.
  23. Then yeah it needs to be fixed. You might get a better deal by selling on ebay/LSN.
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