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  1. Never understood that. As long as we're not doxing people, what's the harm? Hurt feelings?
  2. Note to future developers: Structure game files so that content can be removed without screwing things up.
  3. Yeah I don't understand why it is so hard to delete that content from the files of the PC version. Can't use the hacked DLC if the files are nonexistent. Same for Uber Jason. Just delete him from the files and Uber Jason hackers will be gone entirely. Force the game to reinstall from scratch so no one can use the old files.
  4. It's a sad thing to see that, for some reason, this game attracts some of the most toxic people in the gaming community. Must be their way to live out a power fantasy because they're so pathetic in real life.
  5. Part 5. His pros and cons are forgiving enough that you can maintain a consistent kill speed throughout the match. The other Jasons might be great at killing a lot in a short span by spamming shift but then they have to wait for the cooldown. With Part 5's run and extra throwing knives, he has more tools at his disposal for pressuring counselors than other Jasons.
  6. Cheats. The game is meant to be reminiscent of the F13 movies. Nowhere in any movie does Jason grab someone and then teleport. The other ones go against the intended game design. Shift is meant to be a certain speed, etc.
  7. The green they went with would be the shade the coveralls are when dry. We mostly saw Roy's whole outfit when it was wet from the rain, and water darkens clothing color.
  8. I wanted a darker green like Part 4 Jason's dark green shirt. Roy's blue is way too bright. If they were going blue then it should have been dark blue and less saturated.
  9. I mean even if the “size” of the maps were the same, the traversable areas would be less. I.E. car can’t drive anywhere, forest is not traversable other than trails(walled off with thickets). This is so people can’t troll Jason by playing keep away.
  10. A bit, yeah. Like a bastard child of F13 part 1, Dead by Daylight, Left 4 Dead, and Resident Evil Resistance.
  11. I think the maps should either be a lot smaller or a lot more claustrophobic. Make some areas of the forest impassible with thickets that can't be traversed by counselors. Jason can enter the thickets and fast-travel through them, kind of like how Left 4 Dead infected can move super fast before they spawn themselves. Paths through the forest would be trails with strict paths surrounded by thickets. They would be risky shortcuts between areas as Jason could easily appear out of the thickets and cut you off. Vehicles would be on a strict path so they can't troll Jason by driving anywhere. They have just enough range to dodge and weave around Jason, or even turn around, but the layout of the map keeps the cars on a predictable path. Retool the teleportation aspects. Prevent Jason from appearing in someone's line of sight, but provide ample spaces that Jason could spawn into where he can't be seen. Shift would be replaced by waypoints where Jason can use shortcuts to effectively teleport between locations. Thickets and water are an open space; once Jason goes into one, he can move freely kind of like how he moves in water in the first game. Reduce the randomization by making the maps more strictly based on the movie locations. Cabins will be fixed, but the randomization aspect would be for the forest and key items. Jason can choose to either kill or cripple someone. A player at low health will be crippled into a crawling state. They can slowly crawl around, and they slowly lose health. They'll eventually die on their own. Jason can then choose to do a special kill move on them, hack them with a simple attack, or he can leave them as potential bait when another counselor ties to help.
  12. @MrSketchyFungus I think that's enough. Even if you think you have a legit case, this isn't the thread for it.
  13. It's meant to be as if it had a chevron but it peeled off some time prior, and has gotten more dirty since.
  14. Yeah increased repair speed is bad. Makes it harder to get the checks unless you're using a high repair character. Slower repair speed makes non-repair-centric characters somewhat more useful. I like to run -10% repair speed on Vanessa. Works great.
  15. Another thing is on console they track your stats, so people don't want to have a bad k/d. Hence why they leave: doesn't count in the stats.
  16. For one, no one likes dying. Some people will do what you said regardless of any situation. But in basically every multiplayer game there is a certain amount of elitism among long-time players or highly skilled players. Just how it goes.
  17. I truly believe there are so many players that cheat, hack, and exploit that if they were to be banned, there'd be barely anyone left, which is why these people aren't banned. They need a player population, even if it's a toxic one.
  18. Perhaps Jason can hear you because the other players near Jason have a mic but no headset, or they have their headset audio coming through the TV, so your voice comes through the TV, and thus gets picked up by their microphone, and thus Jason can hear you. I've had to deal with that before. Annoying AF.
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