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  1. Jordan Peele said he won't have white people as his leading roles. Imagine if it was a white director that said he won't have black people as leading roles in his film. People would chew him up alive and his career would be over.
  2. Hopefully if Lebron gets the franchise he'd simply be the producer and let the franchise re-flower and not impose certain changes like race-swapping Jason.
  3. That's the actor that played unmasked Jason. The guy playing Jason in the other 99% of the film was Steve Dash. But Steve was 5'11 anyways.
  4. It would be better for an entirely new game. This game was fun but there are ways to make an even more fun and balanced game than this one. Probably not using UnrealEngine for one. Make it more fluid and less 'arcade-y' too.
  5. You had like 2 years to pre-order for the Savini Jason. It ain't gonna happen, sorry.
  6. No, it's new content, period. At all. The only thing they can do is fix bugs and ensure stability.
  7. Ok do you really expect them to put in more man-hours to make a goddamn black hole or ballistic missile hit Crystal Lake and annihilate the map or some shit? Keep dreaming.
  8. But the thing is, in this game the amount of time the stamina lasts in each usage from full to empty is the same throughout the match. My proposal is that the max stamina usage time would decline somewhat. Essentially shave off running time after so many stamina points used up. It is meant ot emulate how when you run in real life, say you run for some amount of time until you can't run anymore. You rest for 30 seconds and do it again. The next time you run you will run less because a human can't fully recover their short term stamina(glycogen) that fast. If you've burnt up your glycogen then you'll have less to run with when you do it again.
  9. Dude I'm not talking about running in the game I'm talking about real-life running. As in the average REAL person cannot run(not jog) for 20 solid minutes without stopping, adrenaline be damned.
  10. These are average people and not athletes, except for two. The average person can't run for a solid 20 minutes without stopping or slowing. And I mean run-run, not jog.
  11. Even with adrenaline eventually you’ll run out of energy to burn. You’ll hit the wall and get muscle cramps and such. Like Nitrous Oxide can boost a car but without fuel there’s nothing to boost.
  12. Well I’m talking about a different stun system. For a different game. We’re stuck with the RNG stun chance in this one but a different game can have different mechanics. Like in Minster Hunter weapons do both stun and normal damage, just in different ratios compared to other weapons. A monster still takes health damage when stunned. So I’m just saying a non-rng stun system can work for a different F13 game with different mechanics.
  13. It’s not a guarantee that Jason will grab and/or kill the counselor even when it doesn’t stun. I’ve avoided grabs in this situation. Plus I’m talking about an entirely different future game that doesn’t exist yet.
  14. I don’t think it will be in this game, but hopefully in the future they could do a Monster Hunter style stun system where stun damage accumulated until a stun threshold is met. Say each weapon has stun damage and physical/normal damage. There are multiple stun thresholds for a number of stun points accumulated. Say first stun threshold is 100 stun damage accumulated, next threshold is 120, then 170, then 250, etc. the premise being each new stun threshold is a bit harder to reach than the last. A gun would do like 300 stun damage so if you used a gun on Jason early in the match then you’d effectively make it harder to stun him for the rest of the match because you’d jack him up several stun levels. Eventually stun gaps would be so many points apart that it wouldn’t be worth trying to combat Jason at that point unless you were a combat focused counselor or Tommy or in a group. Eventually the stun gap is so big you effectively make him instunnable unless you wail on him for several minutes.
  15. There is the Freddy vs Jason Las Vegas Weigh-In where Jason is stated "275 pounds even" by Michael Buffer. And apparently when holding his Machete he reaches about 320+ pounds. So Jason's Machete is officially about 45 pounds...
  16. Part 5 Roy in... blue, coveralls? BLUE Coveralls? BLUE... COVERALLS!!! GRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAHHHHRRGHGHGGHG!!!!!
  17. Ironically, most of the actors who have played Jason are taller than Kane Hodder. Kane's just stocky AF with platform shoes. You can see them here:
  18. One thing I like to do is right as someone tries to attack me, place a trap and they fall right in. Doesn't always work but it's satisfying when it does.
  19. Watch for sound pings. If you can't find them, morph a distance of 1/4 to 1/3 the length of the map and watch for more pings.
  20. A new game built from scratch is really the best option for the future. I wouldn't be surprised if Jason is added to Dead By Daylight before then.
  21. I think what could help this is to make the repair minigames not a QTE but an actual mini-representation of what fixing those things is like. Like the camera zooms in and your character has to clear the way of the broken parts and then put the new part in place, and then attach the wires etc. I think repair should require one extra step. For cars, you'd have to get he key to repair the battery, since you need to pop the hood from inside the car in the first place. I guess the gas should remain as-is since some cars don't have a locked fuel port. I suppose the boat can remain as-is since escaping by water is already pretty risky. For the phone fuse I guess you need a screwdriver to open the panel first by removing 4 screws and then remove the broken fuse and place the new one. And I think if any of the repair minigames are partially completed then they remain that way if you get interrupted. I suppose that should be the trade-off for a more realistic minigame. Perhaps opening the phone box would require use of a swiss army knife?
  22. Maybe instead of a cool down where they are entirely unavailable, they are always available but the recharge meter determines the distance of their effect. Say with shift you get 200ft of range and the meter replenishes that, and you can use it again and again but using it in quick succession means your range is shorter than if you let it recharge to full. And I guess the same with morph. A full charge let’s you teleport anywhere but a partial charge limits how far you can go or limits certain areas. Like to get on a roof you need a lot of charge but teleporting to the woods takes very little charge. And perhaps you can teleport inside a cabin but only if the door is open or destroyed. But doing that takes perhaps a full charge. For Sense a full charge would highlight people clearly and the less charge you have the less detail you get from sense. Like if you use it when you have little charge you only get to see a general vicinity. And say if you start from a full charge it will start off with a clear target and progressively fade to highlight less specific people and more of a “cloud” of where people are generally. To stop people from being too spammy with the abilities, maybe make a brief ability lockout period after their use, maybe about 7 seconds. But that’s not a cool down until their full recharge but just a lockout while it is recharging for a short time. The abilities are always able to be used even at partial charges, just that there’s a small lockout period.
  23. Whenever the lawsuit is settled, I think the best thing to do is to make an entirely new game. This F13 game has an assortment of issues ranging from Jason teamers to hackers and exploiters that spoil the fun. So perhaps the best course of action is a new game that goes in a different direction. Here are my thoughts: Number one thing that would automatically remove a huge amount of the issues with this game is to make it single player, or at least have a single player story/campaign mode at launch. I think something along the lines of a survival horror, Resident Evil/Silent Hill or even Until Dawn, or even better, Alien Isolation type of game would make for a great story. Start out the game by arriving in Crystal Lake with teens and work your way through the story. Kind of a combination of "Choose Your Own Adventure" with multiple branching paths combined with the survival aspect of trying to avoid Jason like you would the alien in Alien Isolation. That would be cool. But as for multiplayer I think the biggest problem with this game is it is very "gamey" with stuff like many canned animations and the randomness of combat. What I think would be a better combat model is something a bit closer to Monster Hunter. In Monster Hunter, you can stun monsters but you need to inflict "stun damage" and once the stun damage reaches a certain level, a stun is triggered. I think this would work better than a random stun chance. It would mean that stuns would only be most effective in a group where everyone is piling on stun damage. A sole player would need a very powerful weapon to do it in even a few hits, not just one, aside from a gun. I'd like to see a multiplayer experience with less "gamey" barriers and more sandbox-like. Kind of like in Skyrim or Fallout, if you can see it, you can go there. So this would mean counselors could legitimately get on roofs, but wherever a counselor can go, so can Jason, so no where is truly safe. Jason could use a revamping of how his abilities work in a new game. The current system is alright but I would change the whole powers and cooldown system to be more "organic" where the counselor players couldn't predict exactly how his powers and cooldowns would work. Like if Jason teleports, the counselors know they have a window of safety before he can teleport back to their spot. I would change the Morph/Shift mechanic so the counselors could never feel like they have a free shot to freedom after a missed interception for example. Sense and the hiding mechanic I think definitely needs a change. As Laphin once said, it seems very "Terminator-like" in its application. It feels less like a hunter and prey and more like "target acquired, engage" type of thing. In other words, "gamey." I think I would get rid of the red highlights and change to something more subtle, and tie it to movement speed so it would be more effective when standing still or walking. Thus it would force the player into a more "cinematic" cat-and-mouse chase where Jason slows down to track the counselors. As for hiding, it certainly feels cheap when your counselor gives their position away by crying out. The player hates feeling like the game is taking control away from them. So I'm thinking there should be some kind of mini-game or mini-mechanic, something like the quick time events, where the player can potentially prevent their counselor from losing their cool if they can keep the mini game stable. Perhaps something like a balancing mini game like the Tony Hawk games when you grind your skateboard. A counselors fear/composure level would change the difficulty of the mimi game. It would be feasible for any counselor to keep their cool but some would have an easier time than others. Jason's actions when near the counselor would give little "spikes" to the mechanic that would throw off the balance or state of the mini game. Like every footstep or window broken would add some effect to the counselor's hiding attempt. Anyway, I had to kind of just vomit this onto the forum so I could stop thinking about it.
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