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  1. When it comes to dying games, developers abandon ship when the player base drops. They don't produce a huge batch of new content for a game that's been discounted to $6. That would merely get them chump change for any possible new sales. The better financial option is to put man-hours into a new game that they can charge $60 for. This is true for any developer. Why would they put man-hours and expenses into trying to save a game that's $6 and that most of the players that would be playing it have already bought it? Meaning they have milked it for as much as they can. They can't profit from the game anymore. By this point any new $6 sales would merely break even on the employee pay to make the new content. You don't run a company to break even, you run it to make money. They can't make profit from this game anymore. It's done. What I expect is that once the battle is settled, the rights holders will let Jason get added to Dead by Daylight, making this game a coaster.
  2. I'm number 6 on the leaderboard, and to this day I'm still surprised so many people like my content or value my opinion in this community. I look at the like count and I think about all the people that contributed to it. I'm flattered to know that my word carries weight amongst fellow horror fans. Sometimes I feel like in the age of the internet one person's voice can be lost in the crowd, so I'm glad we recognize those of us who provide worthwhile content. I probably won't be on the board forever, but I'm glad to have been there for so long, and for any more time I remain there. My name wouldn't be there without the community to lift it up, so for that I thank you all.
  3. Steam family sharing circumvents bans. It does no good since all they'd be doing is banning one of a billion dupe accounts. No point. And even if they did somehow perma-ban all the cheaters' primary accounts, there'd practically be no one left to play the game.
  4. I actually escaped in the boat, and it was part 8 Jason. Then he quit the match. I think he was too frustrated to continue even though he could have caught us in the boat.
  5. I did it once and discovered it by accident. I was 2 seconds from jumping out of the boat until I saw Jason's head pop out of the water, and then I realized he couldn't get me. I juked for about 2 minutes.
  6. It's the boundary between when Jason is out of physical range but can't get the prompt. There's something similar on Jarvis house on the west-side beach near the dock. You can get in a boat and hover around the beach a few feet off shore. If Jason approaches from the water, his head will pop out of the water before he can get the prompt to flip the boat. As long as you stay moving back and forth, he can't grab you out of the boat either.
  7. It's not something Jason ever did in the films. He didn't astral project into the side of a vehicle to push it off road. It's a cool move but not suited to Jason.
  8. Do you not get how 3D modeling works? You export a model from the software. That model is "new." Doesn't matter if you imported an existing model and changed it a little. Once you export the model it will say "file created on (insert current date)" in Windows Explorer. If that date is more recent than the date of the original file, that's "new." A "new" model doesn't have to be "an entirely original model that did not exist in a previous form prior to the current date." Once you export the model from the editing software, that file is a new file, period.
  9. They are replacing an existing model with a new one. Doesn't matter if it is the old model or if they replaced it with Godzilla. Doesn't matter. They have to make a "new" model with their editing software and have it replace the existing one. That's new. Plain and simple.
  10. It's because the remaining player base on Steam and probably PS4 is mostly or at least a huge portion are cheaters. If they banned these people then there would be no one left to play. Alternatively, these people are using the "family sharing/console sharing" method to circumvent bans. They can play on a secondary account while the primary account remains. If the secondary account gets banned they'll just make another one. So there's no way to stop the cheaters, so they just stop banning altogether.
  11. They have to export a new model from their editing software and have that overwrite the old one. That's new because they have to make a new model. How is this not clear?
  12. They are making a new model for Victoria with a bigger butt. It's not accurate to the snooty girl in Part 7 since she was slim but whatever. It's 2019 so gotta make every girl thicc even though that wasn't in vogue in the 80s. Yeah, all they needed was an excuse to jump ship, unfinished assets be damned. Then they tool us by making more assets and saying they can't add more. I don't buy it.
  13. And yet they modify the butts and say that doesn't count, even though they have to export a new model from their 3D modeling software and then have that model overwrite the existing, smaller-butted version. At this point I think they're tooling with us and they never intended to finish the game. They wanted to abandon ship and they needed an excuse.
  14. Hey if it gets out that means it becomes a higher priority. So it's something Jason-specific then? Or weapon specific?
  15. Speed breaking doors? You mean combat stance attacks against doors, or a new glitch?
  16. I mean timing in that the counselor must perfectly time it to exit the bed when Jason presses the kill button. So Jason would have to trick the counselor by stabbing them before they can activate it or trick them into pressing the exit button before he attacks. But if the counselor is adamant about staying under the bed then you have a standoff where Jason doesn't want the counselor to trigger the glitch but the counselor might have enough practice to do it perfectly each time Jason would try.
  17. So it's about timing. Looks like it can be used to become invulnerable. So you just gotta trick the counselor into exiting the bed somehow. But if they stand firm, you have a stalemate because you can't attack without triggering the glitch.
  18. Alternatively I could call Ash from Evil Dead and somehow or another Ash would stumble his way into defeating Jason. Not a guarantee that I'd live if I were involved in that, but at least Jason would be put down.
  19. I'd want to meet part 9 Jason because he was outsmarted by the FBI and he didn't seem to have teleportation powers in the movie. As the news guy, he didn't teleport to the diner but rather walked on foot. Also since he's objectively supernatural then I can use my extensive knowledge of the Supernatural tv show to perform a demonic exorcism and send Jason back to hell. I'd set a Devil's Trap and Jason is stuck at my mercy while I read my Latin incantation and watch his black smoky soul leave his body and go back to hell.
  20. Sure, should be a simple addition. Make them show on screen for the first few seconds of the match and put them on the map screen afterward.
  21. He got a speed increase a while back. I think it's that many counselors have a lot of good perks by now which make it harder for Jason overall.
  22. So how does this work? Does Jason just throw a knife at the car or does he need to hit a specific point?
  23. I think adding a "steering" effect would fix that. Right now Jason is locked into a forward-step animation. The grab cone/zone is tied to his left hand, so someone on his right can miss/dodge the grab, as in your clip. I think they should let the Jason player turn Jason's model within a limited range as a kind of "course correct." It shouldn't be that Jason can 360-spin while grabbing because that can be abused so maybe something like a 60-90 degree zone where after the grab button is pressed you can steer Jason left or right to course correct. Hmm that might be "more content" or too much work so maybe widen the grab zone towards Jason's right but keep the zone on the left side the same.
  24. How about buff +Grip Strength so that Jason can "body-block" by using a counselor as a shield. The way it is now they get dropped if another counselor hits them so bring that back.
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