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  1. ThePunkPirates Guide to Weapons and Combat

    @ThePunkPirate Please re-color the text of your original post. The black or navy blue text is hard to read from the gray background of the website. You might be using a different theme with a brighter background but I'm using the one with gray background.
  2. Remove combat stance and just have block

    I'm starting to think maybe this could work. However, a "non-combat stance block" should be temporary, like 1 second long, so it would have to be timed, thus allowing combat stance to still serve a purpose, provided the lock-on feature is removed to improve its functionality. -Defense could have a 3 second delay between those kinds of blocks while normal defense has a 2 second delay. Also, I think it would only apply to Jason's left and front sides, so that he'd still be vulnerable from the right and the back, so that combat stance would retain value since it appears to have a 360 degree block radius. And maybe while quick blocks would negate stuns, they would be slightly less efficient at deflecting damage.
  3. The reason combat stance and block is not used is if you go into combat stance early enough to be able to block, they won't even attempt to hit you, 99% of the time. They'll just run away because they know you can't chase them in combat stance. If you try to toggle combat stance at the very last second in order to sneakily block their attack, lag will stick its middle finger up your ass and stun you anyway because that player actually pressed the attack button 0.5 seconds earlier than what the character model shows. On PC I suppose they could turn spacebar into a non-combat stance block. Right mouse button is for blocking and grabbing.
  4. If they add more pocket knives then they should reduce med sprays by an equal amount or double/50%. I.E. If they add one more pocket knife, remove 2 med sprays from the map. If they add 2 pocket knives, remove 3 med sprays from the map. Don't even think about adding more than 2.
  5. I'd rather have a cop as a regular counselor type character.
  6. Very good job. Most of the Jason music is original tracks that kinda sorta sound like the original from the movies. They might not have had the rights to rip the soundtrack straight from the original score. Whatever the case, they could certainly add more ambiance(pronounced like a frenchman) to the musical score. Some of the ambient music tracks sound kind of soothing, rather than creepy. It's a crime that so many of the Jason chase themes don't reflect their respective movies more accurately. The part 6 music truly sounds like he's going to walk you to death lol. Sounds like a man on a mission of death. Part 2's music sounds like a deranged hunter, a land Jaws if you will. Part 8's music sounds NOTHING like what was in the film. Then again, Manfredini didn't score that movie, so maybe he wanted to make his own part 8 theme.
  7. Patch Notes - 02.19.2018

    I was "this" close to playing again until I saw the triple stacked perks. I don't think this will stop people from hacking Uber Jason, it will only force them to install the hack all over again. However, I do like the tiger striped thong! I think the clothing texture options should be expanded for all characters. @Halloweenpsycho The sad fact is that if they banned all the cheaters, 1. Cheaters can get around bans in numerous ways. 2. Even if they somehow banned cheaters through a wish on the dragon balls, the player population would drop to about 10% of what it is now. There'd literally be like, 200 people playing the game. Sad reality is sometimes it's better PR to have a higher player count with cheaters than a lower count without cheaters.
  8. 3GB update? (steam)

    My guess is they had to replace all of the game files in order to ensure the Uber Jason hack was overwritten.
  9. I think you described that wrong. If Jason is within range, the static occurs at the start and end of shift. If it didn't then they'd see Jason disappear and reappear without the static covering it up.
  10. Does Epic Sucker Punch Still Exist?

    Funny, I have rolled multiple epic marathons, probably at least 4 or 5.
  11. Does Epic Sucker Punch Still Exist?

    I got my rare 20% sucker punch and rare thick skinned 17%(used to be 42%!) back near release. Nearly a year since I got them and I STILL haven't gotten an epic of higher quality, even on that one weekend when they increased the drop rate of epic perks. I think I have gotten an epic of one of those once or twice, but it was of lower quality than what I already had! I still get sucker punch and thick skinned drops, but not of anything better than my current ones. I'm almost sure the game deliberately does not give you certain perks if your perk list meets certain stipulations.
  12. @Hal Bailman What's your opinion about what I said earlier; The playstyles need negatives. Currently in your OP they only have buffs and no nerfs. I think it would be wise to add some kind of negatives. If ever such a feature were implemented, it should be a valid choice to play without a playstyle equipped. Like for example, if there's buffs to being in water, there should be detriments to being on land. Example: If Jason is hidden in water, while on land his minimap icon remains active for longer. If stalk is active in water, its duration is shorter on land, etc.
  13. My theory about Friday the 13th part V New Begining

    And apparently Jason's spirit knew the right contacts to special order a latex replica of his head and send it to Roy with overnight shipping.
  14. Daytime maps

    For me personally it's not about "shutting down new ideas," what I try to do is inform on the requirements said idea would need in order to happen, and how likely it is those requirements would be met realistically. It's not that day time matches shouldn't happen, but that it's not likely to happen.
  15. 5 new weapons for counselor use

    I'm not. It was simply that my thread was on the second page.
  16. He's "supposed" to give static at the start and end of shift and morph, and the start of Stalk. If he's not doing that, it might have been a phantom change they didn't log in the patch notes.
  17. More weather effects - moon phases and fog

    Moon phases could vary the ambient light level. There'd have to be trade-offs. The first thing that comes to mind is maybe the more full the moon is, the more you'll show up on Jason's Sense. The less full moons could come with a minor Sense avoidance buff but your fear level will rise slightly faster. Catch 22?
  18. Daytime maps

    @J.J. Just want to say I have no ill-will towards you, just offering my interpretation on how the game would function with daytime matches. Sorry if my responses came off as offensive.
  19. Daytime maps

    Sorry, but equivocation fallacy.
  20. Daytime maps

    Millions of other games don't predicate a vital mechanic to darkness and light levels like this game does. False Equivalence- describing a situation of logical and apparent equivalence, when in fact there is none. GTA V has daylight and is a great game, therefore adding daylight to F13 will make it a great game. False equivalence. Daytime could work for, say, Virtual Cabin 3.0, but wouldn't work for online matches, unless you just want to slap it in there with no adjustments and pretend it makes just as much sense as night time. The only logical way to make daytime matches work is to increase the power of Jason's fear effect to make up for the loss of fear caused by the environment, which would beg the question of why Jason is more scary in the daytime than night time. Moving the goal post fallacy.
  21. Daytime maps

    In the game you only hear Jason cutting the power when you're close enough to actually hear the sound effect. If you are out of his range then you only see the lights go out with no sound effect. Again, they'd have to overhaul how the fear system works specifically for daytime maps. It could easily be in single player but it's not going to be in multiplayer, 99% sure of that.
  22. Daytime maps

    They'd have to change how the fear mechanic works. If you're outside and Jason cuts the power, you wouldn't notice any difference unless you're paying close attention to the cabins, since the lamp posts wouldn't be turned on in the first place. Also flashlights would be superfluous because their primary purpose is to reduce fear accumulation. That wouldn't be nearly as necessary because your fear would only accumulate inside cabins when the lights are cut.
  23. Daytime maps

    Not if they're outside. There'd be no difference in light level.
  24. HuDawk makes a valid point. The reason multiple objectives exist is so that people have a chance to escape. It's part of the design and balance of the game. Counselors should have multiple chances to escape just as Jason should have multiple chances to prevent repair and use of said escape methods. The current balance of the game is pretty good, not perfect but better than the last patch. I do think there needs to be some extra features added and some tweaks to a few mechanics to improve the experience on both sides of the coin, but until then I think what we have right now is enjoyable for the most part.