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  1. Medic vs. Thick Skin

    Medic is more versatile. Use Think Skinned on a fast character so you can quickly tank all of Jason's traps at the start of the match and run away, since you won't be crippled.
  2. Update Status & First Look: Engine Update

    Tommy Jarvis doesn't exist in 1979. That's Rick Astley before his music career took off.
  3. Update Status & First Look: Engine Update

    Yeah, but, my timeline is accurate to the lore so they should use it lol. It is what it is. I'd rather not break time and space to cram Jason into the 80s exclusively and have Tommy age 5 years in 5 months, and Tina 10 years in one year.
  4. Update Status & First Look: Engine Update

    The timeline I proposed is based upon internal lore, so it's not headcanon that part 7 would have to be in 1999 or 2000. We know that Jason was in the lake when Tina was young, and that Part 6 is likely at most a year after Part 5, and part 5 can't logically have happened any less than 4 or 5 years after part 4(because Tommy looks too old to be less than 17), which was in 1984, 5 years after Pamela died(1979), confirmed by her gravestone. I'm just using the leaps in time provided by the films themselves. As for the Batman advertising, maybe Michael Keaton finally came back for Batman Triumphant in the F13 universe.
  5. The infuriating sweater glitch

    Case in point:
  6. Get rid of the damn rain!

    Give us a toggle in the lobby options. That will please everyone. On/Off/Random. Boom.
  7. Sure, it would be nice for Tommy to have more than one outfit.
  8. Update Status & First Look: Engine Update

    I like the new look. Looks like wet clothing is now darker rather than just being shiny like it's slathered in vaseline. I love it. I see that Pinehurst is now labeled as 1989. I mentioned the timeline discrepancy to Randy Greenback on stream once and he said he'd check it with the guy that handles the timeline. I'm glad I could contribute yet again lol. Part 6 could have possibly taken place later that same year, but due Camp Forest Green only just opening(must be May or June), it would have to be like, the next 1 or 2 months later, if we say Part 5 took place in March or April, the earliest you could believably expect there to be fully green forests. More likely Part 5 and 6 both take place in June one year apart, so I'd peg Part 6 being in 1990. The opening of part 7 with young Tina and freshly drowned Jason could take place some time later in 1990. Jason's appearance and outfit haven't started to rot yet, so it's probably only a few months later. Cut to 10 years later and the bulk of Part 7 would take place in 2000. Part 8 could possibly take place in 2000, it's a school trip, so it could be in the fall of 2000 or spring of 2001. Heck maybe even 2002. The Freddy vs Jason vs Ash comics confirm that Freddy revived Jason 2 weeks after he was sent to Hell in JGTH, and Freddy vs Jason takes place in 2003, so Jason Goes to Hell definitively takes place in 2003. So in conclusion: Part 6: 1990 Part 7 Opening: 1990 Part 7 Main: 2000 Part 8: 2000-2002 Part 9: 2003 So if we ever get maps for Camp Forest Green, the Shepherd property, the Lazarus/Manhattan, or the Crystal Lake Town, you know where I stand.
  9. I appreciate new characters, but the chick from part 8 seemed to be a combination of the slutty(flirty) girl and the mean rich girl. Gotta be careful not to make counselors too similar to ones we already have. And if we get Deborah as Eva or an Eva equivalent directly, I want her to have a Lady Deathstrike costume. And that costume from The Scorpion King when the Rock found her in the bath. Yyeah...
  10. I want it too but I'm just being realistic. I support every Jason being film-accurate but I don't expect it based on what's been said.
  11. Prior to release they said they liked every Jason to have Kane's build. It's their preference. No amount of fan feedback will change that. We're stuck with what we got, forever. It's not gonna happen. Same thing with silent Jason. In the movies he grunted and made gurgly breathing noises. They addressed the feedback and said they prefer Jason being silent, despite it not being film accurate.
  12. No, Jason's skeleton rig and hitboxes can be the same and the model be different with no issues. Look at the slimmer Roy; he plays the same as any Jason. Part 2: Roy's build Part 3: Perhaps a teeny bit slimmer. Part 4: Definitely needs to lose the TREN-enhanced deltoids Part 6: like the OP said. Part 7 & 8: Fine as-is Part 9: Maybe more robust in the midsection.
  13. They've had multiple years to change this, and they haven't. I don't think they'll do it. Strange, since they changed Roy.
  14. Rather than make traps just plain invisible, add way more leaves to the map to help camouflage them.
  15. Still too many pocket knives

    Focus on killing too much in the early part, and they'll fix stuff.
  16. So why does this happen?

    Yeah, shift is supposed to be an a short range version of Jason's infamous teleport. It's not meant to be taken as Jason literally crossing space in invisible form. He's not supposed to be able to be tracked in shift.
  17. Pocket Knive glitch/hack?!

    Play with friends. Unfortunately it is the only way.
  18. So why does this happen?

    If Jason is within line of sight when he starts a shift, his minimap icon is visible for about half the duration of that shift. This means you're not going to stop the car because they can weave around you. It's bullshit and should be removed.
  19. How many counselors is enough?

    Until every possible combination of stats happens with no duplicates, which is quite a lot. We still don't have a fast, high stamina, high repair character, for example. We also don't have a high luck and high strength character(only high luck and poor strength, the reverse, or median levels).
  20. Eva Watanabe

    Asian dude from the remake. He was the goofball/class clown comic relief.
  21. Eva Watanabe

    Sure, it could work. We only have one Asian so far, but maybe we need an Asian male.
  22. Predict Mark's stats

    New feature: Dynamic speed and stamina: High speed and great stamina when traveling downhill, poor speed and stamina when traveling uphill, median stamina and speed on flat ground. It would represent using gravity to go faster in a wheelchair downhill and fighting against gravity to push the wheelchair uphill.
  23. Tactics for working with Jason

    You're just going to have to join a group of good sport players, and organize meet-ups like it's a frickin' job. That's the only way to avoid this stuff. You could also quit, and when the salt mines happen, suicide and quit.
  24. Roy's Coveralls

    I've been meaning to say, the horizontal strap on Roy's mask is supposed to have two rows of yellow stripes. The one in the game is just solid black.
  25. Friday the 13th Photoshoot (Image Heavy)

    Yeah, green kind of disappears with certain lighting and camera combinations, especially with digital. Not to mention that when old films are remastered, the people doing the color correction love to put a blue filter over everything. Nice shots. I use Red Kap spruce green coveralls for Roy.