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  1. So disappointed. Capcom gives us what, a handful of stages and fighters and we didn't even get any DLC! And for what, so they can steal our money while they leave us with an absolutely broken game. The combo system wasn't even supposed to exist. It's a glitch and a-holes continue to exploit it ever since launch. So many broken mechanics in that mess of a game and Capcom has the gall to move on to another project without fixing a perfectly good game that deserves to be fixed. See what I did there? All you people complaining need to realize that the game still exists. Illfonic's hand was forced into pushing out content first to beat the lawsuit. Take a break and check back when the next patch drops. Now that the entire focus is on bug fixes, I expect a lot more player feedback about all sorts of mechanics to be addressed and we will get the balance we were supposed to have since last October. So stop throwing a tantrum and just go on "hiatus" rather than announce that you are quitting when we all know you'll boot it up at least once when the next patch drops. We know you will.
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    Does Jason need his Stun Cooldown back?

    @thrawn3054 @PsychoHippie 4 seconds is the perfect number.
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    This game was a disaster.

    You're one of those people that enjoy spoiling other people's fun because you have ill-equipped reproductive organs.
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    Does Jason need his Stun Cooldown back?

    I have a rebuttal to that. Check my video: When an attack lands on Jason's block, he drops his block(it's not me letting go of block button), and then you have to let go of block and then press it again to re-engage it. Add to that there is a time limit in-between letting go of block and attacking, which is a good 1 or 2 round seconds, which is a lot longer than you think it is in the middle of combat with many people. Blocking while surrounded does nothing because you'll drop your block and get whacked into next week repeatedly.
  5. VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow

    The End

    I still lurk these forums. Force of habit but just hoping for the best. Still haven't played the game since the engine update because I can't play a game that makes me angry. Once the bugs are ironed out it will surely be functional and enjoyable, but it will still have those issues that are inherent to the game's design. I do have some things of my own that I'm working on. If anyone is interested you can keep an eye on my youtube channel. I'm surprised you got banned, Bears. I'm the kind of person that avoids the internet when I'm angry and thankfully haven't been banned from anything in years. Props to you for being at the top of the leaderboard with one of the highest post-to-like ratios.
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    Could the Retro Jason rework still happen?

    But then you'd be changing Part 3. If you make part 3 and Retro have separate stats, that counts as an addition in content.
  7. VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow

    Could the Retro Jason rework still happen?

    Making NES Jason his own, even if he is still selected in the same way, would count as new content, because they would be adding unique assets to that model.
  8. It might be on his Twitch. It was many months ago by now. It was right around the time of the pinata Jason patch. Probably fall of last year.
  9. Randy Greenback got bear trapped at a window on stream once. Then he reset it and said "Let's get someone else." So the devs actually endorse trolling.
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    Your thoughts on J7 post-patch

    He's still pretty weak. The -Traps is pretty bad regardless. +Weapon Strength is appreciated but doesn't help when the new grab locks you for a good 2 seconds and they screwed up combat by making Jason drop his block each time an attack lands on him.
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    Your Next Fandom Binge

    I spent a lot of time binging this game but with production halting I'm seeking new fandoms to put time into. I'm working on a pseudo-realistic batman or Captain America suit made with the ballistic nylon they used for Cap's suit in the movies. Should be fun to work on. What will be the next fandom you sink your time into?
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    Known Issues for 5/24 Update

    Wrong language I guess. I mean you were listing counter arguments, not purporting them, right?
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    Known Issues for 5/24 Update

    Oh ok you were being hyperbolic or ironic.
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    Known Issues for 5/24 Update

    I don't understand why you don't realize-Oh wait, I get it, because you don't play as Jason.
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    To The F13: Game Community

    We are not asking for perfection. We are asking for a functional game. This engine update was half-baked, no doubt about it.
  16. VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow

    Known Issues for 5/24 Update

    No, every time I tried to throw a knife the screen would judder, so knives were off the table. And against groups, I can't attack them because the time it takes to attack is time enough to get hit 3 times over. I can't block because every time I block an attack the block drops. He's designed to fail against groups.
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    Voorhees' Overhaul 4.0, With Stat Screens

    So, new update out, how 'bout them Jason buffs? Lol.
  18. I decided to move discussion regarding my overhaul ideas into a new thread. I feel like the last thread carries too much baggage from previous discussions. This time, I have a special treat; I have taken the time to create stat screens to go along with my overhaul idea. Enjoy and discuss. Just for fun I am adding some non-canon Jasons. CHANGES Grip Strength: Upon escaping from Jason' grip via breaking free or with a pocket knife, damage is inflicted onto the counselor. No further damage is applied below 10% counselor health, to prevent the case that a counselor would die after breaking free. -Grip Strength: As it is now, inflicts no damage. Normal Grip: 7% damage, aka 7/100 points of damage. +Grip Strength: 14% damage, aka 14/100 points of damage. Stalk: Counselors will not scream in terror when Stalk is active. Note: Stalk as it currently stands in the game lasts 20 seconds while moving for any Jason, regardless of movement speed or if it is a strength or weakness. -Stalk: No additional changes, functions the same as it does currently in every way. Normal Stalk: While Stalk is active, counselors must within 50 meters of Jason in order for his minimap icon to appear. Duration while moving is 25 seconds. +Stalk: While Stalk is active, Jason's minimap icon never appears, except when spotted by flares and when a car's headlights shine on him. Opening unlocked doors is silent(no door opening sound effect). Duration while moving is 30 seconds. Sense: When Sense is toggled off, it fully depletes, as is the case with Stalk. Stunning Jason temporarily disables the ability to detect sound pings for the duration of the stun and for 15 seconds following it. Stun Resistance: Jason gets stun immunity for about 3 seconds when the player regains control of Jason after a stun ends. With each stun, resistance rises by a small percentage. After 10 stuns, all Jasons' stun times are permanently 15% shorter. The next melee stun that occurs within 8 seconds after a previous stun has ended will be 30% shorter than a standard stun. Shotguns and flares are exempt from this stipulation. Shift: The disproportionate difference between the speed and distance of the different levels of Shift are made to be uniform. Normal Shift is now about that of current J5(Roy) for all Jasons with normal Shift, since J5 has a slightly shorter distance than that of J3 or J8. Throwing Knives: Added -Throwing Knives, bringing the throwing knife count to the following: -Throwing Knives: Spawn with zero knives. Normal Throwing Knives: Spawn with two knives. +Throwing Knives: Spawn with six knives. Traps: Can pick up traps that have not been triggered and place them again. Can place a trap in the spot of a previously triggered trap, no longer blocked by the previous one's collision box. New Strength, Fear: Counselor fear raises twice as fast and takes 50% longer to recover from fear effects. Alternatively, the fear accumulation rate is 50% faster and takes 25% longer to recover, while the stamina penalty is twice as potent. New Strength, Rage: As a baseline change for all Jasons, the door/wall Rage walk-through animation is removed. Just walk/run through doors, walls, and fences once Rage is attained. Attacks against Jason and pocket knives used to escape grabs fill the Rage meter faster than normal. Link To IMGUR High Quality Gallery Part 2: PROS CONS + Can Run - Shift + Traps - Defense + Morph - Water Speed + Sense - Grip Strength Part 3 PROS CONS + Can Run - Stun Resistance + Weapon Strength - Sense + Grip Strength - Stalk + Throwing Knives - Water Speed Part 4 PROS CONS + Can Run - Less Hit Points + Weapon Strength - Shift + Destruction - Traps + Stalk - Grip Strength Part 5 PROS CONS + Throwing Knives - Defense + Stalk - Grip Strength + Can Run - Stun Resistance + Traps - Morph Part 6 PROS CONS + Throwing Knives - Defense + Sense - Can't Run + Shift - Morph + Grip Strength - Water Speed Part 7 PROS CONS + Water Speed - Can't Run + Sense - Traps + Weapon Strength - Stun Resistance + Throwing Knives - Stalk Part 8 PROS CONS + Water Speed - Sense + Destruction - Can't Run + Stalk - Traps + Morph - Stun Resistance Part 9 PROS CONS + Stalk - Can't Run + Stun Resistance - Less Hit Points + Shift - Traps + Weapon Strength - Sense Savini PROS CONS + Shift - Can't Run + Weapon Strength - Water Speed + Destruction - Grip Strength + Fear - Stalk Jason X PROS CONS + Rage - Sense + Weapon Strength - Can't Run + Morph - Stalk + Throwing Knives - Stun Resistance Jason X, Uber PROS CONS + Defense - Can't Run + Weapon Strength - Traps + Destruction - Shift + Grip Strength - Water Speed Versus Jason PROS CONS + Rage - Shift + Stun Resistance - Can't Run + Destuction - Morph + Fear - Water Speed Retro Jason PROS CONS + Water Speed - Sense + Stalk - Less Hit Points + Can Run - Traps + Morph - Stun Resistance Mortal Kombat X PROS CONS + Can Run - Shift + Stun Resistance - Less Hit Points + Morph - Stalk + Rage - Water Speed Alternate Jasons Part 4(Alternate) PROS CONS + Can Run - Less Hit Points + Weapon Strength - Shift + Destruction - Traps + Fear - Water Speed Part 7(Alternate 1) PROS CONS + Water Speed - Stun Resistance + Sense - Can't Run + Destruction - Shift + Fear - Morph Part 7(Alternate 2) PROS CONS + Sense - Can't Run + Water Speed - Traps + Grip Strength - Stun Resistance + Fear - Morph Part 7(Alternate 3) PROS CONS + Sense - Can't Run + Water Speed - Traps + Grip Strength - Stun Resistance + Fear - Throwing Knives Part 8(Alternate) PROS CONS + Water Speed - Sense + Destruction - Can't Run + Stalk - Grip Strength + Morph - Stun Resistance Bonus Pamela Template Imposter Pamela a.k.a. Paulma Template
  19. Hyperbole of course but just 1-2 hours would get the bulk of them.
  20. They truly do not. All of these bugs would have been discovered with just one match of testing.
  21. That's how it's always been...
  22. VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow

    Patch Notes - 06.08.18

    Now can you guys spend some of thst 70 million dollies of profit on a better anti-cheat system? EasyAntiCheat? Yeah, EasyToBypassAntiCheat. Remove combat stance lock on(hurts Jason's ability to combat groups) and give some invincibility after stuns end.
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    Jason trap exploit

    I don't see it as an exploit. If you didn't get to the phone before anyone else that's your fault. Unless that bear trap spawned right inside the phone house, there's ample time to get there before it happens. I wouldn't mind if it were patched though. Like say the bear trap gets moved to the side when Jason puts his own trap down.
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    Make Roy Green Again

    @ShiftySamurai @Gertz @Randygbk I color corrected Roy's coveralls to be the correct screen-accurate green color. Now tell me, which of the following things is not like the other? First image in higher quality here. EDIT: Found another shot, this time in the DAYTIME, of Roy's sleeves. They're green. Below is a behind-the-scenes photo taken from an entirely different camera with absolutely no blue lighting or post-process filtering to skew the image. There is only natural lighting, and it is definitely dark green.