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  1. @Eva Watanabe Well it's all opinion but I see A.J. as taller than Deborah by at least a couple inches. If she were shorter than Deborah she'd be thicc by comparison. Deborah reminds me of a few very petite & short girls I've known. I feel like Vanessa should be taller than Tiffany because Vanessa is the athletic type. I imagine her as a track runner, where long legs can be an advantage. I think Tiffany's legs are only long in appearance or proportion. If you scaled her taller than Vanessa then it would look weird in my opinion. Like her head and torso would be oddly large.
  2. I believe the average number comes from averaging all recorded heights. As in, add them all up then divide by number of people. I think the median number is actually taller than that. I think people mix median and average. Average on a statistics chart is not actually a recorded number, but a calculated one. People at either end of the spectrum skew the average. I am 6'3" in shoes, and when I stand next to a girl that's 5'3", I look like Jason's in-game height of almost 7 feet compared to these "average" sized counselors. So I don't believe any of these chicks get under 5'4". Larry Zerner is recorded at 1.66 meters which is about 5'5" so I was not terribly far off.
  3. We know all counselors(except seemingly Tommy) are the same height just for game mechanic purposes, but to me it looks like they have different proportions that indicate different heights. I guess it's mostly head-to-body ratio, combined with their body frame. Here's what I think: In order of Tallest-to-Shortest: Buggzy: 6'2" Adam: 6'0" Chad: 5"11" Mitch: 5'10" Vanessa: 5'9" Fox: 5'9" Shelly: 5'8" LaChappa: 5'7" Jenny: 5'7" Victoria: 5'7" A.J. Mason: 5'6" Tiffany: 5'6" Kenny: 5'6" Deborah: 5'4" I feel like Chad would be one of those guys that would be like "Nuh-uh! I'm 6 feet! Ever heard of maximum morning height?!"
  4. Jason can get on that rock. Try on the north side, the side closest to the small creek. But I know, it's a hassle and it really shouldn't be there.
  5. I can see how that is possible. We should get Kane to say it on video.
  6. It's entirely luck whether or not you spawn exactly where Jason is going to first teleport. Beyond the first few minutes, I say it becomes more and more about each person's skill and the group's cohesion.
  7. I think it would be better to just make an entirely new game. I think a new experience with different mechanics would work out better. Keep a few nuggets of the "DNA" of the gameplay style per se but build it upon an entirely new system.
  8. Well yeah I said people can't not that they don't. I used to wait in the little closet in the Camp Crystal Lake bathroom when the phone would spawn there. People would start calling on the phone when I was literally right next to them. It was glorious.
  9. There's a reason why you can't troll in real life. Running around ruining other people's day will eventually incur physical consequences.
  10. "Give you shit"? Really? I didn't berate you. I stated my disagreement. Force = mass x acceleration so a heavy tv smashed onto someone's head can equal the force of a shotgun, it's just spread over a wider area. A shotgun only has about as much force as a punch, it's just focused into the size of bullets.
  11. Ok then that further supports me because he didn't get stunned after the tv lol. Perhaps a TV is like the shotgun in that it's a more powerful attack.
  12. Nah man, that's what triggered rage mode! He was immune to Trish's hammer later, except for the claw end.
  13. @DontZzz34 Well these devs said no pistols ever, so it's a moot point. And I was covering all the bases because some people would grasp at straws.
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