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  1. @Yayson@Veevleigh I like the idea for parts effecting window climb time, but I think every counselor still needs to be able to sprint and perform all functions while carrying. I'm of the mind that strength would determine how much stamina carrying items consumes. I don't think much else needs to be effected by it. Pouring gas kind of doesn't make sense to be a skill check. You just lift he can really. I like the idea of strength effecting gas pouring speed. I think gas should simply be a progress meter and stronger characters can pour the gas faster. It would not reset to zero if the counselor is interrupted though, it would pick up where it left off. I'm also thinking that gas cans would have a finite amount of gas, so potentially a counselor could use a partial amount of gas on one vehicle and then another, such as if they get chased from one vehicle by Jason, then to fill the rest you'd need the other gas can to top off whatever is left to fill.
  2. -Traps Jasons need 4 traps instead of 3

    The current status of the game requires no teamwork because it's so easy to get past Jason in many ways.
  3. -Traps Jasons need 4 traps instead of 3

    But traps being able to be reset means that eventually you'll run out of health sprays if you don't work together to pressure multiple objectives at once so Jason can't morph between them to protect them. It means if Jason shows up mid-repair then your trap tanking was for nothing because he'd reset the trap. It would encourage disarming stealthily to ensure a successful repair.
  4. -Traps Jasons need 4 traps instead of 3

    They'd stay broken if pocket knives were used on them.
  5. Vanessa has always been my bae. She fixes well enough and can fight well. With how Jason's sense and pings work, stealth and composure don't really mean much. Better to rush multiple objectives a.s.a.p. than to try to sneak around.
  6. set firecrackers to be outdoor wepon only

    If anything, firecrackers should have a slight buff when indoors because the walls would rebound the noise and flashes.
  7. jason should not stun during rage

    I think Jason should have progressively stronger stun resistance as the match continues, to a point. With each stun, his resistance increases a small amount. It would never make him immune to stuns but it would discourage beating on Jason unless the intention is to go for the kill. Of course each Jason's max stun resistance cap would vary depending on their stun resistance level, so they'd still function differently.
  8. -Traps Jasons need 4 traps instead of 3

    This is the thread I wanted to reply to earlier lol. We don't need more traps, just allow Jason to re-arm traps that were stepped in while those disarmed with pocket knives remain broken. And allow Jason to pick up and re-set traps that haven't been broken. It would give much more versatility to all Jasons regarding trap usage. Think about it, you chase a counselor into a one-exit cabin, trap the windows and door, catch them on the way out, kill them, pick up the traps and move on. It would be an offensive use for traps rather than defensive(defending objectives). For some Jasons that could be an issue with picking up all the traps and placing them around a cabin with the last survivors, so maybe limit the amount of traps that can be picked up again. Like, after they've been set, Jason can only pick up a portion of his traps rather than all at once. Like -Traps he can pick up 2 again after setting them, normal traps he can pick up 3 again, and +Traps he can pick up 4 again after they've all been set.
  9. Don't need to make low-strength characters slower while carrying parts, instead have it consume more stamina. It could vary depending on the part. Propellar - Low stamina penalty. Gas - Medium stamina penalty. Battery - High stamina penalty.
  10. Cheaters, or Paranoia?

    For the car pushing Jason, it could be a hack, but with the state of the game, I would not be surprised if it's a bug. This same instance happened to me about 2 months ago, before the anti-cheat was cracked. I think it has to do with the car and Jason being on a particular type of terrain. If the ground is angled in a particular way, it could push Jason rather than crash the car. It could also be the effect of Jason walking forward while the car is moving backward on uneven terrain causing a gliding issue. That's what happened to me; I walked forward as the car moved backward, and it pushed me as it moved. I quit the game as it was getting away. Screw that.
  11. The problem is new users make an account and immediately make 10 threads for the same 10 ideas that have already been discussed by another 100 people that also immediately made 10 duplicate threads upon making their account without taking any time at all to see if it has been discussed before. The reason why duplicate threads are discouraged is because when the dev team reads the forums, consolidating all similar ideas together in just a few threads is much easier to process than trying to sift through page after page after page of the forums, reading 2,000 duplicate threads that have 3 replies each, as opposed to 10 threads with 200 replies each. Linking threads would be appreciated, however, taking 30 seconds to use the search function would be more appreciated. Let's all try to do both.
  12. I completely misunderstood the topic, or I replied to the wrong thread.
  13. Instead of adding more traps I like the idea of re-arming traps that were stepped in while ones that were disarmed with a pocket knife remain broken.
  14. Balance Patch Expectations - For the Devs

    Exactly this for all the reasons.