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  1. Then yeah it needs to be fixed. You might get a better deal by selling on ebay/LSN.
  2. I mean rather than say "literally cannot" 3 times in a row in the same post, just say it once to all it refers to.
  3. Once was enough. But you know what this means now right? If physical copies of Switch F13 shipped with those files, then they are going to get shared and hacked and who knows what that could do to the game.
  4. If Switch has it, release it. It's only fair. Now I wonder if Savini and Uber Jason are in the Switch version but merely locked and waiting to be datamined. Whatever wasn't "supposed" to be in the switch version should have been sliced out of the data files, period.
  5. Don't know if it's still in the current build, but last time I played, I had these issues: Barriers around windows when a counselor is mid-animation for climbing/jumping through windows. It is a smaller barrier than when the window break prompt was first there but they are still present. These barriers and the break button prompt also prevent throwing knives from passing through windows before they are broken. If you throw a knife at an open window, the knife won't pass through but will trigger the breaking of the window. Before the prompt, knives could pass through open windows. Also, if a counselor leaps through an open window(be it broken or not, I think), the window has a barrier that will stop a knife midair until the counselor finishes the animation of leaping through and getting back to their feet. There are also invisible collision barriers above interactive objects like beds and fires that will similarly stop a thrown knife in midair. These barriers act as shields for counselors, essentially. I ask to please do something about these barriers because while they may not impact gameplay in a large way, they are a nuisance and break the flow of a chase by unnecessarily and obnoxiously limiting Jason in his attack and pursuit options. It doesn't feel "natural" or "immersive" for "gamey" barriers to break the flow of a match.
  6. I would say if any nerf, no less than 20%. They should buff the max to 20% and that should be alright by me. It would be a bit more valuable again.
  7. I used to use it all the time last fall. Seemed alright back then. Well, I did have 25%(I think) but that's the one they nerfed right?
  8. Well I think it technically works, very very technically, but perhaps the percentage is below the threshold that would make it "work" in a practical sense. For example if the break threshold for a weapon is a score of 40 out of 100, but in order to survive another hit without breaking, the weapon durability score must be 45, then the 12% wouldn't work, because it is 12% of 40, added to 40. 40 x 1.12 = 44.8 Which means that if the next break threshold is 45, 12% won't "work" practically. The weapon still gets the durability increase, technically, but it doesn't "work."
  9. By "turning on" cheats, that means you already had them installed. Which means you never installed this game without the cheat software in place. You wanted it to be there so you could turn it on at a moment's notice. You are not a good player. You don't belong. You just want an excuse to keep cheating.
  10. Take a picture of Kane's boots, while you're there.
  11. Yeah maybe they could rebalance the Jasons by changing the order of abilities' unlock times. Getting Shift first(technically second) with -Shift could be interesting.
  12. I heard it had something to do with the new engine being "better" in some regard, perhaps stability, or maybe the old engine wouldn't run on the Switch or something. The reason it's messed up now is because they had to port EVERYTHING to the new engine and in record time. On the old engine they had multiple years to put it together. In time, the new engine will be fine.
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