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  1. I'd say it's because the hitbox is bigger. More things to get stuck on.
  2. Strengths/Weaknesses are for the Jason, not the weapon. Changing weapons simply changes what attack types there are and the range/reach of the weapon. For example the hitbox for the pickaxe is somewhat wider than other one/two handed weapons, so you could kind of catch people are more "awkward" angles with it compared to an axe or machete.
  3. Yeah if they're just starting the animation, it'll reset them. If they are partway through, they'll pop to the other side.
  4. Remember that if a counselor is mid-animation from jumping through a window, you can't grab them until the animation finishes and control returns to that player. I think the same is true if they are simply climbing through slowly. Gotta wait for them to finish.
  5. No. Maybe be able to hit the counselors through the windows with melee or knives but that would probably cause another series of glitches. Just patch it.
  6. I almost feel bad for escaping that quick because it means more focus on the remaining counselors.
  7. I think this alone would be enough. Just a teensy little something to allow for the slightest breathing room. But they'd have to fix combat stance(removing lock-on) since that causes the combat to feel clunky instead of fluid. And fix the issue where Jason holding block gets de-blocked(block is released) if Jason isn't host when a counselor attack lands. Make it so block remains up whether host or not. Then, this would fix the whole combat system in my opinion.
  8. Yeah this is why lock-on needs to go. Just lock-on in general. Plenty of games with combat have no lock-on or aim-assist and they work great. In fact, lack of lock-on would allow players to aim better and could actually improve their hit rate.
  9. The idea is that those stats are for if/when Stun Resistance gets fixed. For a theoretical working stat. If so, Jason should jam the hatch somehow so it cannot be opened.
  10. Hmm, these could actually be countered. Combine with: -Can't Run -Shift -Traps Combine with: -Morph -Defense -Can't Run Combine with: -Defense -Stun Resistence -Shift Combine with: -Can't Run -Shift -Stun Resistence
  11. Probably should be in off-topic. Part 5 would technically be the best sneaker because he wasn't even seen in full until the climax. Most of the kills came out of nowhere. Aside from that, Part 4 had some good sneak kills. Although he was seen, no one who saw him lived, until the climax.
  12. "tech" should only and always only be short for "technology." When I read this I read "Jason technology."
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