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  1. 4 Strengths & Weaknesses Overhaul Version 3.0

    For +Rage perhaps a 1 second invulnerability period when smashing through doors, just enough to get back in the fight. 5 second cooldowns on abilities is just OP, it would be kind of pointless to try to fight against that. It would be nothing but shift-grab-shift-grab-shift-grab until they're out of stamina and then they're dead. It could have a very minor buff to cooldown times, like 5-10% less, but more than that might be OP. Grip strength causing damage makes sense, but I think your tiers are too strong at the higher end. I think 15-17% damage maximum(I think that is just above the damage value of crawling through broken windows) would be fine for +Grip Strength. -Grip could be 5-7% and Normal Grip be 10-12%.
  2. Jason should see the morph grid, and/or make the morph grid more dense than it is now.
  3. Remove the counselor scream

    Remove the scream when crouching, leave it when not, for starters. There may be other factors to consider, but my first sentence is what I would change as a start.
  4. Once grab gets a wider range, and Melee hit detection gets fixed, 4-5 pocket knives will be just fine. It's only bad right now because Jason has trouble hitting people.
  5. Jason Gets No 2 Minute Warning?

    Might have been stalk mode. The last guy was alive in front of me dancing.
  6. Just had a match as Jason. Everything was going well. I was trying out some sneak tactics, waiting in Stalk mode, etc. It gets down to 1 person and then suddenly the game ends. I could swear at launc Jason would also get a 2 minute warning until te match ends. Is that my imagination or did they actually remove Jason's 2 minute warning? In any case, Jason should get it. There's no reason why counselors should and Jason shouldn't. Makes me feel like stealthy Jason styles are not welcome in the meta.
  7. Counselor perks should be powerful

    What is the max bonus that epic preparedness gives? Probably not high enough... In my opinion sense avoidance in water is useless because you have to swim out there in the first place, and that makes noise pings even with high stealth. It's only a matter of time until you're found with sense-spam, and when that happens, you're dead meat. Not to mention that people will rat you out to Jason so they don't have to spectate.
  8. Counselor perks should be powerful

    Many perks are useful but a good number of them are "useless" in that either their buff is not good enough or what they tweak is not used enough to warrant using the perk. Faster/quiter swimming is one. Even with the best quiet swimmer you'll still produce noticable sound pings. Hoever, with epic Lightfoot, you will produce no noise pings while on land with a 10 stealth character. I think all "noise" perks should be rolled into one perk for both land and water. "Scout"(escape traps quicker) is useless to anyone with a macro. Even without one you can get out of a trap very quickly. If traps had a semi-permanent speed debuff and Scout would mitigate that, that would warrant using it. That in addition to having struggle mechanics be set to a fixed input rate, like 16-22ms max input speed to stop macros from working. Some perks I've never seen certain levels of. I've never seen anything above common for Preparedness. It would be nice to have an epic preparedness with a better fear resistance buff. I hear that Hypochondriac has an epic version but I've never rolled one beyond uncommon. All perks should be allowed to go to Epic quality.
  9. Part 5 Jason weapon

    Roy could have various voices, like he's re-playing the traumatic events in his head that drove him over the edge. The voices would be from various quotes of the assholes in Part 5, with a twist.
  10. 4 Strengths & Weaknesses Overhaul Version 3.0

    Giving this a bump for exposure. So anyone got more feedback?
  11. If This Game Was A Movie (Fan fiction parody)

    @Liquid Swordsman All your casting choices are old as hell by now. There's no way they're playing teens/young 20s by now. More than half are pushing 40 or over 40. Get your head out of 2003.
  12. Part 5 Jason weapon

    They could try the poster machete that has a much more pronounced curve:
  13. Jason wouldn't have to tuck his shirt in if he puts his pants on AFTER he puts his shirt on. You know, like crazy people do.
  14. If This Game Was A Movie (Fan fiction parody)

    Don't forget to include the grand finale where the counselors knock Jason into the next county with a baseball bad enchanted by the necronomicon.
  15. Part 5 Jason weapon

    I say a Meat Cleaver. It would be short range, shorter than the pig splitter, but have the fastest attack animation and shortest down-time of all weapons.