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  1. @F13 Seppuku Squad I suppose the myth occurred when someone was near the limp threshold and Jason threw a knife when they climbed through the window, so to the counselor player it appeared as if it did big damage.
  2. The version I heard is that breaking the window while they're climbing through deals the same damage as when they climb through a broken window normally. Maybe knife damage and broken window damage are already quite similar to each other.
  3. There is an option to toggle off copyrighted music. It was made for streamers.
  4. Well it's interesting to see more stuff being worked on despite the "last" patch dropping. Or am I misinterpreting things? I thought the game would be stuck at whatever state it is in now forever due to end of support for the game.
  5. And even if you gave into their demands, they'd have something else to complain and "negotiate" for. Those people don't care about fair gameplay, they just want to feel like they're important because their lives are meaningless.
  6. You were too friendly, my guess.
  7. Took a girl out on a date, she brought her sister with her. Ended up breaking it off with the older sister and took the younger sister out on a couple dates. Younger sister said she loved me on the first date and was talking about having kids. Broke that off on the second date. She was from a devout religious family. I bump into her this year, something like 3-4 years after we last met, and she kind of turned into stereotypical white trash. She formerly had braces but now her braces are gone and her teeth have gone rotten and you can smell her breath from 4ft away. Sometimes I wonder if I somehow broke her brain and she became a hopeless wreck or if I dodged a bullet. I like to think the latter.
  8. I say my last goodbye here. The forum could get locked at any time, so before then, thanks for all the memories guys and gals. I'll have a presence on JTV's forum. Have a good life, F13 fans!
  9. I want it too. Probably won't ever happen. Might be better off making a community-made game from scratch.
  10. @mattshotcha At this late stage of the game, what could we expect for possible support or allowance of community-made mods? Like variations of maps, counselors, weapons, Jason tweaks, etc. Of course I don't mean hacks or cheating but say where all players are aware of the game changes when they get into the match. Such as how Left4Dead 2 has community-made servers that have new types of weapons and such.
  11. Part 5 Nightmare Jason Strengths: + Water Speed + Weapon Damage + Sense Weaknesses: - Can't Run - Less HP - Grip Strength
  12. Nope. The boat was perfectly balanced before by being the stealth escape for only 2 people. If any Jason watched the map, doesn't matter if it's a slow water Jason, a competent player would still get the boat.
  13. Cox is going to wear those shorty shorts at our wedding lol.
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