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  1. Well that would be more questionable and there's no easy answer for that. But at the very least those who activated him early should be in the clear.
  2. I would guess that anyone that has Jason "legitimately" would have it activated on their account from a looong time ago. If you report them, the devs could look at the account and determine when the Savini was activated and know from that point whether or not it was legitimate. I suppose reporting Savini users won't hurt people that have him legitimately. If I ever get wrongly banned I can provide my receipt which I still have in my email.
  3. Alice got it easy. She got scared for a few seconds then manhandled and stabbed in the brain. Over too quick. The boxer in Part 8 that got a hot rock shoved in his chest is pretty bad in my opinion. It happened kind of slow. Paula in part 6 seems pretty bad. But once she's thrown half through the window she's either dead already or unconscious, in either case she can't feel Jason turning her into paste at that point. The guy in part 9 getting boiled in cooking grease is pretty bad. That might be the worst one, pain-wise. However, there are those 2 guys that get melted after Jason hops out of their bodies so maybe that's the worst.
  4. Maybe you were pressing block, but as far as the Jason avatar goes, he's not doing the block animation. So either you fumbled the controls or there's some kind of delay happening between entering combat stance and when block is available. Maybe you need to wait a second after entering combat stance before you press the block button. Just a guess.
  5. It doesn't have to be every knife thrown. Even if some knives don't do it, the point is the frequency of occurrence. Players know it happens and so at least some will save knives just for that, which would effectively increase the rate of occurrence.
  6. Monica Keena pre-plastic surgery(on her face) is the best. Once she messed up her face she stopped getting roles.
  7. Jordan Peele said he won't have white people as his leading roles. Imagine if it was a white director that said he won't have black people as leading roles in his film. People would chew him up alive and his career would be over.
  8. Hopefully if Lebron gets the franchise he'd simply be the producer and let the franchise re-flower and not impose certain changes like race-swapping Jason.
  9. That's the actor that played unmasked Jason. The guy playing Jason in the other 99% of the film was Steve Dash. But Steve was 5'11 anyways.
  10. It would be better for an entirely new game. This game was fun but there are ways to make an even more fun and balanced game than this one. Probably not using UnrealEngine for one. Make it more fluid and less 'arcade-y' too.
  11. You had like 2 years to pre-order for the Savini Jason. It ain't gonna happen, sorry.
  12. No, it's new content, period. At all. The only thing they can do is fix bugs and ensure stability.
  13. Ok do you really expect them to put in more man-hours to make a goddamn black hole or ballistic missile hit Crystal Lake and annihilate the map or some shit? Keep dreaming.
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