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  1. The fact that the Steam version has CONSOLE EXCLUSIVE clothing packed into the data is utterly asinine. How hard is it to just not include that in the steam version?
  2. I suspect Savini and Jason X will be included but locked in the data, thus allowing for hackers to get them. And it's notoriously easy to hack the switch.
  3. The hud turning pink is just a side-effect of changing the color values. It wasn't intentional. The non-night-related colors and such would of course be normal. It's just a side-effect of playing with the color values of a still image. These pictures are just a visual approximation.
  4. I heard it was applying the perk twice to the same person so a 50% was actually 50% less of 50% less damage. So it cut Jason's damage to 1/4th if you had 50%. So they both nerfed the percentage and fixed the double-application. At least that's what I recall. I actually like slashing on occasion because sometimes you'll get lucky and chop a whole arm or leg off or they'll ragdoll in a funny way like slide 50ft across the ground. Now if only 3 people at one-shot health stood in a line while you swung with a machete...
  5. She was such a shitwad because her government assistance money all went to drugs and to replace poopy diapers.
  6. Savini still has normal Morph. So try to communicate to you team to NOT engage objectives until you can all rush them at a similar time. Like put the battery in as you put the propellar on as you put the phone fuse in. Preferably all at the same time but you could juke him to another objective if you need him off your team. Like intentionally screw up the phone repair then run so he'll get off the people going for the car. He can only morph so much and a decent team can fix an objective before he has Morph back. I would love to know how to do this on Mouse and Keyboard.
  7. Depends. Was it sudden, like "BOOP and now you're upside down", or was it more natural-looking, like you just kind of hit the rock like a ramp on one side of the car that made it tip over in physically plausible way? You CAN flip the car over without glitches but it's pretty difficult. There are however physics glitches that can make the car go crazy.
  8. There are also barriers around beds. Try to throw a knife at someone with a bed between you two. I think there were ones around campfires too but I think they fixed those.
  9. Are there still invisible barriers around windows during counselor animations? Last time I played I tried to throw a knife at someone climbing through a window and the knife got stuck in midair just behind them because of the force field.
  10. Central Europe is closer in line with the moon than New Jersey. It gets more direct light because its more northern location. My gripe with the regular light we have now is that it looks too saturated like it is an overcast day. The colors should be more muted and the blues and grays should be more present. Where I live a full moon with no clouds looks like a blue-gray filter over everything and darker than the game we have now.
  11. @GamingNerd93 Part 7 Jason has +Grip Strength so he was trolling you. You would only get out if he let you.
  12. Could be trolling to flaunt that they got you and they want to prolong your diss or maybe they need to find the right space to perform the kill they want.
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