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  1. I got the math a bit wrong fellas. 25% of 90 is 22.5. Then 20% of 22.5 is 4.5. Add those together and it's 27. So it would be much lower than I initially calculated, which is probably better.
  2. They did the right thing, overall. They improved Jason. In my opinion they dipped their toe too far across the line. I would have drastically reduced the stun rate post-Rage rather than negate stuns entirely. Right now stun chance perks are irrelevant. I would rather not make any perks irrelevant after a certain point in a match. They could reduce stun rate to 1/4 what it was and Epic/Legendary stun perks would raise the stun chance just a bit but not too much. For example if the bat has a 90% stun rate, if they reduced the bat to 25% of 90%, that's 36% stun chance. Then if you have a 20% stun chance perk that's 20% of 36 added back, so the stun chance would be 43.2% stun chance. So that's the route I would take. Something close to that, to drastically nerf the counselor's ability to fight Jason but not entirely negate it.
  3. Yeah, uh, this shit needs to get gone, fast. Yeah that's multiple stun bars resetting back to full consecutively. Hell, not even a macro could get you out of this.
  4. Personally I would use immortal or undying Michael rather than undead. Jason's already claimed the undead status before, so I want Michael to be different. Maybe make him immune to death somehow like you could shoot him in the head and he's still going. Cut him in half and he's still kicking.
  5. If this is true, then it's ironic because a recent twitch stream had Wes say Uber Jason is locked "forever."
  6. You're just expected to know what the glitches are and avoid triggering them.
  7. Say goodbye to stun percent perks because they're completely negated. Once Jason hits Rage, you've wasted a perk slot if you used one. Car/boat start seems more appealing now. My Dad's a Cop as well. Swift Attacker should still be valid since you're going to need the ability to out-swing Jason in a pinch.
  8. Tried to make a poll but the website wouldn't let me. Must be a mobile version error. EDIT: Got it now.
  9. What's yours? I never liked it. I think it has always gotten in the way. Counselors targeting each other, Jason targeting counselors that are not valid targets in the moment, etc. What do you want them to do with Combat Stance Lock-On? Keep it? Remove it? Toggle it?
  10. On PC many players have ESP hacks (I.e. "developer mode") that let them see items and players through walls(shows names at all times) so hiding and stealth is negated. Why I typically choose a faster character.
  11. Yes and no. Bring back rage stuns(but very nerfed) and give Jason some other kind of buff.
  12. I mostly agree. I think the properties of Stalk and Sense and how they function should be swapped.
  13. I disagree. Jason with the new patch is plenty powerful. If anything he needs a very slight nerf. They do still need to address the teleport-slide glitch among others.
  14. @prodigy5 The other people are saying your OP is a thinly-veiled cry to bring back the Pinata Jason patch where you could stun him willy-nilly. I'm withholding judgement. From one angle your posts can be read that way but I won't jump on the bandwagon. Just know that Pinata Jason probably won't come back. The most they should do is bring back Rage stuns but nerf them to half their stun chance rate, or even less.
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