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  1. Will those with twitter tweet at these folks? Thanks!
  2. Is there any good breakdown of counselor damage, destruction, range, and speed?
  3. I wish there was an arms crossed “I’m cold” gesture as an emote. Frozen gesture That would be good to indicate sweater. A thumb and pinky talking on the phone gesture would be helpful too to indicate phone box. But then again, there are a lot of wishes out there for many, many other types of content, so I’ll just flash my flashlight and point, or do come here finger wag.
  4. Thanks folks. I will note that whenever I’m Tommy and a female counselor in sweater comes up to me with an axe—I’ll drop the shotgun, and she’ll drop the axe and we swap weapons, and we know it’s on. Which is badass.
  5. I don’t always have a mic, and I’m wondering what hand signals could be used to convey messages to other counselors. None of these appear to be obvious. For example, I’m tommy Jarvis, I see a female counselor. Wish there was some gesture universally agreed to convey “let’s go get the sweater” or “where’s the phone fuse box.” Any ideas?
  6. Sorry new to all this. I play Nintendo switch f13 game exclusively. What do the MS numbers mean? Is low good I assume and high MS bad? Is there anything I can do to improve MS? Thanks in advance and sorry for very basic question.
  7. Hey very new to online gaming or any kind. Can anybody recommend a headset for the switch? Thanks!
  8. In my experience, no it’s not possible to hit with knife throw. Player that trolled with me a couple of days ago didn’t even bother to try and dodge. Through several knives with counselor in crosshairs. Nothing.
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