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  1. dude you're useless and crass

    1. Dragonfire82877


      I feel so honored you took time out of your busy day to come on my profile to give me a compliment. Thank you! 

  2. Lately I've been having difficulty buying new perks/skills for my counselor. Today I sat for over 8 minutes trying to buy one for 500 and it just wouldn't transfer or even register. Just sat there spinning eternally. I also got glitched into a dresser drawer whilst trying to retrieve a walkie-talkie. I noticed all my teammates were able to continue playing but I was stuck reaching into the drawer.
  3. Tbh if the owners of the franchise say cease and desist all use of our copyrighted material their lawyers can make ps4 and all other gaming platforms take it down sooo..... yeah😒
  4. So I've heard that there's a lawsuit going on and it should be coming to an end however my biggest concern is weather or not the game will continue to be on PS4 or if they will take it down for good. I really hope they keep it on PS4. Any thoughts on this guys?
  5. I'm glad they're making it harder to knock off the mask. It's about time. Also glad they fixed the stuck spots. I got stuck in the two seater for a whole entire match and couldn't leave it. Jason couldn't even pull me from the car. It was god awful. I litterly spent the whole match just watching everyone run around while I was stuck in the car. Yay me 🙄😑😒
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