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  1. I appreciate the feedback on it. I'll toss it on a list here. Whatever my Jason player chooses off the list I'll throw this special thanks and designer out. You got anymore ideas. Hell, I'd be more than happy to throw it into our kill pool. Anything I'm raising for this event in the end is all charity. I was originally going to write kills for each player, but I figure a master list, and let my Jason player choose his own flavor would be a nice toss. Just got pics in for the custom masks we got coming over Ryan Hickey of Monster Masks! has created. They look good. I'm looking to probably charity auction the one, and I'm not ready to mention what I'd like to do for the 2nd. These are the masks:
  2. I'm currently crafting an elaborate giveaway fan created event for the game. I'm tossing out 10 steam keys to winners over a five day deal. I'm also waiting for a company who is sending over 2 custom handmade Jason masks (Not sure which movie, waiting for pics hopefully within the week.). Anyway, I wanted to reach out to the big fans here. I can't rely on my community to really bring that real fan edge to this. This is what I'm doing... I'm looking for 35 kills miinimum. Visceral, brutal, and something that would really lay in lines of the "Friday the 13th" universe. Basically these 5 nights I'm doing this will be 7 players in a escape scenario against Jason. My Jason player for the event will pick from this list when a kill happens, and we'll use what he chooses. It's his role on what he digs. Give him his own kinda Hodder edge. Anyones kills we use, or even you guys who help out what I'd like to do is at the end of the episode or night for that scenario. I'd like to give you a special thanks on the event site we are working on with you being the special effects artist in a sense for it with a summary of the evening, and showcasing the winners. I'm doing this as a fan. I'm not trying to profit on this. I'm actually trying to get a hold of "Scares That Care" charity to try to turn this into a cause two that Mr. Hodder supports. Anything we pull in would go to them. I was a firefighter for 12 years so my heart goes out to burn victims through and through. This entire event I'm working on I'm pumped about to try to bring some smiles to some fans, and I truly would like to give back. As a horror fan growing up, and always sneaking in these movies as a kid.... I mean I'm overdo. Trying to really bring some heart to all this. I've been reached out by the F13 team when I was working on my fan site initially (and thank you Wes for stopping in that night. made this fanboy sweat a bit with the knowledge you got.). I'm not affiliated, with GUN. Media, Illfonic, or anything to do with the creation of this game. I'm just a passionate horror fan, and hell I try to be a decent person. I apologize for the wall of text... I'm a wordy turkey man. Thanks if you took the time to read it, and if you got some ideas it'd be really wicked from the true fans here.I think this could be something great. You got some kill ideas... please... fire away. I deeply appreciate any help on this. It's been a huge undertaking creating this thing from the ground up. THIS is for the fans.
  3. Yea with a lot of the original kills from the movie s butchered to the hell by the MPAA... they def. brought that full on rage of Hodder, and Savini's touch. Brutal, but it's oddlt the charm of it all too. As weird as that is. Was a cringe worthy good time for sure. That Preppy kill man at the campfire with the poker... beadin' sweat here. Hahahaha
  4. Granted a lot of people didn't get to see direct gameplay this event was around Savini, and the art of the kill. I was blown away. The devs here delivered was was stated from the start that they're making the most visceral uncut experience for the franchise. I stopped broadcasting 15 minutes before the panel, and myself and a few watched it on rabb.it together. Was a great atmosphere, and was great to see a true MPAA untouched Friday the 13th experience being put out there. Can't wait to see some gameplay unveiled on the F13 streams ahead. Let some people go wild, and cry for now like every game forum or board after this with the violence, and gore. I respect the fact these guys are bringing a true uncensored F13 game to the table. They've kept to the word this is for the fans, and being fans themselves. I'm all in for this one.
  5. Sounds good. Yea I'm covered there. Appreciate it man.
  6. What are the chances of getting a beta key without Kickstarter or making it to PAX? I'm currently organizing a big giveaway event in honor of this game with giving away 10 Steam keys once they're released. This event I'm organizing though I really hope you will all enjoy what we got planned for this thing. I wanted to reach out though because I was curious if you'd be interested in a week or so to see what we got, because we're HUGE fans. We're passionate about the game. My viewers enjoy the Virtual Cabin streams we do, and want to help get the word out since you are all working on making this the best possible F13 game possible without blowing it all on ads. We got some custom masks coming in that we're working on for the hardcore fans... we're working on details for it still. I'd love to see what charity Kane Hodder endorses currently, so we can also turn this into a charity event where at the end of our 5 night event we can send all the proceeds to his charity of choice. This giveaway for the keys itself I've been really working hard on now for a few weeks. It's a custom made seven player escape experience trying to showcase the feel, mechanics, and true ambiance of the game. I've never honestly have EVER done anything like this before, but it's been a true labor of love. Myself mainly.... just want to give the best damn show I can put on to get people pumped for this game. Give back, and raise some cash to any charity of Mr. Hodder's choice. I'm aiming to make this an immersive, to somewhat cinematic feeling experience. I mean I don't want to drop all the details on this of course, but if you guys were interested in seeing what we got compiled in the next week or so we'd be thrilled. It's something as a major horror fan, and just generally passionate about this product. Not trying to grease the wheels here, but you know sometimes that inner fanboy does drop off. Really can't wait to see what's in store for all this on release.
  7. I"m starting to think the knot tying board is revealing a V for Vorhees at that point will reveal Jason's shack room with shrine. I thought it was maybe an option to unmask the Jason tanks, but I'm starting to think this is all a build up showcasing more of Jason's side. Despite even being a knot tying board it has the look of a more superstitious or mystical kind of feeling with him being a non-stop un-killable murder machine Hey on a side note I was playing the update for about 20 minutes last night with no problem. Then the entire game became blurry, and no settings on the sliders would fix this. Randy on stream was saying might be a bug. I was able to fix this issue with hitting RESET in the video options, and it worked like a charm. Hopefully, anyone else who might stumble into this issue this will work too. Awesome update with the Conservatory. My viewership been digging the Virtual Cabin streams, and the crazy attention to detail.
  8. You also check Twitch every Friday, Randy G. of GUN Media plays horror games and the team answer questions about the game on their official Twitch page. I hear they've been asked on when a release date is before though... rumor has it. Just don't ask that. They're still aiming for the "Fall 2016" release. They've stated that in the coming weeks that they will be bringing more videos, and gameplay on livestream when they feel it's polished enough to showcase off. Should be more to come shortly. Plus there should be a new Virtual Cabin update, so who knows what might be to come for this. The Friday the 13th: The Game Twitch Page: https://www.twitch.tv/fridaythe13thgame
  9. It would be tough to capture that moment, but how they mention your can set traps and what not it'd be interesting. Say he is incapacitated in a trap somehow that he might have a small percent chance to nab the bastard coming in for a quick hit on him. Would give that horror movie moment if another counselor was near like ohhh man we're ALL DOOOMED.
  10. What a pile. Decades of great games to this. What the hell is going on with Capcom and Konami with bring some great stuff. Everyone losing their minds anymore with stuff like this. They Screwed over what could of been an excellent Silent Hill game, and now this madness. It's a shame to see what the triple A industry is coming to. If it wasn't for indie devs and fresh ideas I don't think I'd be gaming anymore.
  11. Yea def. be cool to try to possibly win a beta key on it. After seeing that Hodder tweet with that short clip today.... just christ man. Looks gross.
  12. I can the chance of dismemberment causing a agonizing scream from the counselor as a fear using tool to up the spike on other counselors.
  13. Nah ,just one person would play as the killer like how the first movie was more of a murder who done it with no one knowing who the killer is, but the player. Battle Royale type games been done to death. Thinking about it more and more though It might just turn into more of "The Ship' like mode there where it would encourage more solo play than any team work. Might break the flow the teams core mechanics. Might not work without some sort of add or changes to the core experience.
  14. When I was watching the PAX South 2016 conference for the game I remembered the discussion about bringing Betsy Palmer in, but it would of seemed kind of hokey in a sense for the game as a killer and wouldn't want to seem like some sort of cash in. I think it was Ronnie who said that something like if the superhuman stuff was removed. It'd be like a hardcore mode. You'd be the best player out there if you won jesting a little, but it could be a decent idea. It leaves you a very interesting option to have that original Friday the 13th feel. You're own kind of remake in a sense building the suspense of the original of who done it. Stick to the 8 play online as normal, but instead it's all counselors for this mode. One counselor is chosen before or while the match is loading that they are the killer. No superhuman kills. Just a psycho's normal tools to get the job done. Same situation where it's at that point where it has kicked off and they know there's a killer on the grounds... This would add a bit of that "John Carpenter's The Thing" paranoia of who has done it. Not knowing who the killer was until the end if they didn't botch it up. This mode would make it a bit tougher on the killers end since they would no longer be this unstoppable murder machine. The killer would have to rely on more stealth and using deception possibly coax another counselor to come off alone somewhere. I could see a problem though with players trusting one another altogether to try to work on the tasks needed to complete this mock movie. One way that that can be countered though is possibly even putting a mode that mixes between not knowing if it's going to be up against another Pamela type humanized killer, or the myth. I mean I don't know how that would all come out in a playtest with all your mechanics in place, but seeing the item room, and now getting an idea on the items you can grab make this a possibility. Would def. more of a mode best played with friends for a better immersion, but could be interesting.
  15. I don't remember how I beat this as a kid, but I remember the mess of the maze the woods were to get into the caves to fight Jason's Mother. Man people can talk all the crap the wanted to about LJN, but I played the hell out of those games. Didn't have a choice but to love these games.
  16. I know the computer in the item room down the line will let us be able to report some bugs, but for now with the Item room update I've caught this on the textures / shading on the American Flag in the corner (depends on distance to object.. Closer maps is correctly, and further away cause the distortion)... On a side note. I dunno if it is just me, but I'm having problems setting this game in 1920*1080 in a windowed mode directly through the options. Won't allow this to happen despite. This will work to a fullscreen window mode if I alt+enter while in game.
  17. I was streaming this after I did the Virtual Cabin last night. It is a very laid back game. Combat I've personally gotten back into seems more of a casual feel to it. Yea, it's really more about exploring, learning alien languages so you can trade, and unlock their secrets at ruins and what not. The way I was explaining this it's really carrying that moniker of being it's own sort of one man Star Trek... going somewhere new, and discovering new races, and worlds. Yea these problems I can understand not getting. I'm not sure how PS4 is, but I know the PC launch has been a mess with frame stutter, and I mean of course your run of the mill open world random generated world bugs (fall through map, maybe cut hyperjump in the middle of a space station). This is one of those love it or hate it titles. You want a chill laid back game you can mess around with and you just go as you please. A LOT of exploring. If you're looking for more a hardcore experience I'd wait and see what kind of support the devs give this now post-launch. I'm personally really digging it, but I enjoy a nice laid back title now and again. Leave the bloodletting continue later... :-P
  18. Dead by Daylight seemed like a decent concept, but after seeing it play on release... just seemed like some straight to DVD kinda horror budget deal. Is it only that one map and monster? Only thing I seen on this anytime I looked. Thought is was different monsters with abilities, and maps.
  19. Thanks Dawn. Def. looking forward to completely nerding out over this one :-P
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