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  1. So I have this game on Steam and I gotta ask, but if all you guys are patching is server side crap then why do you need to patch 4.1 gigs of game data in order to do that if the game is hosted server side? That doesn't make any sense to me. Shouldn't it be the back end data that needs to be updated? 🤔
  2. Welcome to the forums @pinkranger22. You should be able to select your character either at the lobby when you join a match or in the customization menu if you want to browse over them. I also answered your question here. Playing with a friend on switch Since you are playing on Switch I am going to drop this video as well too. He gives a brief run down on the challenges and explains a bit about that. You can find more in depth videos about it on Youtube if need be. Hope this helps and good luck mate.😎
  3. Since no one actually answered this then I will. I did some searching and found out that first either you or your friend has to join a game lobby first and then the other basically has to use the join friends option however that works with Switch. If the lobby isn't full then you both should be joined up in the same game lobby. Hope this helps mate and good luck.😎
  4. I had an idea about a week ago I think it was on the Steam forums when talking about improving the offline mode of the game to offer more and the topic of Savini Jason and clothing packs I think came up too if I remember correctly that I'll mention here and see what you all think of it. The idea was basically this in a nut shell. Keep in mind I don't care which way the wind blows on this, but it was an idea that popped in my head that I actually thought was a pretty good one myself personally. First I want to be clear. When I say offline mode I mean actual offline as in no internet connection where you only get the two Jasons to play. Rather then having it so restrictive do the opposite with it and have everything open and unlocked across the board and turn it in to basically a preview mode if you will where you could look at all the locked content and stuff. People could look at and preview DLC's they maybe want to buy or even the special items (Yes, even the Savini Jason and exclusive clothing packs too.) they'll never be able to purchase, but at least can preview it offline. However when they connect online or run the game normally though they will not see any of that stuff at all what so ever unless they purchase it. I thought it was actually a very decent middle ground myself on the topic, but I also said it's one I seriously doubt would ever get used or implemented because there is always going to be that one person who is going to be against it. Sure enough not long after I said that someone chimed in against it and I thanked them for actually proving my point. lol Anyway just for shirts and giggles I thought I'd pose that same idea here and see what you all think about it. My thought process behind the idea was originally two things. First to make offline actually worth anything and two possibly detour peoples desire to want to hack or mod the game to see the stuff anyway. So what do you think mates? 😎
  5. Ah I see mate. Didn't know they were doing it like that now. I am not surprised though. I have such a low opinion of Sony/SOE/Daybreak Games that they'd in fact have to work really hard just for me to have a what you would call normal low opinion on how they do business. lol Seen to much dirt out of them all over the years. I am surprise and yet not surprised Gun Media would get in to bed with them. I am like you though in that I don't feel there should be a time limit on codes mainly because there can be many reasons someone hasn't activated theirs yet. Not everyone is trying to sell theirs to make a quick buck. At the same time we probably have the scammers to thank for all of that. What really gets me is how some of these people can sell the Savini Jason and counselor clothing pack on Ebay and they flat out tell you it's not the code, but a program. lol I read that and thought seriously? Who'd be dumb enough to buy that? lol Thanks for the clarification though mate. I can't remember what article I read, but I was under the impression all the codes across the board including the Steam codes were deactivated for it as well too due to them being sold on Ebay back then. I am pretty sure any legit working ones that may have existed have long since been sold out anyway. I personally wish we could have got the Twitter shirt on the PC version. I'd have been good with that. lol 😎
  6. Ya know what? I never thought of that. That's a good idea too. lol I'll give that a try then. Thanks mate. Lmao!!!!😎
  7. Well ya and that was my point. It was leaked and handed out basically which is why I said they could have just handed that one out and made an even better one as a backer exclusive is all. And as you said they are not gonna do it that way and so well I am sorry I made you feel like you had to iterate it for the millionth time mate. lol I wasn't lobbying for it or nothing. Like I said personally for myself I didn't care. I am perfectly fine with the movie Jasons. lol Just saying I was surprised they didn't do it differently is all. Not really a big deal. On the clothes though I thought backers got some exclusive stuff on that as well too. Am I wrong on that mate? 😎 Ya I never heard anyone putting a time limit on a code before. That's just really odd to me it was done that way is all mate. It's just not something I have ever seen done before. I thought it was for Xbox also too though. Am I wrong that also mate?😎 Oh I am a PC Gamer mate. So I seriously doubt I'd ever see him unless I get in to a match against him. lol You'd think I'd own an XBox considering I used to do tech support for them a few years back, but I never got around to buying one for myself. lol Even if I had one I wouldn't be bothered with it anyway. It was a backer exclusive and I'll respect that. If they ever change their minds and release him then great. If not which seems to be the consensus around here on that issue then I am not really loosing any sleep over it. I am more interested in counselor play anyway and quiet happy to play against someone who already owns him.😎
  8. I was actually honestly surprised they never just released Savini Jason after they basically gave him away on console. They could have given the backers an even better Jason if need be to make up for it even. Accident or not the cat was basically out of the bag by then. I heard they disabled the codes for him which I also thought was the wrong thing to do considering people paid actual money for those codes. They would have sooner or later ran out of them eventually anyway. I also don't think I agree with the long term players having a shitty deal either mate. I mean they basically gambled on a Kickstarter which very few games ever make it out of the starting gate there and this time they got lucky and it paid off. Everyone else who basically either did not know about it or like me will not ever in life touch a Kickstarter game more or less got shafted out of locked content. Not that I am complaining because I really don't care, but I don't get how they got the bad deal out of it all. They gambled and it paid off. Good on them. They essentially got the better end of the deal mate. lol 😎
  9. I elaborated a bit more on it on a comment in this thread in regards to my thoughts and impressions on future mod support.😎 Next Patch That's about really as far as I am going to go with it from this point on. The matter is closed and over and done with now. I haven't posted on the Steam forums since. I made exceptions on this forum only to respond to comments made to me so I was not rude and given the fact I've not been bothered with the silliness here yet. So anyone new coming in to the game wondering the same things I was wondering will find the answers all in one thread and hopefully avoid the situations and experiences that I have had. The only reason I even questioned it in the first place was because the Steam forums don't exactly look updated and I just read different things being said on the matter. 😎 I also want to point out this experience I don't feel should reflect on the team s a whole as I've notice Zombifest seemed to be very helpful on the forums over there so I actually hope it wasn't him that sent me that message as it would totally ruin my mental image of him. lol He seemed all right in my book. lol 😎 Anyway the bottom line and end result is no mods are officially allowed. I wouldn't even discuss them to much just to be safe. That's the over all end all be all message that should be taken from this thread. Nothing more and nothing less. Take care, stay safe everyone, and have a blessed day. I wish you all the best.😎
  10. Not sure what you mean by that mate, but no. lol The short version is Fair Play gave some good advise which I basically passed on myself and I got accused of the exact opposite. What's not to get? lol 😎 I basically updated the thread and let him and anyone else who searches the topic in the future for that matter know that he was right on the money and it's a big no no. How you got X-File shit out of all of that I do not know. Let me know if it's a good episode though mate. lol😎 I basically asked for clarification. Well I got clarified. End of story. lol Not in a professional manner in which of how I would have preferred, but it is what it is mate. lol 😎
  11. I actually think that is a good idea mate and I was thinking almost the exact same thing, but rather then noise circles that give a visual ping I was thinking more along the lines of actual faint sound effects of a slight bumping noise from shaking in fear since they gave the avatars actual reactions in this game. Think of it like either a mouse hiding in the attic sound or even better the equivalent of Scooby-Doo and Shaggy hiding in a closet. Isn't very long before the ghost ever find them. Lmao!!!!😎 To bad they don't create content for the game anymore or allow mods. Those would have been some fun models to see go up against Jason. I'm just saying. Scooby-Doo vs Jason Vorhees. Who wouldn't want to see that or at the very least get a good laugh out of it. Poor Scooby. Lmao!!!!😎
  12. I know I said I wasn't gonna post no more after a bit of silliness with the devs on the Steam forums, but I don't want to be rude either and not respond. I honestly have serous doubts in regards to mod support as well. Even more so especially after I answered a question in regards to a Youtube video explaining what one was and actually advised against using it and if they were going to use it then lock it down basically where it doesn't connect with the official servers. To me that was basically saying do not essentially do anything you should not be doing. I'll be darned if the post didn't get deleted and I didn't get a dev warning/message out right accusing me of eliciting and prompting illegal content. Sufficed to say I as politely as I could given how out right angry I was at the time went off with a nice little warning of my very own in the message. Since I did not hear anything back I will consider the matter closed as for me personally on my end as it really is not open for debate or discussion if I get falsely accused of something again. I am from the I can show you better then I can tell you generation so best they just don't poke the bear anymore and let that sleeping dog lay mate. lol 😎 The point of sharing this little story is the message I received out of that little experience is that the likeliness of any future mod support for this game will not be happening. The message they also sent to me out of that is that they still do hold the reigns a bit to tight in regards to the game. So I don't really see myself enjoying the game to it's fullest potential outside of private matches and playing against offline bots. That experience pretty much killed my interest in doing the online portion of it as I don't feel like I or anyone for that matter should have to walk on egg shells and worry about their Steam account potentially being messed with when playing any online game and record my game play sessions of every single match just to cover myself on the off chance I might have an issue down the road. Honestly if I hadn't already played past the 2 hour trial limit I would have refunded on the spot and said thanks, but no thanks. Best of luck with that. lol That's just way entirely to much drama for me mate. lol😎 I get that. I do. They could also set it up where if a Jason rage quits then a random player becomes Jason giving anyone who died already first dibs on it. Similar to how they did with Tommy and that person becomes the new host. That solves that issue. I can't recall which games exactly, but there have been some out there that do something similar to that. I am not saying P2P wouldn't have it's issues, but at the end of the day it is more of a matter of which is the worst scenario? The servers going offline and being stuck with only the starting unlocks or converting it to P2P where you get to keep everything you worked for and earned? I'd choose the latter despite all it's issues mate. That's just me.😎 Some might even argue it'll make the game more hackable or modifiable. Well it obviously already is. So that entire argument is already thrown out the window as that ship as already obviously sailed. The only thing that it really changes is they are not wasting any more time and resources to having to play police and let the anti-cheat system actually do it's job. And to be entirely honest and this is to their benefit it is not really fair that they should have to maintain and host servers for a game they are no longer going to be allowed produce new content for. It really is kind of a mute point for them to hold the reigns so tight on it anymore and just not go on ahead and convert it to P2P as well as opening it up to mod support and call it a day. It makes no type of sense what so ever at all as it saves them money in the long run for them and would more then likely increase game sales again which makes them even more money. That's what you call a win, win scenario mate. Of course that just uses business common sense and as I can see that is something not used very often when it comes to this game sadly. So it is what it is mate.😎 What I actually see happening and I hope this prediction is wrong, but I seldom am not wrong when it comes to things like this is they'll wait until the very last minute when they don't have the time or the resources to devote and do such a conversion and when the servers finally do shut down everyone will be left holding the bag. Which at that point the game will become dust in the wind if not another emulator fan project if the interest is even high enough there in the first place. Which is fine for the PC gamers, but it really does hurt our fellow console gamers out there. Not really a Pandora's box I want to personally see open up with this game and as quick as they are to toss false accusations out while ignoring actual facts I am sure they don't want it to happen either mate. So I really do hope they take head and plan ahead before that time comes and they do right by everybody. Only time will tell. So we'll see mate. 😎
  13. I just want to say again thank you all so very much for all your helpful tips and advice on the game mates. Hope you all take care. Stay safe and stay blessed everyone.😎
  14. All right before I end up with a nasty warning/accusation on the official forums here too I want to update this thread. Let me be extremely clear. I am not eliciting or promoting illegal content. This thread was an inquiry of which now I have my answer in the most unprofessional manner I have ever seen via a Steam dev. warning/accusation that I did not appreciate considering I advised against use of the mod, but I did answer a question and that mistake was on me apparently. It is what it is. That being said I am going to stick to my word and this will be my last post on these forums as well too in order to express my sincerity in avoiding any future problems. I do however want to emphasize the answer to my question for anyone that looks this up in a search is a rock solid no. DO NOT touch it. Big no no. Can't be more simple then that mates. Take care, stay safe everyone, and have a blessed day. I wish you all the best.😎
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