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  1. No it's not. It sadly doesn't have cross play like that. Sorry mate.☹️
  2. If we are being totally honest mate that is because in F13 modding was never supported in the very first place and it was a banable offense even. There is a big and huge difference in the type of game Doom is vs the type of game F13 is. The day and time if modding were ever to be supported then I'm sure it wouldn't be so bad if it is done in a way where people can have the option to choose between modded and unmodded games. As it stands now it's not so unfortunately they were bleeding on top of one another. If modding were actually to be supported then it would help this games legacy tremendously.😎
  3. Well OP to answer the question of does a F13 mod really hurt Gun? The the simple answer is yes. Yes it does. It does in the way of in which it is being implemented. I elaborated my opinion a bit on Steam in a similar discussion in this thread mates.😎 https://steamcommunity.com/app/438740/discussions/0/3132792921903591129/?ctp=2#c3132793555957320047 I'll give the short version here. The reason it hurts Gun is because it impacts up on the community services being provided by Gun. Think of it like this. If your playing Diablo 2 and you decide you want to try and play one of the community modded versions online with people. Fine no problem. It's all good. Right? Now imagine this. How you think Blizzard would react if in order to play in those communities and for them to actually function they had to hijack off of Blizzards services being provided? Interfering with Blizzards core player base. Just how you think they would react to that man? I'll tell you how they would react. It'd turn in to a poop show. It'd be pee pee pants city here real soon mate. lol So the fact that Matt has essentially said so far the big dog hasn't gotten off the porch yet to bite should send the message out to people that right now they all are real lucky. My best advice for them is to quit while they are ahead and let the sleeping dog lay otherwise risk becoming dog poo and then they will need to be careful where the dog poos them. Lmao!!!!😎
  4. Well I play on PC and I don't know if it's my level or what, but I only recently been playing online and I've yet to see any hacked lobbies. So I been lucky so far mates. I actually get more annoyed by people when someone with a Savini Jason joins the lobby they automatically ask them if they are hacking. I find that I am wishing I had miced up and said something because it's just rude and disrespectful to assume that right off the bat. I can see it making someone who backed the game feel like poop and that's just not kool at all. So I am thinking I am going to start gut checking people who end up in a lobby with me that ask that stupid question on the concept of respect. I get why it's being asked, but it doesn't make it any less rude. Other then that slight annoyance the game so far as been pretty rock solid for me mates.😎
  5. I'm curious. Why wouldn't you think that Shift or Morph wouldn't work for Micheal? I mean if we are counting all the Halloween movies then Michael and Jason get around fairly fast in the same exact way. If anything I think longer timers on them would be needed. Micheal is known for jump scares much more then Jason so we'd need him designed in a way that would allow the killer to emulate that. Some sort of invisibility skill would be needed as Michael is known for coming out of closets and out from underneath beds and appearing right behind you when you when you least expect it. lol They'd really need to be on point in order to pull Michael off mate. lol😎
  6. I actually had this glitch while doing that kill on bots the other day where I was outside throwing her in the locked cabin and it swapped me around as if I was inside and I threw her out of it. lol I never experience that before. Has that happened to any of you? lol😎
  7. Ya they did mate. I can see if them opting to add in a subscription model before I could a GoFundMe page to be entirely honest. As much as it is a pain loosing the dedicated servers and it could argued they made millions on the game I actually think going to a host system was a smart idea on their parts. I mean $7,000 a month is a lot to pay for. That's roughly $84,000 a year. So I personally wouldn't expect them to pay that forever. I might actually decide to answer one of those threads on Steam where people are looking for players to form a group to play with just to avoid some of the headaches you get in random matches with host disconnects that I've been hearing about. lol😎
  8. No worries mate. Thank you for answering me and clarifying that because that was my biggest concern regarding everyone. I'm good now. I just needed some confirmation on that. Also I read over some of what you said and I feel like you were very on point with a lot of it. In fact I had to laugh because it reminded me of a time back when I've been on both sides of the coin when I did tech support for XBox over the phone. I had a history tech gamer rage over the phone in my ear about an issue and I remember thinking and your the guy I send my kids to school to learn from as a prime example of how to act. lol That was probably one of my most hardest times where I had to try and maintain professionalism while trying not to laugh. lol In my experience I've found the kids are a lot more well mannered then the adults more often then not. lol Sometimes they are just so cute your like awwww I just wanna take you home with me. lol My point is that I think people tend to forget or register that a lot of times they are dealing with actual real people and their inner child takes over causing them to gamer rage and throw tantrums and stuff about things they absolutely can not change. At the end of the day all we can really do is throw suggestions in the suggestion box and hope some if any of it will actually get used. Hopefully some of it can be without rebaking that cake. lol Good analogy btw. lol😁 I know I can be overly critical and hard and I'm sorry about that. It's only because I like to see the best out of everyone. Now despite the issues the games has I do feel I need to be fair and say this. What you all did with this game has never been done before in any genre that I am aware of. You literally delivered a movie experience inside a game. If nothing else no one can ever take that way from you all. That in itself is an impressive feat all by itself. Anyway I'm not gonna sit here and write a book. lol I just wanted to say thank you again for answering me and clarifying on that some. I took the initial announcement as basically walking away entirely and just enjoy what you unlocked while it last. I'm glad that's not the case. I'm sorry for the delayed response. The last few days got pretty busy for me. I also wanted to reflect some before I said anything else. Thank you so very much again. Have a safe and blessed day mate.😎
  9. That was actually a really good suggestion mate and it makes perfect sense even. So I don't know why it'd be such a difficult and complicated task for them to do. Dead By Daylight has it set up that way where the killer is the host. It doesn't totally eliminate rage quitting, but it definitely minimizes the odds of it happening. The other issue from what I can tell is you don't have the option to opt out of being the host. So it put's people in the position of having to leave the room if they are the host if they have slow internet. I could see it creating an embarrassing situation for some. It doesn't really strike me like a whole lot of actual effort and any real intelligent thought was put in to this conversion to peer to peer keeping the same exact model as they had when running dedicated servers. 🤦‍♂️ I am gonna add that link to my response for anyone who wants to read it over. That way it saves people from having to dig for it. lol Anyway have a good one everyone. Stay safe and stay blessed all.😎 GoFundMe For Dedicated servers
  10. I wouldn't say it's as hard as they are claiming, but it isn't exactly easy either mate. It is very doable. I mean I've seen a Jason AI in the Garry's Mod version of F13 that wasn't to bad. The AI in games like 7 Days To Die are very on point. I think that the issue is that AI was never really at the top of their to do list in the beginning and more then likely they simply just do not have anyone on the team who can program and develop an AI on that level that would be needed. Which is why the current AI we have now does goofy things during a match. lol If I had to guess I think a lot of things they may have considered doing didn't get done due to lack of time because of the lawsuit and all. As much as I would want a Jason AI as I'd rather practice on the counselors at this point I'd have just been happy if the core functions of the game worked properly. I do feel like they should have made it stand alone with mod support like I mentioned earlier and if they can't do a console equivalent then at the very least give players on every other platform a PC copy of their purchased product for free. People rarely do the right thing anymore now days, but I am impressed and pleasantly surprised when they do.😎
  11. I don't disagree. A lot of companies realized they could push out an incomplete product and walk out and actually get a way with it. It's up to consumers to stop enabling that type of behavior. 😎 It's not about wants. Basic core functions of a game should work. Period. End of story. 😎 I didn't see my questions asked and if I missed that then it is what it is. When you answer one person and skip over the other that's just rude and disrespectful and sends the message of avoiding answering it for what ever reason. It's fine. Not answering my question basically answered my question in itself. So I already got my answer mate. There is no contingency plan and everyone will be stuck with a demo when that plug is pulled. lol Let me clarify. Offline mode as in not actually being online and being logged in to Steam online the game goes in to demo mode like it does now. You shouldn't have to grind for demo mode. When logged online to Steam then yes your right you should have to unlock everything mate. Just my opinion though. Well I don't know the in's and out's of that, but the reality is people are already out there modding the game anyway. So what I was referring to was more abut just sanctioning mod support on Steam itself. Based off the screenshots I seen on Steam that ship has pretty much sailed anyway so they may as well just go on and sanction it mate. This achieves two things. It brigs modding in to more of a safer environment and it allows those of us who actually do follow the rules to enjoy user created content. 😎 Mark my words. That day will come. I've seen it happen before. Trust me on this mate. I know what I am talking about. lol In terms of this game it is absolutely true people funded them for nothing. I seriously doubt a single person here funded them in the hopes of what might be. Dead By Daylight started this trend and everyone else just followed and tried to improve up on it. They were funded to produce a specified working and functioning product. That simple task has not been completed. Like I said I don't expect it to be perfect or with out issues, but I do expect people to do their jobs.😎 Ya I used to think that too a long time ago. My experiences in Star Wars Galaxies with SOE aka Daybreak broke me of those blinders mate. lol When H1Z1 was produce I predicted everything that happened exactly as it did happen too. A lot of my mates kept telling me they wished they'd have listened too. lol We see the same thing happening even now with Predator Hunting Grounds. I predicted everything on that game and just waiting for it all to come to pass. So I guess we just got different views on what doing right by the customers means because I've yet to see it here. When I see it I'll give credit where credit is due. Oh I totally agree. Most of it IMO is due to bad management decisions which leads back to my original statement. There is always a buffet of things behind the curtain we don't know about. lol Oh there is always a decided fan base regardless of how bad a company acts. Even SOE aka Daybreak and the WarZ Devs had their dedicated fans. I personally don't understand it. Your not wrong though my friend. lol 😎 I agree things can change, but you know as well as I do the gamer crowd is a rough crowd indeed. Memories are long when bad things happen. What I personally do is I sit back and look to see if the same pattern of behavior and business practices are still continuing to exist. Also how customers are being dealt with. Especially in the public eye. Which to be entirely honest if I graded by that alone I probably would not have bought this game. The reason that I bought this game and the only reason in fact was because despite the games issues or the issues going on at the time in the community I still felt after having Beta tested the game that is was a very true representation to the movies. So I cut them some slack for being the new kids on the block in the industry so to speak and I gave credit where credit was due and voted so with my wallet because it was an impressive task to accomplish in the first place. So now it's been a few years and it's time for those big boy pants to be on. This means the standard of excellence needs to go up and should be expected by now. At least it is for me if they want to keep my wallet vote mate. lol 😎 Trump didn't take the American people seriously mate, but yet he still got voted out of office. Sometimes it just happens like that. lol Just goes to show ya ain't no one to big for their britches. Lmao!!!!😎
  12. It's called integrity. That's not something you should have to read in any patch notes my friend. lol And once up on a time ago we had that ideal world you speak of when it came to gaming. I remember a time when developers actually did this little thing we all called providing a finished and completed product. I don't expect perfection mate. I am not unrealistic, but basic core functions such as saving your video settings should function properly. They don't. lol I mean that one basic feature hasn't been fixed in ages and there is absolutely no excuse for it. Take note they totally skipped over my questions which speaks volumes to me in regards to a contingency plan in the future. That alone speaks for itself. What should have happened if this is indeed the final patch was the game aside from being converted to peer to peer was profiles being saved client side instead of relying on their servers and match making set up to run via Steam like most normal MP games with the option of hosting dedicated servers which was an idea someone mentioned on the Steam forums that I found to be in fact a very good one. All the existing Jason's should have been unlocked across the board for offline mode for players to always be able to preview them. Also workshop mod support added in to the game in order to give it new life. And all the console players get the equivalent of that across the board for whatever platform they are playing on. That would have been the professional way to handle things without leaving a bad taste in everyone's mouths. However that didn't happen and like you I am also disappointed. I'm disappointed more in the fact that rather then doing the right thing they've opted to hold on to those reigns as hard and tight as they possibly can until the day and time the final plug is pulled and everyone will be left with a demo version of the game basically. So people essentially funded them for nothing. They need to do the right thing by their customers here otherwise I doubt anyone is going to ever take them seriously again. This is exactly why certain companies in the gaming industry are either no longer around and/or their businesses are now struggling. How they handle this situation determines on if the reputation they currently have turns around or does not. That in turn will determine future purchases people make with this company. Now I can't tell someone how to run their company at the end of the day. That being said as a customer I don't expect perfection, but I do expect professionalism. I expect a completed product that functions properly. In fact I demand it and I'm a voter. I vote with my wallet. lol That's exactly how I get over it. lol So it is what it is mate. lol
  13. Game settings like video settings and stuff still do not save on the PC version mates. How many patches does it take to fix that? lol Might want to have that done on the final patch. I'm just saying. lol😉
  14. Well they still haven't fixed the PC's version not saving video settings and things of that sort. If this is indeed their final patch then they did a real poopy job on it. Final patch indicates fixing ALL problems with the game and ALL problems have not been fixed. I also noticed they didn't answer my initial question which leads me to believe they have no contingency plan and that everyone will indeed be SOL once the day comes and what bit they left relying on online servers such as match making and character data will lock everyone out of anything they earned when that eventually is shut down. Great patch. Good job.🙄
  15. I wouldn't see them open sourcing it, but adding some type of mod support and a Steam workshop would have helped and went a long way to keeping this game going on the PC version at least anyway. That to me isn't to much to ask. I'm not sure how that works exactly with consoles though. I mean once they eventually pull the plug on the match making servers that host the actual character data everyone is going to be SOL basically. I do wish I'd have tested out the dedicated servers at least once before they shut them down, but honestly the reason I never did was because of all the headaches I seen people dealing with back when bans were being handed out like candy to players. I was going to try it at one point, but after an issue with a mod on the Steam forums that pretty much changed my tune on all that. That experience changed my mind about risking my Steam account playing the game online. I try to avoid all that drama. lol And I just never could find enough people that I'd be comfortable enough playing this game with to do a private match or anything. While for me it's not really a big deal because I grabbed the game up during a Steam sale it was on I do wish they'd have treated those of you who actually paid full price for the game and invested more in to it a whole lot better then what they did. That doesn't really sit to well with me. How this game was treated and the players in it is one of the main primary reasons I didn't invest in Predator Hunting Grounds. Had they done right by everybody and offered up mod support and made this game self sufficient without the requirement of depending on any of their servers then I may have reconsidered my position. They didn't. So I won't. Anyway that's just my opinion mates. Take care and stay safe and stay blessed everyone.
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