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  1. Anyone up for a private match since servers are down? Add me ms_kilerz08. I'll go live on Twitch under the same name if you want to know if I'm playing.
  2. Aight- Can Gun media just name it Friday the 12th and change Jason to a man with a pumpkin head or something else so we can keep playing this awesome game? Also, are ya'll shutting down or what? I've been trying to play for a week but I don't see a goodbye post anywhere. K thanks, MK
  3. Same thing has been happening to me! I can't play a single game. I use a cable too to avoid loss of internet. I had my internet provider come out and nothing is wrong. I've been trying on both mine and my sisters Ps4 with no luck. None of our other games are having problems- just friday. It's been going on for about 6 days now I think?
  4. I keep having problems playing on mine and my sisters PS4. It says connection time ran out. I use direct cable and we had our internet provider come out with everything working perfectly fine. We haven't had any issues with our other games. I wonder if other people are having problems?
  5. I've seen this a handful of times after the recent patches happened. I also saw it happen when I first started playing two years ago, but haven't seen it again till the recent patches.
  6. Yea- I've killed him several times like that. It doesn't seem to work anymore.
  7. I've killed Jason more than my fair share these past few years, but this past month it's been impossible to kill him. What is going on? Every time we go to kill him, he just doesn't fall or the x won't show up. Did the rules change? I'm so confused.
  8. Thanks for all the fixes. Question- did you allow Jason to shift with counselors when he's choking them? I've never seen this before and it's happened several times since the 16th. It might've been around before but I guess I never experienced it. Not a fan of this feature.
  9. I've only left matches when people are straight up teaming or when my cat presses the power button because she likes laying on the PS4. Most of the time I'll stay though. I like to teach people a lesson by surviving and they end up leaving XD best feeling in the world tbh. I would say the times I left from teaming were because I just dealt with several lobbies of teamers - back to back -and I just wanted to play a decent game.
  10. I've been getting stuck in non stop lobbies full of teamers. It's getting really hard to play a decent game. Would love to find more people who want to play! Add me ms_Kilerz08 on PS4. I also live stream under the same name Hope to survive with you soon, Ms.K
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