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  1. Ever since they fixed the game every time we use the sweater and tommy hits him he won’t go to his knees so he is impossible to kill him this has happened over ten times since they fixed the game the other week I have not been able to kill him anyone else having the same issue?
  2. just wondering... since I have not got on today.. but is the game still kicking you off, like load then you get in a game and can’t pick any thing up or open/shut doors 🚪?? And it seems like some people can still play I don’t know just asking around seeing if this is what you guys are going thru also, thanks
  3. Is anyone else not being able to play a game? I can play an offline game but im on Xbox and I can’t play a game if I finally get into one I can’t do anything can’t open doors pick up anything all I can do is run been like this for two days now heellpp
  4. Anyone’s car just get destroyed or disappear while In it and Jason doesn’t throw knifes or anything is just in eye view? Seems to be happening a lot the past two weeks
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