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  1. Update: I installed the game on my laptop and used my hotspot from my phone as my internet connection and I can connect to the game fully and join online matches. Im now guessing that im not banned which is a huge relief but Im still curious as to why I cant connect on my wifi?
  2. So I recently just got back into F13 on pc. I was just recently in a game with some friends and then I was kicked from the game. Since then I can no longer get past the main menu because of “database login failure”. So I went to google to try and see what the problem was but I cant open ANY websites that are related or mention Friday The 13th Game such as Forums, Reddit, Steam Discussions etc. So Im having to post this topic from my phone over data instead of wifi. Im not sure if its a server problem or if I am banned. The only thing I can think of that would have gotten me banned was when I accidentally backed into a player while driving the car and mistakingly killed them. If someone could help and lmk whats going on it would be great. Thank you all for your time.
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