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  1. the only person here is you butt hurt, trying to defend ur dead game desperately LOL
  2. Cus it’s not balanced duhhhhh xd I already said I don’t care for losing but getting grabbed at 100hp and removed from the game is not so I’m taking justice into my own hands and quitting it shouldn’t be a guessing game Either slash me or don’t grab me with ur cheese
  3. who cares about losing, this aint my job noone has an ego but you and throwing out words like ur some important figure IRL i just dont wanna get insta grabbed at full HP from a teleport thats not gonna happen to me and its not balanced at all
  4. That’s fine better than cheese grab me 0 skill insta skill at full hp also idc if they follow me. Also you can set your profile on private like I said not balanced at all the numbers don’t lie between dbd and Friday the 13th
  5. I main killer in dead by daylight tho I just like good balance. Insta killing on full HP is bad balance this is why this game is behind dbd with a measaly 400-600 people playing on steam charts lol https://steamcharts.com/app/438740#All this game pretty much is never making a come back but its ok i can use my quit during grab since noone is banning for that
  6. jason already has enough tools, Teleporting across the map 3rd person view 360. Instant kills and ranged weapons stop being mad theres no reason to have instant kill on a full HP person its ok tho since theres no punishment i will be taking my leave during kill
  7. Rather not, I'll be doing this until the law suit is settled and wait for real balance he does not need instant grab when he has rage mode already either make instant grab when ur about to die and thats it
  8. as a new player teleport grab is broken and not fun, takes the fun out of the game, So yeah if i quit mid animation grab and quit and reque for a new game is there any punishments?
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