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  1. The servers have been down for a while now? Been reading some conflicting information about the game like it’s the developers pulling this stunt because they want the game gone, or reading on Facebook about Russian hackers that aren’t happy with the lack of patches. All I want to know is what has actually happened because despite the bugs and occasional lag it’s actually a very good game. It’s fun to play offline and online and it’ll be a shame if this is the end. 😔
  2. Yeah I tried to throw knives at two of them but didn't work at all although I did manage to get one player kinda funny but still very much annoying.
  3. So am not sure About the patch update but some things are still out of place. Over the last few nights I haven't been able to pick up weapons like flare gun and the fire wood poker online however playing offline in the challenges one game requires a harpoon gun to kill Tiffany again cannot pick it up. Tonight was a hole different storey I heard about glitches being sorted like those bloody stairs in Pananack but now there's the bunk bed glitches you can't interact with the beds once you press A their character lays on the bed and you can't kill them. Can anyone help me out here
  4. We need to know what's happening with the lawsuit so the creators can move forward with the games development as there's alot of glitches/bugs that need to get fixed just last night I was playing and couldn't even pick up the flare gun?
  5. (Xbox One) Listen guys I don't wanna sound like a whiney player here but something needs to be fixed otherwise online play isn't gonna last very much longer, So again my wife and I were playing, she was playing as Jason and she couldn't use the morph ability anywhere on the map. It also happened to me when I played. Next time she played as a counselor and was unable to jump through an open window despite repeatedly pressing A. I also grabbed someone and took them over to a second floor window to throw them out and suddenly used the door to kill them even though I was nowhere near the door? So many little glitches that are spoiling what is a fun game!
  6. Domo

    Xbox One Achievements

    Still no achievement
  7. Well the fact that you've explained that it's a pc thing why am I experiencing what you've said on the xbox one? Also I have been spawn killed but that was different you could see him on the map outside a cabin or along a road especially on jarvis house.
  8. Domo

    Xbox One Achievements

    I would've thought that having people leave would effect the kill count but it stills registers how much you've killed so I don't know what to think about it looked on steam and it's common there most guys say it takes 48-72 hours to work but I'll check today since it'll be 72 hours since the first one above.
  9. Recently me and my wife have been back on playing F13 and two of the most frustrating achievements are Doomed, You're all doomed! (Kill all 7 counselors in a single match) And One For good measure ( Kill all 7 counselors and Tommy Jarvis in a single match) we've done this in offline mode and online the frustrating part is that not everyone stays behind or leaves before being killed but last night and literally five minutes ago we did it again killed them all and still haven't got the achievements is this a bug or glitched achievement?
  10. @Dragonfire82877 As for the shifting into cabins before locking the doors I don't think that from what I've experienced is what you're talking about I've shifted into cabins too but mostly because traps have been layed at the entrance but there's been times where I've just started the game and Jason comes out of nowhere and again guts me to pieces? Can't explain it I hope people don't find a way to get mods into the game.
  11. So from what I have seen during gameplay is that when playing as Jason online, Most of the time people leave and just ruins the game I think there should be a system to stop this from happening don't think the salt mines work for these people. The bugs that I've seen playing as a counsellors is frustrating because it's happening every time now. When you lock a door ( The kind that don't break with a single blow) are buggy because they don't lock I was in a cabin with only one door and somehow Jason got in and slaughtered me it's happened twice once with me and another with my wife she was in a two door cabin but she locked both sides and Jason again got in behind her? The map didn't go glitchy like it does when he's near or on viable on the map so how he even got in I can't explain it. Also when we edit and chose the counsellors and when it goes into gameplay it's never the selected person we wanted.
  12. Will we ever get to play as Jason X? The virtual cabin challenge was a grind to figure out and not getting any reward for it was kind of a let down. I know you guys are working like crazy and I don't wanna add pressure to you, it is a fun game but I would like to suggest some minor things. Perhaps make Jason and the councillors able to run over small rocks and fences. It would also be awesome to be able to play as councillors in offline mode. I think it'd help new players figure out how to play before heading straight into multiplayer mode with random people. Also in offline play as Jason soon as you grab a councillor they wriggle and stab you within seconds obviously you need to hurt them enough so they stop fighting back so much when you grab them, However online once Jason Grabs you by the neck you've gotta repeatedly button mash until he let's go but kills you instantly.
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