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  1. Pamela Vorrhees is a terrible idea, young Jason is a worse idea, and two Jasons is the worst idea. And the maps do not need to be larger.
  2. I hate this train of thought. Some things definitely need to be tweaked, but Jason shouldn't be unbeatable.
  3. Sorry, but you are very clearly wrong. This isn't an optical illusion. He clearly has an ear in this picture, and a nub in other scenes. Sorry.
  4. My guy, you are objectively and demonstrably wrong.
  5. That sentiment is actually kind of what I mean. The fact that people think it ISN'T kind of shows that people's expectations were a little silly.
  6. But you're missing the point. You wouldn't be able to have slow and fast counselors. They would all have to be very close in speed.
  7. Now I don't want to sound rude, but you din't really explain HOW it would be re balanced. Would everyone have a nearly identical speed? Because otherwise you're still going to have Counselors who NEVER get caught, and Counselors who ALWAYS get caught.
  8. Then put the game down. How can you sleep at night knowing that you'll wake up as yourself?
  9. Others have already pointed out that this isn't a good idea, but I've got other issues with it. First of all, how fast is "much faster running speed?" It would have to be REALLY fast to keep up with Counselors like Vanessa. NO amount of traps would ever let a Jason without Shift catch a Vanessa, unless he was at least nearly as fast. But of course, if he was, NONE of the other counselors would stand a chance. And as far as disabling objectives? Not as sure, but I do worry that it would make the game even more repetitive. Chase Counselors, morph back to objective, rinse and repeat. Almost like a more poorly designed DbD. I agree with what you have an issue with, I just disagree with your solutions. I had a few which MIGHT help. give me a second to shill for my previous ideas from another post: " Three ideas, which will translate to five mechanics. 1: Just an addition to the Stalk skill. Certain locations would have "ambush points." Places such as just out of view of a window, right in front of a door, behind a corner, etc. When in Stalk, Jason can stand in these spots, and if a counselor gets within range, Jason gets an automatic grab with a "grab bonus" (meaning that the grab is much harder to break out of. This does stack with Jason's that already have a grab bonus.) Different ambush spots would have slightly different mechanics. For example, if Jason is in front of a door, and a counselor opens the door from the other side, they scream in shock before automatically getting grabbed. If outside of a window, Jason will do his famous bust through window technique. This animation takes some time, and is automatically stopped by a pocket knife, and can also be stopped by another counselor hitting Jason. These spots could get creative of course, but you get the idea. 2: SUPER STALK!: Some Jasons have SUPER STALK. You know Last Year? It would be similar to that. Acting like a mix between Shift and Stalk, Jason would become an invisible ghost capable of moving very fast (but not as fast as regular Shift though. Jason would not be able to move through locked doors, but he would faze through unlocked doors, and he could only appear when out of sight of a Counselor. So no SUPER STALK grabs. If the time on the Super Stalk ran out, Jason would simply come out of it in his current location, or if that location was being observed, Jason would just Morph to a location nearby. The real advantage of SUPER STALK though, would be laying "ambush traps." When in SUPER STALK, Jason would be able to put a shadow of himself on an ambush spot. No matter where he is on the map, if a customer triggers one, he appears at the location immediately and proceeds with the ambush animation. These "ambush traps" would have a limited life span, and a limited number Jason can lay at a time. And if the location of the trap is being directly observed by a counselor, it doesn't work. Pocket Knives still apply. 3: Throwing axes/ hatchets. This ones mostly simple. There would be a very small number of throwing axes across the map that Jason can grab. They basically just throwing knives that do way more damage, AND, more importantly, they can incapacitate counselors. Yes, like DbD. The counselor WOULD bleedout over time, and they'd also lose all of the items in their inventory. (not permanently, they'd just be dropped next to the counselor as if they died) Jason can then grab, kill or even leave him there to die. Only another counselor with a healing spray can help them up, and there constant screaming would show where they were on the map to any other counselors. Whether they see them for the bait they are, go to help them, or got to take the stuff they dropped is up to the counselors. And lastly, I want the Jason strengths and weaknesses to be reworked. Instead of giving every living Jason "can run" as a strength, just make a "living" and Undead" classifiication. All living Jasons can run, but have lower HP. All undead Jasons can't run, but have higher HP. This would allow for even more diversity in Jason playstyles, (that way "can run" and "can't run" aren't obligatory spots) and make room for SUPER STALK in some of the Jasons Strengths spot. Naturally, Parts 4 and 8 would have SUPER STALK. If we ever got remake Jason, he could have +throwing axes and - throwing knives I'm aware that this is all just wishful thinking, but I still like these ideas. With the right tweaking, I truly believe that they're feasible to implement, possible to balance, and fun to play with."
  10. You obviously care about losing. You're job is to sit for three extra seconds instead of shitting in your diapers and crying for mommy.
  11. Attempt to win the game, try hard. Play the game, try hard. Breathing, try hard.
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