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  1. The original movie does NOT need to be George Lucased.
  2. The original Friday the 13th video game on the NES had day-time scenes. That would work for this game. Jason has killed people in the light of day before.
  3. Gamma makes this game look like washed out shit. This game needs a daytime option.
  4. Quit propping kane up like he's some war hero with those burns. If you ask me him being almost burned to death back in '77 was stupid. You really should just stop looking up to celebrities. That is what's wrong with America.
  5. You're overreacting. You don't know me personally so quit being so goddamn personal! I can dislike whoever I want!
  6. Exactly! And I'm not upset with kane as Jason I just don't care for him. Anyone can be in that damn mask.
  7. I wish I can be as perfect as you and if you don't care what I think then why are you quoting & responding to my posts?
  8. Fact: A lot of people has had a much harder life than kane hodder. I don't feel sorry for him. I almost died from alcohol poisoning back in July of 2012 so I know what being almost dead is like. It is like nothing by the way. I don't expect anyone to feel sorry for me. I just don't understand all the love that kane gets, like I said before he's kind of a nut and I wouldn't want to meet him in real life.
  9. I haven't watched the whole thing but when I do watch it on youtube I'll have more to say about it. M.C. Hammer once said that it is so wimpy for ANY actor to say they have a rough life. Exactly, these hyper-privileged hollywood people don't know what having a hard life is like. I love movies but have never thought too highly of the hollywood ilk.
  10. People has faced a lot worse than kane ever did and guess what, they are NOT able to live out a dream like he has. I have a question, why wasn't there a fire extinguisher handy back in 1977 when he performed that fire stunt for that news reporter? And I don't buy it when kane says that he was bullied really badly in school.
  11. I do have a zombiefied Jason as my avatar and Kane being behind the mask is accidental. He just so happens to be there so it's frivolous to point out.
  12. I am so sick & goddamned tired of the camera in this goddamn abominable game zooming in to where you can't see the cinematic kill! Of course while you're playing as Jason. It's extremely off-putting!
  13. I should've said that the Part IV Jason has not one but two LAKE kills. Jason didn't have to swim to get the guy in the shower in The Final Chapter.
  14. Yeah, Part IV Jason's shitty shift ability is rivaled only by Part II's shitty shift ability. Might as well just not have that ability at all.
  15. I'm betting that the footage for these Part II deleted kill scenes will be more than just 48 seconds. Hearing Greg Nicotero explain the Jeff & Sandra scene makes it sound like it's way more than just a few seconds with Sandra struggling to get Jeff off of the top of her.
  16. I too have wondered if Friday the 13th will be playable on a PS5.
  17. You're kind of an asshole dude. People posts shit on youtube all the time. I ain't holding a gun to your little tiny head.
  18. I don't want to spend over $160.00 just to watch the uncut footage from Friday the 13th Part II. Can someone on here who picks up this set upload it to youtube when they get it?
  19. Just learned that the uncut gore footage from Friday the 13th Part II will finally be made available through that new box-set that's coming out but I don't want to pay over $160.00 to see it. Hopefully it'll find it's way onto youtube.
  20. I've been noticing that the Part IV Jason has been slower in the water than usual the last time I went in the water as him. Has the devs been messing with him since I've complained about it I wonder. If so that makes them cunts.
  21. All games used to be AI/bots though. Why can't games of today be like the NES games of back in the day.
  22. Not necessarily. Jason is only one character. How hard would it have been to have a bot Jason and every time he's around a counselor he just starts swinging his weapon? That would be somewhat of a challenge wouldn't it? Plus you can get driving skills in like Carlso says.
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