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  1. If I play as a counselor I will play as Tiffany Cox. All I have to say is DAT ASS!
  2. I still think that the devs should've made a 1958 Camp Crystal Lake Counselor clothing pack before they called it quits.
  3. Yeah I have a wallpaper image of the Final Chapter mask with the knife through the eye that was used in the intro of the NES game but I flipped the image so the axe mark is on the correct side.
  4. Okay I got to level 44 finally. I'm trying to add Part IV Jason's kills and I try to pick three of the weapon kills that don't cost anything and I'm taken to the PlayStation Store and all it says is 'This content is not available right now.' I have the Ultimate Slasher Edition by the way which allegedly should have all of the kill packs but it obviously doesn't. What gives?
  5. The thing I hate about the Part VII mask is the mask straps. They are way too wide.
  6. They need to fix the fireworks at/in the main Pinehurst house. They are sometimes just a black color so they're getting worse.
  7. The 1958 Camp Crystal Lake Counselor uniforms as seen in Friday The 13th (1980) would've been a really cool clothing pack for the characters in this game. Who else here agrees?
  8. When time is up on this game I want to be able to purchase a special all Jasons unlocked version. This game & all of the Jason skins therein must be preserved for all eternity!
  9. I have virtually no trouble in locating hidden counselors. You do have to morph around a lot and utilize the sense ability when you as Jason gets rage halfway through the match. I love finding counselors in cabinets, under the beds or in the water! The 150 points is so satisfying to get!
  10. Do NOT fix the offline bots! I rack up a ton of experience points with how dumb they are. You should instead fix the blocky, pixelated mess at the main house in the Pinehurst map.
  11. Sounds pretty good. Is this the music for the whole map when there's an NES Jason in the match? Or is this just Jason's music for when he's on screen?
  12. I've never encountered NES Jason as a counselor. So his music when he's coming towards a counselor sounds like the NES game Jason music?
  13. I seriously love playing this great game as the turquoise and purple colored NES Jason! It is so much damn fun! I didn't think that I would like it as much as I do now. Who else here loves playing as him?
  14. Thank you. Pinehurst is a very interesting place/map and they need to correct this.
  15. I've said it before and I'll say it again both Mr. Miller & Mr. Cunningham needs to fall over dead and while I'm at it fuck their goddamn families too!!
  16. An ultimate New Blood Jason action figure would've been nice but because of a few greedy bastards we won't be getting it. I know that a few years ago NECA made a newer version of their 18" New Blood Jason but the back of that figure is fucked up because you put the batteries in the back which messes him up. Fuck the motion-activation.
  17. This Memorial Day I'm going to be playing Friday The 13th all damn day! I've been playing this game solid for the past three days and I'm already at Level 29!
  18. The colorful, pixelated fireworks that you see every time there's blood or when Jason is chopping down a door at or in the main house in the Pinehurst map is now just black pixelated blobs. I'm sick of this glitch! When is it getting fixed?
  19. I figured it out. The game needed to be downloaded into my PS4. I've been playing it for a few days now. Fun stuff indeed!
  20. How many MB's or GB's per hour does this game eat up in terms of internet usage?
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