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  1. i dont think no one play better than me for counselor;and is that you rusty cutter with new account ? btw man i said a lot of time;for me rusty and boom hacked me and i asked devs to investigate them ; idc actually they are hacking or not
  2. ohh imbacile kid;you are just kiddo trying to ban with fake evidences;But you cant trigger me with that annoying video;you are wasting your life braindead;you and boom investigating by admins now
  3. not at all;I sent this fake evidences to support; also they said they will give my perks again so stop crying here
  4. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLg31WSK_Edec4JLa17reSg?view_as=subscriber This is my youtube channel and sharing videos about hackers.2 days ago ı shared video who hacks game named boom.Yesterday they commented under my video with his friends.And you can see all comments here.His friend shared a link about a conservation about my secondary turbo account and trying to show me as hacker. https://pastenow.ru/8MGDK I saw a thread and named Tgames user wrote:a fake conservation on discord photoshop images by Rusty Cutter(Overestimate) .I dont know he(Tgames) is hacker or not but ı dont use hacks.And I feel like they want to trap me lol. And today my all perks deleted
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