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  1. @mattshotchaThanks for a clear and honest answer,i've been looking for that.
  2. @mattshotchaAre we gonna have an answer or we just gonna laugh with how serious u take the development of this game?
  3. Someone seems to be playing with my account lately,,again,,My perks just keep getting removed.I know that a lot of people face that and i was one of the first players that got attacked by that, just because i "annoy" cheaters that can't kill me.I think developers have not understood the size of the problem that we're currently facing.They have access to your game database and they can edit everyone's save file.It's been 2 months that this issue is on scene and yet i haven't seen any serious treatment.Please consider that we all paid for this game and i think a hack-free experience is in the price.I have also heard by other players that you guys have restored their CP and perks which you also did with me.I don't get why u doing that though,,What is the point of wasting your time to restore an account if the next day it's hacked again?! I've spent 6000 hours in this game playing and playing with lots of fun but now i can't even do that because they keep taking my perks away.Please developers,give an end to that issue and fix it,,i would be really happy to see positive feedback from your side as well! Friendly as always!
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