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  1. It doesn’t happen all the time, I would say out of 3 games it happens once. It’s quick play online with people on steam.
  2. Hello, In the past couple weeks, I’ve been playing this game a lot. So when I start the match and play my game sends me this message causing it to force close. I have the picture attached in this post. Please do you know what I should do to fix the “Fatal Error Message”. I have tried to uninstalled the game and install it back on but it didn’t work, I have window defender on. I don’t have any other anti virus in my system. my pc specs Windows 10 CPU Ryzen 5 2600 GPU RX 590 8GB Motherboard Asus x370 prime pro 16GB Ram Power supply gold plus 650W Thank you in advance, I want to play my favorite game without crashing
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