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  1. Yeah. Looking forward to Playing the game Hope you'll start to update/add more content once the lawsuit is finally settled. Keep the game alive for a lot of years to come have an awesome day.
  2. Hey been watching Some streams of the game and decided to buy it. Just bought it Today. Sorry if this has been asked to many times: Question is thou. Om use to Play games such as Identity V and dead by daylight, and thought it a bit off-putting, how people seem to 'Pretty easily kill jason' when they know what theyre doing. If i Play jason i wouldnt want that i had to be scared of getting killed. I Know that a Lot likes that it is possible, so shouldnt it just be extremely difficult instead of an easy way to escape as Some puts it here? Or isnt it as bad as it seems if youre good with jason? Looking forward to play this game a Lot cheers cant wait to get started Thanks
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