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  1. thank you i have received a messages back from the jasonkillsbugs people and they are definitely helping me out i will post the ways to fix it when we find out thanks
  2. thank you:) , i would also like to add in steam i verify the integrity of the game files and it says 1 file is missing and so it reacquires the file but the thing is in the downloads area it says it is 0 bytes and so i have verified the integrity of the game and the same file comes up and it says the download is complete but then i verify it again and the same thing happens so???
  3. btw my specs are 500 w psu 12 gb of corsair vengeance lpx ram gtx 1060 3gb and an intel pentium g4560
  4. i have but its been 3 hours how long do you think it takes for them to respond?? because i really want to play this
  5. this is the error im getting i have attached a file with the image this used to work on my other machine but on this machine it is having trouble
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