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  1. Hello, In the summer of 2020, the official servers were hacked in the game. The servers were hacked due to hackers who blocked player profiles on the servers using programs. Unfortunately, me and my teammates got hit by hackers and were blocked from the game too. We cannot log into our F13 accounts. When we enter the game, we click "connect", the connection is in progress and we get the error "Database login failure". We wrote wherever we could, but we always heard "we're investigating it". We also created a topic on the forum, where we got the same answers as then "we're investigating". It will soon be a year from the moment when we cannot log into our accounts. So far, we have not received any help. @mattshotcha I don't understand, is it so difficult for your team to check our accounts and solve the problem? We are tired of your silence about this!
  2. The same thing happened to me yesterday and today. Someone made a redirect to my account and when I click "view profile" my profile opens and by the way, in the history of players (with whom I played) my profile appears as if I were playing with myself.
  3. Yes, you wrote everything right. I fully support you. I am attaching my video about the "Database login failure" error.
  4. Nice attempt to copy me. But it didn't work out. Unfortunately, I don't write like you do.
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