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  1. Good afternoon, yes I understand perfectly, but I got the game a short time ago, my hours of relaxation are spent in Friday The13Th Game! Several players wanted this opportunity, it would be fantastic, I bet many people would love it and it would be more of a reason to play and play for hours! Many did not know, including me, of an opportunity! It would rock!
  2. Bom Dia, Sou do Brazil, e gostaria muito de ter o Savini Jason eu meu console. Estou jogando o Friday The13th faz algum tempo, e por coincidĂȘncia o Jason Ă© meu chara kkkk. Tenho grande interserisse, e seria muito bom, ser disponibiliza-se na loja, ou algum evento. Obrigado, espero ser correspondido.
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