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  1. Hello Sven, Let me explain to you briefly, For example; If you want to portray someone badly in the game, the easiest and simplest thing to do is to change your name to its same and do bad things. You have to listen before you blame. Boom you see in the lobby is not the original boom. Of course you will tell the name you see there to the devs. We just tell you that this is not the original person. After all, they(devs) don't look at the name. They look at the account in the lobby where you were at that time. There is no problem here. The problem is that you blame the other(orginal) boom. Instead of answering with nonsense videos, you could choose to listen. If that person stole something from you, the real boom isn't responsible for it. People trying to say that. You have to think about this possibility. Good Luck.
  2. You are not alone. Report this to http://www.jasonkillsbugs.com/ . and don't forget to write your own steamID64.
  3. Cracked savini is also a hack. Don't touch the game's files
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