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  1. @TimDuke 01 You need to show the Steam profile ID of the cheater (not customized) during the video.
  2. @mattshotcha Yes, that is bad, there is a website who is selling hacks for your game and it has also violated the "summercamp" copyright, maybe you have already it, but I can send you it if you need. Just let me know, I will be glad to help you as much as I can.
  3. Hi, @mattshotcha I have found in Steam someone who copied your profile and made another one using your pictures, artworks, etc.. Tell me if you need the profile.
  4. @Fair Play Well, I reported with video showing cheats, steam profiles, steamrep datas, everything during the video, I really do not understand how can the proofs not be enough, now I do not even care about it, I just wanted to help the game, no problem. I stopped recording cheaters.
  5. That is what I will do if I do not get any answer, I have reported several cheaters and I think that helped the developers to keep the game playable. That is all.
  6. Hello, I noticed that reporting cheaters is not working anymore, I reported many cheaters in the past to Jason Kills Bugs, and that has worked as well. Recently all cheaters I report do not get banned, even after a week. I hope you will take care about players who help you to catch the cheaters who ruin the game experience. For more details message me, I will give all proofs you need. All my reports show the cheaters, his steam profile, his steamrep page, a screenshot of his steamrep page, real steam profile ID; everything showed during the video! Best Regards
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