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  1. True they should add something to report serial trollers, it would work. I was myself a troll on another game when I got bored and after some changes I got punished and had to stop otherwise I couldn't play anymore. This really worked. But yeah as you said if I understood, a person that wants to troll, will do it no matter what so friendly fire or not, they'll do it (with traps, car, teaming with Jason) so I don't see why banning one of them and not the other tools. And as I said it really added a stress and a fun around a car that is now replaced by just frustration that one guy got in the before you even tho you repaired it.
  2. That's exactly why I suggested an option to switch it off. People back then didn't trolled that much when I played and there are other ways to troll anyway. If you put out everything in the game a troll can use, then there'll be no doors, no bear traps, no cars... I can understand why you don't think it's a good idea, but I know and I've seen many people complaining about saying it was less fun now. Also that is a weapon against trolls
  3. Hi, Sorry if this has already been posted. Also I know it is allowed in private match but I am really talking about quick play. I just wanted to suggest that you add friendly fire inside quick play as an option (like you can choose the map). Let me explain. As an old player I know that friendly fire was a really funny and good feature because it could really create amazing and realistic situations. For instance when there are not enough seats in the car, the guy with the gun would panic and rule or even kill! Wouldn't it be the type of behavior you'll see in movies or real life? I don't think I am the only one that miss this type of situations. Also it could fix the problem with players that are grouped with Jason and help him, we could just kill those traitors, and we could always switch off this option in the next game if the people inside our quick play abuse it. Please let friendly fire be back at least with the shotgun. Thanks and sorry if my English has mistakes in.
  4. Hi, Just wanna say that this glitch still occurs (a lot) on xbox one Usually when I want to start or repair the car, I have pocket knifes and firecrackers, but everytime this happen to me, so next time I will record (because it is not rare at all), also because I don't know if the pocket knife dissapears or just doesn't work (I don't really focus on that while dying) Anyway this game is awesome but it seems like you guys only fix the funny glitches (like getting on top of the roof or staircases) Thanks and sorry if my English has mistakes in
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